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'Wendygate' comes to haunt Wendy Alexander and Charles Gordon, what tripe did they say to Electoral Commission to get them off the hook?

Dear All

She was touted as the saviour of the Labour Party in Scotland after the May 2007 Labour Party defeat.

Former First Minster Jack McConnell was offered baubles to make way for the Wendy Alexander dynasty.

She was laughing described in the press as having ‘a brain the size of a planet’, but the Mekon’s days of Scottish domination last only a year, a year too long in my opinion.

To quote Winston Churchill:

“Instead of a wildcat being landed ashore, we are left with a beached whale."

That is Wendy Alexander, everything she touches turns sour.

Douglas Fraser, formerly of the Glasgow Herald once described her as a ‘medic’ in an article he wrote because she 'worked' in a clinic in Malawi.

She isn’t a medic and holds no medical qualification, so I wrote on the Herald board, a guy fitted a new door to my flat and cut his finger, I gave him a plaster and ointment, does that make me a medic?

Douglas Fraser didn’t reply.

At First Minister’s Questions, she routinely was a laughing stock, asking daft questions and talking in a manner that implied she was conversing with retards.

I remember Wendy Alexander from my days at Glasgow University, she was a gobby clown.

Now, her illegal donations scandal which saw the end of her career for First Minster has hit the headlines.

An English High Court judge has ordered a court hearing to decide whether the full facts of “Wendygate” should be put into the public domain.

What this may mean is the tripe offered and accepted by the Electoral Commission staffed by Labour placemen will have to be published in full.

Judge Andrew Bartlett has decided to convene an Information Tribunal which could see Alexander called as a witness.

The reason for this turn of events is the culmination of a hard fought campaign by writer and book editor David Ferguson. He wants to force the Electoral Commission to show its workings under Freedom of Information laws.

As this point, I would mention the Nolan Principles which state that politicians in public office should be transparent.
Nolan is supposed to set the standards for public life.

Ferguson asked the Electoral Commission exactly what explanation Alexander and her team gave for misattributing the donation from Jersey-based property tycoon Paul Green to a Glasgow-based firm called Combined Property Services (CPS).

At the time, it was put about that Labour MSP Charles Gordon (another clown) thought Green owned the firm. The law however states that there must be checks to ensure the donation is permissible. Charles Gordon is the type of Glaswegian who sets back the cause of working class people every time he opens his mouth.

The Electoral Commission has refused to divulge explanations given by Alexander and her team which led to Ferguson appealing to the office of the UK Information Commissioner (ICO).

Although the UK Information Commissioner (ICO) has gone part of the way for Fergusson by raising a number of procedural issues with the Electoral Commission, yet again, we see one quango covering for another against the individual.

This is the nature of corrupt Britain, every obstacle in put in place to deny people their rights.

Reason cited for non disclosure of the information is that any release would breach data protection rules.

That scam doesn’t apply when it is work related and this is known to the Electoral Commission.

The fact Alexander and other members of her campaign team gave voluntarily interviews to the Electoral Commission is irrelevant.

The ICO said:

“Individuals who were interviewed during the course of the investigation would have a reasonable expectation that the content of their interviews would not be disclosed.”

These were not personal or private conversations, the Electoral Commission was acting in a quasi judicial role investigating the breach of Electoral law.

Alexander at present remains a prominent backbencher in the Scottish Parliament when she is not in a private gym during the working week.

Charlie Gordon who resigned in disgrace returned to the front-bench job he lost, so much for honour!

The way it works with Labour is this, once caught, they resign to go into hiding to try and kill the story then when the coast is clear go back to doing what they were doing.

Neither Alexander nor Gordon is prepared to comment about the problem raised by Fergusson at present.

He says he is going to request Alexander and her team be called as witnesses.

And he thinks his chances of success at the Tribunal are good, I have reservations, not based on his case but rather the nature of how Britain operates.

Fergusson said:

“The Electoral Commission has fought tooth and nail for three years to prevent any information at all on the matter from being made available to the public whose interests it supposedly serves.”

Everything possible done to prevent the individual being treated fairly.

Let us hope that Judge Andrew Bartlett is the same calibre as Lord Denning because justice is sadly lacking in Britain.

Wendy Alexander is a true Glasgow University product.

Yours sincerely

George LairdThe Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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