Monday, May 31, 2021

The Attempt to Silence Freedom of Speech, Blundering Alba Leader Alex Salmond starts back indy campaigning by warning the Royal Family to 'stay out of independence debate', why should Prince William be denied the right to hear people's opinions on matters of national importance, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a privy Councillor, same as Salmond, given Nicola Sturgeon met the Royals during their Scottish tour, is it so surprising that the Royals remained strictly neutral by meeting a pro UK politician, Salmond talks about Prince William's "poor judgment", he should turn the microscope on his own lack of it

Dear All 

If you think back to the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum, the SNP wheeled out their supposed big guns, singers, actors and various personalities. The idea of their presence was quite simple, it was endorsement. Given the SNP attempt its due, the 'official' rubber stamp of celebs that indy was a good idea in theory, some of choices however weren't. What we know now from their disastrous campaign is, the 'white paper' for indy was a lie, 650 pages of deception of a golden age nirvana which couldn't and wouldn't exist, and the SNP politicians lied straight down TV cameras. The SNP not only endanger everyone of us, they did so at multiple levels. Scotland's health service would have been drastically cut, ushering the way for private health care to move in altogether. Pensions, mortgages and savings would have been placed in real danger, our council services would have been destroyed, in fact the whole country would have been a financial basket case for something like 40 plus years minimum. It is worth noting, the SNP leadership would not be living in squalor, they would be craving their generous 'entitlement' as they sat at the top table. The SNP don't believe in independence, they believe in a Scotland under the control of the European Union. In fact, their first order of business would be to apply for membership, probably without a referendum, you see the people of an independent Scotland would be 'shut out' of politics. 

In the recent Holyrood polling, the results weren't unexpected, in fact, some parties were expected to do badly, and they helped this expectation by running dreadful campaigns. The biggest loser in my mind was Scottish Labour, with the right wing back in control of the party in Scotland, they hope that people will forget they were the reason for not voting for the party. Since the election, Anas Sarwar hasn't set out a vision for changing Scottish Labour, and I personally doubt he will do so, you see a re-vitalised party, especially in Glasgow places his leadership in danger. I don't expect internal change in the Scottish Labour Party, this year, they would have to start now, get it done in six months, then attempt the council elections. After that, depending on results, maybe, and it is a slim chance, they might do a review between 2022 and 2024, the Westminster election is important in the political life of Anas Sarwar as leader, if he loses 3 straight elections in a row, his position is untenable. Scottish Labour has had dreadful leaders for nearly 20 years, since the deaths of the 'old guard'. You cannot compare previous Labour leaders with today's Holyrood replacements, does Anas Sarwar stack up against Donald Dewar, obviously not, Robin Cook, not really, what about John Reid, or Helen Liddell, it is a whole different class. Some people might think that Anas Sarwar could be the 'face' of opposing indyref 2, well no is the short answer. During the 2014, just as Yes Scotland was run by the SNP, Better Togther was chiefly run by Scottish Labour people, but the collapse of the party's vote, now makes them not in consideration for a lead role. 

The person who is trying to carve out a role for himself in Scottish politics is Gordon Brown, as a former Prime Minister, he has the kind of weight that Anas Sarwar doesn't have. However the problem with Gordon Brown isn't his previous baggage, it is the fact he is pushing an agenda. That agenda is federalism. Federalism doesn't solve the problem of defeating the SNP, it is a route that weakens the UK, and plays into the hands of the SNP. The SNP take any devolved powers, even if they don't use them properly. It isn't the constitution that doesn't make people vote for Scottish Labour, it is the people they have adopted as candidates that doesn't make people vote Scottish Labour. Ever constitutional disaster can be laid at the door of the Labour Party. They made a massive mistake with devolution, then and now they think they can fix their mistakes with federalism. They are like the guy who hammers in a nail into the floor, bursts a pipe, and then think wrapping rubber hose round it and tightening it off solves the problem. The real change to our current problems is changing Holyrood, curtailing the SNP activities, and holding them accountable for their spending, just in the same way that the SNP do with councils. 

Recently, Prince William met with Gordon Brown to discuss independence, the meeting was held in secret it was alleged, and contents of the meeting weren't made public. The information available is that they discussed independence. At the same time, Gordon Brown has re-launched his Our Scottish Future think tank as a pro-Union campaign movement. I suppose the obvious question is this a proposed vehicle of a new Better Together MK2. One thing which we should all never forget, the opposition parties in Scotland have been utterly dreadful, both inside and outside of parliament. The people who have been doing the real fighting against the SNP Government have been groups and bloggers, groups like Scotland Matters and The Majority, Scotland in Union, and a host of other groups on Facebook. In fact, if you pop along to the Our Scottish Future website, you can see them borrow a phrase used extensively by George Galloway during the Holyrood election, “Open the Books”. Although this phrase is trendy, it is also the route to take down and curtail the activities of the SNP Government. It seems £2.7 BN of UK funding has gone missing, well technically the money isn't missing, it appears it has been held back. Any extra money from Westminster must be 'ring fenced' for the purposes it was allocated for, this measure has to be a 'triple lock' so the SNP can't siphon it off for their pet projects. 

I suppose in some ways the meet of Prince William and Gordon Brown may look odd, after all, in the seven years since 2014, Gordon Brown didn't hang around Scotland, he didn't even fix the Labour Party in Scotland. But, here he is as a possible leader, and we are all expected to follow him? The nub is, if he gets appointed, either self or by others, does that mean he will bring his federalism baggage with him? Also, federalism is a Labour Party 'baby', along with the Lib Dems, and looking at the 'board' of  Our Scottish Future, this bares that out, one of the people on the board is Ming Campbell. Also sitting there on it is former MSP Jenny Marra, which kinda flags up that Our Scottish Future is just another vehicle used by the right wing of the Labour Party, much in the same way as the Fabians and Progress. All these wee groups however have one thing in common, nothing to do with the Scottish people. Ultimately, they are part of the same discredited philosophy which sees people as to be 'managed' but not represented. The right wing of the Labour Party wiped out the party in Scotland because they wouldn't represent people. I am sure everyone knows of someone who sought help from their elected Labour representative and didn't get it. The return of the right wing controlling Scottish Labour isn't a return to the golden days of Blairism, it is a clock which will run backwards, the same as support will for the party. Scottish Labour needs to become a centrist party, the two extremes pulling at it, helped its decline. 

One person who thinks that there is a benefit protesting the meeting of Prince William and  Gordon Brown is Alex Salmond. Oh, just to be clear, Salmond and Brown are both privy councillors so pop along and see who's who, some of the names may surprise you. The role of the privy councillor is to provide advice and views, so in effect, William's meeting with Brown, even on independence concerns isn't a big deal. It was fluffed up due to the lack of formal publicity beforehand which led to the secrecy tag being flung about. Salmond has accused Prince William of "poor judgment", but equally the same charge could be said of Salmond, the difference is the "poor judgment" of Salmond could actually be made to stick. Although the public position of Royal Family is said to be neutral, personally I think in private that they have already picked their side. On the constitutional debate, the Royal Family stand with the people of Scotland, the majority, the people who wish to stay part of the United Kingdom. I suspect if anyone is doing anything dodgy then it is Salmond using Prince William for publicity for him and his party for the upcoming 2022 council elections. The Alba Party is keen to be seen as the alternative to the SNP, and it is only a matter of time before they start to cut into the SNP vote. A lot of people thought Sturgeon will bring forward indyref 2, but she won't. Nicola Sturgeon wouldn't be bring forward any illegal referendums either, not after the Spanish experience, and just an update, the appeal court in Spain didn't show mercy to the plotters. Jail time in Spain could equally apply to Scotland if an illegal indyref 2 was held, and it would be jail for Sturgeon, by the book, and special prosecutors. In defence of the meeting, Kensington Palace confirmed Prince William had been listening to views on independence from different communities. 

In a new video to Alba members, Salmond said: 

“What on earth Prince William thought he was doing having a confab with Gordon Brown, just as Gordon set up his last campaign for the Union... We’d be foolish indeed not to read the tea leaves in this sort of thing. In the run up to 2014, largely because I saw the argument for continuity of social institutions in these islands, we were extremely keen to keep the monarchy, the head of state, out of politics. I think the Queen has done a marvellous job and a lifetime of service. We should have no hesitation about seeing in that meeting with Gordon Brown what seems to be the preparations for doing what is absolutely extraordinary, which is to have a constitutional monarchy looking at and directly discussing aspects of the constitutional debate which should of course be left to the people. It would be enormously wise of the Royal Family to follow what has been the Queen’s example over her long reign, as to keep the monarchy over and above politics.It does seem extraordinarily foolish to have a situation where it can even be said that the monarchy, the future head of state, is involved in the Scottish constitutional debate.” 

Well, if tea leaves is the basis of knowledge, the good stuff, the 'Tetley' is that Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn't going to grant a second independence referendum under his watch. It is highly likely that that Boris will be PM for at least a decade. Gordon Brown's Our Scottish Future will probably be working on federalism plans and modelling, because indyref 2 isn't being granted. One thing Boris and his advisors probably know is the pro UK parties in Scotland haven't got the manpower and human resources to mount a campaign. The collapse of Scottish Labour isn't just about seats in Holyrood, it is also about the collapse of the party's activist base. Just as a war is won by experienced and season troops, the Labour Party in Scotland is hollowed out, the Lib Dems are effectively a party in name only, and the Scottish Conservatives need to do a major recruitment drive. Did you notice, that during the Holyrood election in Glasgow, the same faces in different parts of the city, I did. In Glasgow, some people were just literally paper candidates for the Scottish Conservatives. The SNP 'work' areas hard, the pro UK parties don't do enough, that is the bottom line. 

Anyway, Salmond added: 

“Back in 2014 David Cameron made a last ditch desperate and failed attempt to drag the Queen into politics. The Brown meeting shows poor judgment on both sides but the same degree of unscrupulous unionist desperation. The independence team should take note. It is quite clear that the forces of the union, David Cameron previously, and now Gordon Brown, have no compunction in getting themselves ready and set for what is coming in the next referendum campaign. However, the Scottish Parliament elections have left them in a state of disarray. That is why the case for Scottish independence must be progressed now as a matter of urgency. The Tories at Westminster are surprised that they are not already facing a renewed constitutional challenge and are wondering what on earth is going on. It would be infinitely better for the independence side to seize the moment and strike when the iron is hot to progress the constitutional issue. ” 

You see, Salmond pinpoints it, when he says, "the Scottish Parliament elections have left them (pro UK) in a state of disarray", basically what he means is the party organisations are dire, they don't have competent people, and the activism base has gone. I suppose you could add the desire to do the hard graft needed for building an activist base is also not there. Salmond's plan is simple, he wants SNP members to straight transfer over to his Alba Party, to do this, he needs oxygen via the press. As he condemns the Prince William/ Gordn Brown meeting, he also highlights that Alba will reschedule its first annual conference because of a higher than expected attendance to a bigger venue. Although Alba only polled 1.7%, you should note that they entered the Holyrood race too late, something which they realised later. As they start building their brand, they have announced a series of “interim” appointments pending conference. Chris McEleny as Alba general secretary, Lynne Anderson and Caroline McAllister will coordinate the 13-strong Alba councillor group, and former MP Corri Wilson will be membership convener. 

Mr McEleny said: 

“Alba is Scotland’s newest and fastest growing political party. Our membership numbers are rising week on week since the Scots Parliament elections. Alba can make a valuable contribution to the independence case, particularly in ensuring it is put forward with immediacy, strength and determination. We are all excited about the prospect of building a new party which will abide by our aspiration of living in the early days of a better nation.” 

It would be a mistake for pro UK people to dismiss Alba as a protest or pressure group, as time marches on, people will drift away from the SNP into their party. Alba has a game plan, they want the 'women's vote', and they will be working hard to get it. Once the SNP rams home their lgbt agenda on the Gender Reform Act with the help of the Scottish Greens, give it time and there will be a backlash. You see at some point, men will be stripping off in women's personal spaces, stark naked. There will be incidents which make the press, and presumably the courts, and once enough angry women get together, you can expect a long running campaign, Alba will be there to position themselves as women's rights champions. It is pretty obvious that Salmond wants vote caches, just as he targeted the Muslim vote, he will target the women's vote. It was clear when he placed women centre stage of his party. 

Finally, in life, things happen, the Prince William meeting with Gordon Brown isn't significant, the reason is simple, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his 80 seat majority. What is happening in England politically is more interesting as the result of the Hartlepool election showed. The Labour Party is in trouble, I suppose that is reflected in their choice of candidate in the 2021 Batley and Spen by-election. The election is a major test for Keir Starmer's right wing leadership, although there is talk about a contest against him, if he loses Batley, his leadership may face a left wing challenge. Labour held the seat until Traci Brabin stepped down as an MP after winning the election to be Mayor. The Labour candidate is Kim Leadbeater, she is the sister of murdered former MP Jo Cox, this is prompted some people to say that Labour is going for the sympathy vote. In the 2016 EU referendum, Batley and Spen voted 60% in favour of Brexit, so unless Leadbeater is an ardent Brexitter, her chances are severely diminished. The Hartlepool by-election was a watershed moment in UK politics, as it flag up more working class people were willing to vote Conservative than vote for the Labour Party. I will be taking a two month break off blogging, back in August, I need a rest, I need to get some personal issues done, and I need to study. Enjoy the summer, the good weather has arrived at last, and we all could use a holiday. 

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Scottish Un-enlightment Continues Unabated, Radical Independence Campaigners could decide to 'up the ante' with 'civil disobedience' protests in London, how would anyone notice them protesting, they are so few, Sean Clerkin 'set the standard' with flag and document burning, is the RIC going to set London a blaze or are they just going to hang round a few street corners looking tacky?

Dear All 

Do you remember the Scottish Resistance? During the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, all sorts of oddballs emerged, but the group dubbed the Scottish Resistance, they stood out, led by one, Sean Clerkin. In several exciting adventures, (at least for them) these people got noticed, one such event was document burning, of course you will remember the old adage, “Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.” Clerkin and his gang haven't burned people, but they did manage to get a handle on flag burning, burning the Union Jack. Periodically, the press run a Sean Clerkin story which usually involves him looking like an idiot. It seems that Clerkin likes burning the Union Jack, having done so in Edinburgh and of course in Glasgow. In one video, down the 'barras', just across from the wallpaper showroom Capone's, there was Clerkin in a video trying to burn the Union Jack with a apparently defective lighter. It took him awhile but he eventually managed it. The video is what it is, an embarrassment all round. One thing that it isn't is campaigning, nor is it changing hearts  and minds. Sean Clerkin, it appears never learned the lesson, don't play with matches, or in his case, cheap lighters. 

One thing is certain, Clerkin has attained a vast experience as being a general nuisance and a disruptive pest. I personally don't know how valuable that is for a linkedin profile, because it isn't really a skill that employers are looking for. Clerkin however in his own way has set a template, which seems others are willing to take up. I suppose it is ironic that some people who laughed at his previous antics are now appearing to want to enlist as fellow travelers. 

Scottish independence supporters are saying that they may take protests onto the streets of London in a push for another referendum, the elusive myth of indyref 2. The problem of protesting in London is that it is so big, it is doubtful that any meaningful size protest will take place. None of the political parties will back it, the press will give it very limited coverage, bordering on slightly more than nil, and presumably some people who look stupid and act stupid will be picked out for being held up as 'rockets'. If they find someone really mental, you might see them getting interviewed and appear on the telly! The group which is said to be treading the 'Clerkin' route is The Radical Independence Campaign (RIC). Before I rattle on, here is a link to their AGM to get a feel for what they are all about. 

According to their website, they have stated: 

" RIC was a Scotland-wide, non-party-political campaigning organisation that was active between 2012 and 2020. It was disbanded on a national level in January 2021, due to factionalism and incompatible approaches to organising. Some local groups may still choose to operate under the RIC name." 

Did they 'reform the band' or is this new "tenants" operating the brand. You could describe this organisation as a 'lefty' one, given the reasons stated for disbanding, "factionalism and incompatible approaches to organising". But here they are again, saying that the RIC will hold its annual conference on June 12, offering workshops on planning acts of civil disobedience to pressure the UK Government. What is interesting is the touting that acts of civil disobedience will be the new normal of politics campaigning, so who gets a 'visit'? Whose local authorities are seen as ripe for protest, will they be protesting in SNP controlled council areas? The cost of time, money and resources travelling to London is certainly a non starter. Will we have border protests, and if so, what would that entail, targeted nonsense outside any pro UK constituency offices, picket at the new Scotland Office in Edinburgh, maybe picket at Holyrood? It seems that a spokesman for RIC said acts of civil disobedience could be held as I suspected at the Scotland Office in Edinburgh or the Faslane naval base. Obviously they will have banners just in case anyone mistakes them for CND, ban the bomb crowd. I think, the Scotland Office in Edinburgh best do a security review, I would bet on them getting visits. Faslane looks like weekend protesting to me, who knows later on they may do down the beach, and get fish and chips, take the weans out for a day out as well. The notion of blockading outposts of the UK Government isn't new, it's all been done before. Even as far back as 40 years ago when CND picketed Faslane and there was a 'peace camp'. 40 years later and Faslane is still there, those who protested are either dead or drawing their old age pension. 

An RIC spokesman said: 

“Civil disobedience has been much discussed in the independence movement, but there’s been little plan of how to take effective protest action that will have a big impact but also attract public support. This could mean taking to the streets of London, or blockading outposts of the UK Government. The Radical Independence conference will bring together people with experience of direct action to strategise how to move the discussion forward.” 

If direct action is on the table, then surely that has to apply to SNP politicians? You would have to be talking picketing SNP constituency offices of MPs and MSPs, and surgeries for Councillors. Could RIC protestors picket Nicola Sturgeon's house in Baillieston? I suppose that idea will be on the table, but it might take a few years to work through, once they realise that Nicola Sturgeon isn't delivering anything, and especially not indyref 2. I don't do demos, to me, it isn't politics and generally is negative, it doesn't matter how many people march in the streets, because in the main, it doesn't affect a politicians' quality of life. One backer of the new 'Clerkin initative' could be the Alba Party led by Alex Salmond, during the election campaign, former first minister Alex Salmond said mass protests could be a feature of negotiations with the UK Government on Scotland’s independence. I don't see the RIC going anywhere, because any organuisation which has SNP members in it, or speaking on behalf of it is already compromised. The RIC conference is apparently set to look to “re-energise a radical grassroots movement for independence”, to me, this is a retread of Yes Scotland. The reason I said this, is because Yes Scotland was effectively run by the SNP, their ranks were filled with SNP stooges such as Shirley Anne Somerville, the RIC is allowing SNP wannabe MSP and Cllr Graham Campbell as one of its speakers. Campbell is the partner of SNP MP Anne McLaughlin, and McLaughlin is the pal of Nicola Sturgeon. In politics, there is a piece of nonsense when a person says they are wearing different hats or in this case titles that somehow make them independence. SNP Cllr Graham Campbell is signed up fully to the SNP agenda, because if he steps out of line, any potential MSP or MP candidacy spot would be gone. 

The RIC spokesman added: 

“It’s undeniable there is now a clear democratic mandate for another independence referendum. But Boris Johnson and the UK Government are in denial and are set to continue to refuse Scotland’s right to self-determination. Voting for independence-supporting politicians isn’t going to be enough. An independence referendum can only be won by grassroots campaigning in communities. And another referendum will only be won if independence is seen as an opportunity for radical change, to tackle the crises of poverty, inequality and climate change.” 

Finally, in life, we all experience setbacks and failures, however we don't usually queer our own pitch before we start an adventures, sometimes, things, people and bad luck just work against us. I see the Radical Independence Campaign as like a car on a roundabout, it doesn't matter how fast or how slow it goes, it doesn't matter if it changes lanes or stays in the same lane. It doesn't matter who the driver is, or if the driver changes, it can only go in one direction, round and round because there is no exit. Maybe The Alba Party will sign up with them, but I suspect that Salmond is too smart to engage fully, you see Salmond's crew are building an organisation, and as such they want to be seen as a replacement to the SNP. That takes time, it also takes being strict about how they operate. I would say this, remember Keith Brown and Mhairi Black doing the discredited AUOB marches, although they were seen to be there, they weren't seen to be "involved". AUOB, Yes Scotland and the Radical Independence Campaign, they are all pretty much the same. In some cases, you will find the same people supporting them and maybe even organising them. The SNP during the indyref in 2014 had many little groups which were setup and controlled by SNP members, to give the false illusion of mass support. I doubt that the Radical Independence Campaign is a vehicle that can go anywhere, I would also say any SNP member connected will probably steer the group away from any criticism of Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP. Sean Clerkin for Honorary Vice President in charge of annoyance anyone? I think this song, Blockheads should be their new anthem, it just works!

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, May 24, 2021

The SNP Disease Running through Scottish Politics, SNP Cllr Riahannon Spear deletes her twitter account over 'hate' tweet, Health Secretary Humza Yousaf makes 'no apology' for controversial Rangers tweet, and the leader of the 'Wolffe Pack', James Wolffe to stand down as Lord Advocate, oh, and Humza Yousaf as Health Minister gets photographed taking the Covid vaccine as Scots are declining uptake, I guess he is un-inspirational as Health Sec as he was as a Justice Sec, very much a case of Humza who?

Dear All 

It was a busy weekend for the disgraceful SNP who spread their toxic bile on the internet, the general term for this comes under, the 'mask slips'. One of the people that the press like to refer to as a rising star is the odious SNP Councillor Rhiannon Spear. Spear has the distinction that she is intensively disliked by independence supporters and those who are pro UK.  In fact, I would hedge a bet and say the independence supporters dislike her the most. In her recent attempts to be selected as an MSP, this prompted an online campaign against her. Spear is close to Sturgeon, you could say she is a Sturgeon limpet, who appears to be taking over the 'hate' mantle left by ex SNP MP Natalie McGarry. McGarry was another despicable vomiter of poison on social media. For those interested in McGarry's future or lack of it, she faces a retrial on allegations of stealing thousands of pounds from two organisations. Prior to her notoriety McGarry used twitter who smear people in the most horrible way possible. She even linked me personally to a 'hate account' setup by someone she socialised with Tommy Ball, he plead guilty to this was one criminal case she wasn't named in. McGarry's retrial happens quite soon, so keep an eye out for that one, in the first trial, she plead guilty. 

One thing which I have noticed is that when really bad stories about the SNP leadership are in the press, usually someone lower in the SNP pack makes the news for saying something rather stupid. Humza Yousaf appears to be in a spot of bother at least with Rangers fans over his comments relating to a video alleging Rangers players used sectarian language during their title celebrations. The video has been totally discredited but the damage to Glasgow Rangers and staff has been immense. Health Secretary Humza Yousaf makes 'no apology' for his controversial Rangers tweet, and Glasgow Rangers has said that they are considering legal action against certain senior individuals in society. Anyway, the issue is more than the tweet, the SNP and its members have a history of supporting Sein Fein, they also have within their ranks, Sein Fein lite members, some of whom can be seen standing beside the Irish flag. Nicola Sturgeon, herself has met many prominent Sein Fein leaders and IRA supporters. Just like the SNP cultivated  the Muslim vote, they also cultivated the Sein Fein lite vote in Scotland. Many thing, the acts against Glasgow Rangers by the SNP are based on hatred of Rangers being a pro UK supporting club. 

In what the SNP would probably term a coincidence during the bad press surrounding Humza Yousaf, SNP Councillor Rhiannon Spear pops up, so what does her tweet say? Well, during the Eurovision contest, which the UK scored zero points in the judges and public vote, she came out and said: 

"It's ok Europe we hate the United Kingdom too. Love, Scotland." 

There is a couple of things to mention, Europe lost its meal ticket when Brexit happened, the UK was bankrolling the EU up to 20% of its entire budget. We paid financially more into the EU pretty much every year of our 40 plus year membership. Not only did we lose out financially, we also lost out politically and socially. The SNP wants membership of the EU because they know that Scotland is a country which cannot support itself. The SNP leadership want to be part of another tier of government so they financially and politically benefit from it. SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon makes no secret that she is ready to sell out Scotland, this would be to her betterment. Secondly, the SNP don't speak for Scotland, they only speak for the SNP, and clearly despite a continuous campaign, sensible people don't accept their leadership or views. 

So, was SNP Councillor Rhiannon Spear's tweet just a coincidence, or was it done to deflect attention away from SNP Minister Humza Yousaf? What we do know, and Spear isn't talking, is that she has deleted her twitter account. The opposition parties have accused her of using ‘abhorrent language’, they called her out early doors. I think personally, she has crossed the threshold of a Standards Investigation into her conduct. Her weak apology in the aftermath said: 

"I have now deleted this tweet about the UK's results in the Eurovision Song Contest, and apologise for any offence caused." 

This isn't the same as apologising for writing it, its apologising for any offence caused. Rhiannon Spear represents the Greater Pollok ward in Glasgow and is the SNP's national women's convenor. She is part of what is seen as the woke culture in the SNP, she is also part of the TIE campaign with promotes the lgbt agenda in schools. Schools were once a place of learning, now under the SNP, they are a place of lgbt sexualisation of children. The senior leadership of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney, along with Shirley Anne Somerville are all signed up to the sexualisation agenda. For this reason, you can expect no action to be taken against Rhiannon Spear. Although the faced backlash online led by the Scottish Conservatives, they aptly describing it as an example of the party’s “toxic obsession with division”. Only a complaint to the Standards Commissioner will have any teeth. 

The Eurovision, not really worth talking about however, the Europeans in awarding zero points, did what they wanted to do. They aren't our friends, the EU isn't an ally of the UK, never was, and never will be. Europe is heading down a dark path, given they will won't be conquering other countries, their vision will turn inwards. The EU at some stage, bit by bit will end up suppressing their own people, then there will be a backlash. As ever, the UK as it did back in the 1930's will be seen as a 'haven' for disposed people of the European regime. Recently some people complained about the idea to charge people from the EU coming into the UK, how their anger poured out, these are the same stupid people who said nothing whejn Brits were charged, the same stupid people who said nothing when the EU turned on ex pats staying in places like Spain. Personally, I think UK citizens should consider other countries to spent their money in and also those who want to live the ex pat lifestyle do so in places of the Commonwealth. There are of course, other great places to for ex pats to live in, such as Thailand. Europeans need UK visitors and ex pats to support jobs, the local economy and local services, particularly in southern Europe. Only a fool cuts off their nose to spite their face, and this is what the Europeans are doing, let them get on with it. 

Regarding Spear, Scottish Conservative chief whip, Stephen Kerr, said: 

“The mask has again slipped from the SNP and this is another example of their toxic obsession with division. This is abhorrent language from one of the SNP’s most prominent campaigners and a 2021 election candidate, not to mention chair of Glasgow City Council’s education committee. We should be teaching tolerance and inclusion, not hate and division.” 

The main problem of facing pro UK supporters for decades has been the political parties who allowed the SNP free rein. It is time, the Scotland Office was revamped to include a weekly televised press conference from the Scottish Secretary. It was time that money coming to Scotland was channeled through the Scotland Office. It is time there was tighter financial controls on the SNP when they receive extra money from Westminster. It is time that Holyrood was bypassed so that additional funding could go to organisations thus freeing them from SNP influence. I would like to direct you to a podcast by Dr Craig Ross, it is a bit lengthy running for nearly an hour but it is worthwhile to hear. Anyway, he rights points out that more "money'' to Scotland doesn't solve the problems. The problem is that SNP controls the narrative because the Westminster bubble wrongly chose to ignore them. For years, I have blogged on review, renew and overhaul of pro UK organisations, chielfly Scotland  Office, and Scottish Labour. Both of these organisations' problems stem from not being dynamic in the Scottish life. Just as the SNP fund their preferred organisations, NGOs etc, so should the UK. Without direct intervention, the SNP will take over all bodies even down to community council level. If you think it isn't happening, wake up and start to get some self awareness. 

The UK government apparently has broken the 'red wall' in England, more working class people are heading towards the Conservatives. So what is the reason, it cannot be just singular, but to encapsulate it into a word, you could use 'betrayal', betrayal of the working class. The Labour Party has stopped being a working class party in favour of the London elite middle classes. The woke agenda is killing the Labour Party, and those who control it have no interest in addressing these problems, because they created them. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader is a multi millionaire, in Scotland, the leader is Anas Sarwar, he is a  multi millionaire, pretty it sends a message. The Labour Party still remains a party of division, it remains a 'remainer' party, divorced from working class people. The evidence? The result in Hartlepool. The Labour Party, and I don't know how many times I have written in about the situation in Scotland, isn't fit to campaign. Its broken, evidence? All the polling in the run up to the 2021 election, and of course the result. If Labour doesn't look inward to fix itself, one day, they will be witnessing as the 3rd party in Scotland, the Scottish Conservatives starting to tear parts of the 'yellow wall' down. It is entirely possible that Anas Sarwar who registered Scottish Labour biggest Holyrood defeat, will make Labour, the 4th party of Holyrood at some future date unless he starts to act like a leader. 

A story popped up of interest, it seems that  around half of people booked to get their Covid jag in Glasgow's main mass vaccination centre failed to turn up over the weekend. The Health Sec Humza Yousaf has done a photo op of himself being vaccinated in Caird Hall, in Dundee. My first thought was the SNP is keen to try and move the agenda on from the Rangers issue, but what I would also mention, if his volunteering is supposed to encourage people to take up the vaccine, it won't. Humza Yousaf is a failed politician, however, I suspect he realises that he isn't liked by the wider Scottish public. Once you start down the road of 'race politics', you get the temp hit of publicity, but the longer effects of what some term as being a 'race baiter' is universally negative. So, why aren't people willing to take the vaccine, well, it is simple, people don't want to take the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been linked to rare blood clots. The reluctance on uptake is the loss of trust not just in odious politicians but also other untrustworthy press. The press appears to have lost its way, instead of holding politicians to account, they effectively work with them. Those who aren't taking the jag, I would suggest neither trust the politicians or the press. And of course, deaths and reactions to the AstraZeneca vaccine documented so far, don't encourage people either. It should be noted that there are only four Covid patients in intensive care across Scotland as a whole. Based on that information, is the risk worth the reward, apparently many think not. 

Finally, the Lord Advocate, James Wolffe is standing down, too little, too late, the damage to the Crown Office has already been done. Along with him goes, Solicitor General, Alison Di Rollo QC, have both announced their intention to leave office to clear the decks in a post Salmond verdict world, but remember this, clearing of the decks doesn't solve the issue. The Crown Office is seen as corrupt, in the minds of many, they view these employees as tainted. It wasn't the Salmond case which was the cause, other cases where the Crown Office tried to stitch up innocent people also meant they crossed the line of breaking public trust. No doubt, the new team will be brought in with much fanfare as Nicola Sturgeon and Keith Brown, Justice Sec can muster, expect them to talk about the new team's integrity. This is to remind you that they aren't bent, in case you happen to wonder. A likely contender for the post is said to be Laura Dunlop QC, who carried out a review of the Scottish Government's harassment complaint procedures. In her youtube video, she talks about going to an all girls school, what she leaves out is that it was an exclusive private school in Hillhead in Glasgow. If she gets picked, it might be to fit in with Sturgeon's promoting women agenda, and that she as part of the system fits in. Personally, I think that a new start should be someone who never held at post connected to government or government funded NGOs. In terms of Scotland and where we are now, I strongly suggest we are still on the road to decline, politically and in the Crown Office, because the damage has been done!

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

The Scottish Bunker Cabinet, SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon unveils her new woefully inept Cabinet Ministers, the SNP diversity group of "incompetents" surges to the front, this is a Cabinet of failed Ministers, failed serial politicians, damaged goods, and people carrying more baggage than a train station lost property department, it's a Cabinet of Free Fall Decline for Scotland

Dear All 

When a new government takes office, there is usually a buzz about a Cabinet reshuffle, especially if the previous government has been re-elected on a huge majority. The SNP won the Holyrood election because, let's be honest, no one effectively presented themselves as a viable alternative. No one came close to breaking through as a potential 'government in waiting', the polling showed it, the ballot box showed it, and the media coverage certainly showed it. And of course, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP won the election using UK government money to bribe the voters. It was probably best described as a free for all election, bikes, laptops, and free dental treatment probably the carrots which sold. It wasn't like the SNP could win on their disastrous record of incompetence and non achievement. It was an election yet again which produced nothing of note, no one, absolutely had a vision of real meaningful change. I think as I have commented before real meaningful change is practically impossible in Scotland, historic discrimination, effectively a class system is still very much in operation. Although a few working class people break out of the mould, the vast majority still remain trapped due to lack of opportunities and social mobility. 

So, let's look at Nicola Sturgeon's new Cabinet, it is in the main, a Cabinet of failures and retreads. In trying to 'big up' her choices, Sturgeon tried and failed to put the spin on her appointments saying that her top team "combines experience with new arrivals and fresh faces". There is experience, experience of failing to lead, failure of failure to manage and just plain lack of vision, lack of a structured narrative and just gumption. It's like an arts and crafts session in an old folks home, nothing produced is really going anywhere. One interesting thing was two of Sturgeon's longest-serving ministers, Fiona Hyslop and Fergus Ewing, would step down. In the case of Ewing, his departure is probably not of his choosing, and his resignation letter was a box ticking exercise of the usual guff of supports. One bit did catch my eye on his letters, his sign off, which was 'yours aye', which someone may consider as sarcasm, I thought that a very odd turn of phrase, because it can be taking in two distinct different ways. Is this the end of the Ewing Dynasty in the SNP, well not just yet, but the regulation to being bit players must be a slap in the face, and a huge dent in the wage packet. If you were on a 100k and then got bumped down to 64k, you would be less than impressed. 

The list of new appointees to me seems constructed to hide failure ridden SNP Ministers. John Swinney who was Education Minister and oversaw its continued declined and sexualisation of children has been moved. His new post to my mind is a made up piece of nonsense, Minister of Covid recovery, when you look at the other posts, it looks like a 'job for the boys' situation. Swinney is Nicola Sturgeon's stooge, I think that is the best way to describe him, brought when Sturgeon doesn't want to face bad press. The removal of Humza Yousaf as Justice Minister and placed into the Health brief is another timely move to avoid trouble. Yousaf recent tweets on Rangers FC, and other historic tweets show that he is a rocket, every post he has held he has failed to deliver. As Justice Minister, he will go down as the man who should never have been appointed and was. Humza Yousaf, becomes Health Sec, he is a Sturgeon ally, and viewed by many as a 'man child'. One appointment which surprised me was the return of the man who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Keith Brown, who was previously sacked is the new Justice Sec. My comment online may seem like a throwaway but it is relevant, is his IQ up to doing this job? Brown was supposed to organise indyref  2, so his removal will spark interest that indyref 2 is now dead, but its value is simply now a talking point to galvanise the gullible. 

Making a return to Cabinet is Shona Robison, who failed as Health Sec, she also failed at her marriage, her husband, dumped her behind her back, ran off to shag a bird who hung about the House of Commons in London. I am just going to stick this in as well, she let herself go, what a mess. Hosie and his new wife are still in Dundee, no doubt a constant reminder to her, that she isn't good enough. I keep writing about those who have shown to be incompetent and have a track record of failure to deliver, but for sheer volume running over possibly two decades, everyone gets eclipsed by Shirley Anne Somerville. Somerville is appointed as Education Sec, given Swinney's previous failings there, Somerville in my opinion can reach an even lower depth. She isn't smart, she isn't dynamic, in fact she has absolutely nothing going for her at all. She is a fully signed up member of the trans lunacy, and I would imagine schools will be getting restocked with 'Bananas and Nutella' for lgbt sexualisation of kids. Your kids might not be able to read or write, or have a future at uni, but there will be well placed for jobs in the sex industry. Former Transport Secretary Michael Matheson will take on a new role as Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport. Matheson was a former Justice Minister regarded as the invisible man in that portfolio, I firmly expect him to be equally invisible as a force and as a Minister. The quiet man will be taking the money and keeping his head down. 

One rising star, the supposed heir to Sturgeon, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes is the only minister to keep her old job. Not that is much of an achievement, but recognition that simply there isn't anyone else to call on. Although Forbes isn't a threat, she is better placed than any of the original cabinet to take the reins of power if Sturgeon leaves to another job. Apparently, it has been said by some that Nicola Sturgeon CV has been put about the place in Europe and possibly the United Nations. But I would say, just like independence, Nicola Sturgeon has missed the boat there. Let's face it, even pre Salmond, she wasn't really EU or UN material. I would also doubt given her record of inter government contact that she would get an endorsement from the UK Government. One appointment which tends to suggest that a transition has started, is the appointment of Angus Robertson. Robertson, a former MP is the new heir in waiting if ever anyone calls on Sturgeon with a possible job appointment. In this parliament expect Sturgeon to be flying all over the world, promoting herself, under the guise of Scotland. Robertson, however isn't a baggage free zone, and a shoo in for leadership, he has questions to answer, and more baggage than a left luggage department. Of course, it isn't just Robertson, he also has a wife, the odious Jennifer Dempsie, she is a horror story. Could you imagine Robertson as First Minister and Dempsie as his Lady Di figure?  

Sturgeon said: 

“I’m delighted to announce the Scottish Government’s new Cabinet team. Scotland needs a serious Government for the serious times we face as a nation, and in the top level ministerial line-up I have announced today we have exactly that. It is a Government which will drive Scotland forward, as we look to build a just, fair and sustainable recovery from the Covid pandemic. My Cabinet team combines experience with new arrivals and fresh faces, giving us the range and depth of talent we need to tackle the pressing issues we need to tackle, from covid to climate change. This term of office is unquestionably the most important one the nation has faced since devolution, more than 20 years ago. We are dealing with the joint challenges of a global pandemic and recovery from it, the ongoing tests posed by Brexit and the urgent, pressing need to take forward our net zero agenda as part of the global efforts to secure a greener future. The magnitude of these challenges is clear, but now is not a moment to shirk from those tasks but to embrace them.” 

Sturgeon added:  

“In the next five years, we have a chance to shape Scotland permanently for the better, creating a healthier, happier, fairer, more prosperous and more sustainable country for everyone who calls Scotland home, establishing a positive legacy for future generations. The immediate challenge is the focus on recovery and the part that all policy portfolios can play in that. But, as I have made clear, when the crisis is over and the time is right, Scotland must and will have the chance to choose its future in line with the unquestionable democratic mandate for that choice.”   

Finally, what is missing from her PR spin is of course any mention of indyref  2. You can see the shutters going up just by the reduction of the size of the Cabinet, the inclusion of Angus Robinson, and the return of dead beats. This is a 'bunker cabinet', in every sense of those words. When will Nicola Sturgeon start globetrotting for a new job, probably new year, in the meantime, you can expect bland rhetoric about recovery to dominate everything. I think it is pretty clear that although a few noises will be made by the likes of Mhairi Black and Cosy feet Pete Wishart, the SNP MSPs will be strangely silent. In case you don't get it, SNP MPs are there to whip up the indy mob while the MSPs stay quiet, of course with Alba established, the SNP will not be as welcome on indy marches. Yesterday's blog title was the 'Land of the Woking Dead, well this SNP Cabinet appointees really sealed the deal on that point. This isn't a cabinet of covid recovery, that is beyond the SNP, this isn't even a cabinet of managed decline, it is a cabinet who effectively serve no real purpose in the life of Scotland, it's a mirage for Sturgeon's sofa government, and not all the cabinet is getting a seat!

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Land of Woking Dead, SNP MSPs elected SNP MSP Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister at Holyrood, no MSP from another party votes for Sturgeon, the public now waits with un-bated breath to see what the SNP Freak Show Cabinet will look like, 2021 could see the diversity group of incompetents take centre stage, Scotland will experience 5 more years as a political and economic wasteland under Sturgeon's inept leadership, the 2021 election didn't change the direction of Scotland's decline

Dear All 

Today is the election of First Minster at Holyrood, 3 people put themselves forward, Nicola Sturgeon, Douglas Ross and Willie Rennie. Two people missing from putting their names forward was Scottish Greens list MSP Patrick Harvie and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar. The outcome was predictable, MSPs from all parties who voted did so on party lines, and those who did not stand, their parties abstained. There was no one, not one single person who voted for someone from another party. Holyrood as mentioned by many is a middle class institution going middle class student union politics. The election on the 6th May brought in a few new faces which changed their financial circumstances but in the wider picture, absolutely nothing has changed at all, we are locked into the same nonsense of woke and identity politics. Over the next 5 years, Scotland will get worse, and worse and worse. The mainstream parties of the opposition will be just as ineffective as they presently were in the last parliament. I remember reading an online comment by someone, I think it was on the Herald, that the Scottish Labour result is the worst since 1935. Personally, I would say, it is hard to top the Westminster 2015 election for Scottish Labour, that was a Titanic scale disaster under Jim Murphy. 

The main problem for Scottish Labour, and there are many other problems, but this new one sticks out like a sore thumb, is what I would called the 'Neville Chamberlain' strategy, appeasement. During the election campaign, Anas Sarwar said in adverts, vote Scottish Labour for a better opposition. The purpose of an opposition is to oppose, but the noises from Anas Sarwar about working with the SNP show that what I blogged on some time ago on him being effectively a 'list hostage' is surprisingly correct. This leads people to the conclusion that if the Scottish Labour Party blindly supports Sturgeon, and makes a few grunted noises of opposition what is the point of them. Sarwar has a job which involves many facets for turning round Scottish Labour to make it appear as a government in waiting. I think looking at the party, sitting in 3rd place, with the worst Holyrood election since the creation of the Scottish Parliament, that Scottish Government is not viable through the 2020's. I think that Scottish Labour will be sitting on the backbenches until the 2030's. The party as I mentioned needs reformed, that won't happen, so basically, it is degenerating into being just a 'list party'. 

The wider Labour Party in the rest of the UK has its problems, the biggest one is the delusion of the right wings which controls the party in Scotland and England that a return to Blair-ism MK 2 can happen. Current Labour Party politicians values are being rejected as Hartlepool so brutally showed. Poor man's Tony Blair, Sir Keir Starmer is an anchor round its neck. I would go further, and point out what should be noted by many in the party. The right wing don't want to work with the left wing, and the left wing when in control don't know how to act when they have power. Both each have a bunker mentality which is akin to the mentality of the best known bunker in history, the Reich Chancellery. Anas Sarwar's leadership isn't just off to a bad start, his campaign strategy was absolutely appalling in the 2021, what makes it even worse, was the non recognition and to add insult to injury, they even paid people who delivered this bad result. Bad policy, bad strategy and bad politicians isn't just a Scottish Labour, it is a Holyrood problem, and has been since 1999. You see in 1999, a standard was set for mediocre people becoming MSPs, if you wanted to learn politics and if you had talent, you really wanted to go to Westminster. Westminster is the place to learn governance, compare Westminster to Holyrood, and it is a different class. 

As Nicola Sturgeon gets elected by only her own MSPs, you can see how why the next 5 years will equate to no change in the Scottish Government. As people have retired, Nicola Sturgeon will be doing a cabinet reshuffle, it will probably be based on identity politics, so you will have presumably Lgbt ministers, Muslim Ministers, possibly a self ID disabled Ministers, I would be tempted to put a small wager on a first woman of colour minister because that would be ticking a box for great pr. Of course, although there isn't a recognised category, you can expect a 'dumb as' Minister in the shape of Shirley Anne Somerville. Somerville even beats John Swinney and Humza Yousaf to that title, however in the last few years have gave strong competition. Of all the SNP deadbeats who have been Minister in Charge of Education, John Swinney has been the worst, most inept and as some people have pointed out by fronting the woke agenda in schools. If there is a man who should be thoroughly disgusted with himself, John Swinney should be on his knees begging God's forgiveness. He is the kind of guy who looks like he is involved in something disgusting but doesn't have the moral fibre to do anything about it. 

If you having been watching the news, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinney and Humza Yousaf have been attacking Rangers Fans after the incidents in George Square. The George Square troubles were wrong, but their rhetoric contrasts sharply with the Kenmure mob situation in Pollokshields. Only a hypocrite can condemn one but not the other. Is there such a thing as a good unlawful mob forcing the police to free someone from lawful arrest? To be clear, the illegal immigrants have broken the law. I guess someone should point out that the rather sad fact is that for several years, Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar have in effective being doing a 'double act' on perceived racism. The general jist of it is that some white people in jobs got there by racism. But both neglect to mention that both Sarwar and Yousaf both sit in the same room as presumably racists in government meeting. I would make this point, yes, there are people in government  who are possibly racist, but when was the last time you saw a successful prosecution of any senior government employee for racism? If you take both Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar's videos at face value, Scotland would seem to be teaming with racists. 

But not one senior Scottish government employee has ever made it to court! 

Another interesting thing about Humza Yousaf, is that he alleges he is a Celtic fan, he even put a picture on twitter of himself wearing a Celtic hoodie. In his recent condemnation of Rangers fans, the media just completely gloss over his links to Celtic. They completely glossed over the SNP links to Celtic and, not a dicky bird about how the SNP cultivate the Sein Fein lite into their ranks. Sein Fein lite is one of the four groups which make up the controlling interest of the SNP. Many people have commented on social media particularly about the content of Humza Yousaf's videos on twitter. Some people have said, this looks like stoking up division between Catholics and Protestants. Humza Yousaf is known by some people to be a 'race card player'. Periodic, he will claim he is the victim of racism, now he has overstretched himself, what are the odds of him pulling out the race card now he is in trouble? 50/50, 70/30 or a stonking 100%, maybe he is hoping someone after his rants will come back on him and bring up his ethnic background. The problem isn't his ethnic background, the problem is much more clearer to see, he is a privileged privately educated middle class clown. 

Humza Yousaf basically shows up what Holyrood is, a middle class freak show, it is a private club which as no relevance in the real lives of the people of Scotland. A place where fools can live out their deluded reality in a political bubble. This is why you can get Humza Yousaf and Anas Sarwar teaming up as a 'double act' on race politics, it has not gone un-noticed, even before their 'white people in jobs' videos. Here are two videos, which at the time may have seemed as a good idea to Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and SNP Justice Minister Yousaf, but in the long term will be remembered by people who vote. Have either of these two ever been so specific about the lack of representation of white working class non university educated in senior jobs at Holyrood, or the Scottish Government, what about lack of opportunities in education, housing or jobs? In fact the real discrimination in this country is recognised by two groups, black and white working class people. These are the people who face the real discrimination, and have done so for decades. As the new Sturgeon cabinet takes shape, one thing which we can be certain of is that it will have a wealth of inexperience, it will be a losers' cabinet, so we can expect Humza Yousaf to be back in there. If you want to watch an interesting twitter butchered for comedy, then follow this link. You see as I have mentioned other people do notice what is going on in Scotland, and it is all very ugly. Scotland is a land of false prophets, their Mecca is Holyrood, they are benevolent rulers spending other people's money, they are also a nasty vicious short sighted clique. 

Finally, I mentioned this earlier, but keep a close eye out for the Sturgeon cabinet reshuffle, once it is done, then look in the backgrounds of the new appointees, and try to guess what criteria they were selected under. See how many ticked diversity boxes, because as we have seen with the SNP, every diversity candidate selected has been a disaster. In the last parliament, notably Freeman, Mackay and Yousaf all stood for various unsavoury reasons. Freeman as Health Sec was in charge when infected covid patients were moved into care homes, Finance Sec Derek Mackay was outed after chasing after a 16 year old boy, and last but not least SNP Justice Sec Humza Yousaf. He is unfit to be a justice minister, he actually trumps that with his race card playing. The only silver lining is that Nicola Sturgeon is going to face 5 years of attacks by the Yes Movement, and once their anger gets up a head of steam, they will crack on publicly undermining her. The bunker mentality isn't just about protecting enemies from getting into the bunker, it is to also watch those in the bunker as well, because some of them will be passing on information to others.

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 13, 2021

The Day of the Jackals, Mob rule hits the streets of Glasgow as Kenmure Street is brought to a standstill by protesters who forced Home Office to release detained men, the rule of law is gone, any pretence it still exists was swept away by virtue signaling SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon who used today's incident as a way to attack the UK Government

Dear All 

Here is a ditto that I placed in the comments section of the Herald, sadly you will not find it there due to it being deleted. Today the UK Border Force encountered a mob as they were trying to do their jobs, making our communities safe and secure. Scotland is now a failed State, its Gulag leader Nicola Sturgeon has used the removal of failed asylum seekers to attack the UK government, not unexpected, but it shows the road that Scotland is travelling down, abandonment of rule of law. 

Anyway here is my deleted comments from the Herald website, I would imagine some trendy lefty after having read it, decided that the George Laird was unacceptable, but decided to promote the false concern of fake SNP politicians.  

"Part and parcel of being a politician is to respect the rule of law, clearly we have virtue signaling going on here with some politicians ,over the Home Office Staff doing their job. 

This is done so that the politicians can look good in the press, but by doing so, did they carry out a risk assessment on what their actions could potential cause in terms of harm to the officers doing their job? 

I personally doubt, it is far easier to just shout your mouth off and condemn, but what would have happened if the Pollokshields mob had turned ugly? Where would those politicians be then, remarkably unavailable for comment? Maybe a glib, oh this is terrible and they condemn all violence of any sort type of press release?   

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, if Scotland was independent would have an immigration system such as being currently used at present. Mind you, that being said, the system that the Nats use might and could in theory be different, it could be based on patronage, and big brown envelopes. 

Or maybe we could have a system where you buy your citizenship like a packet of cornflakes. Who knows Scotland could end up a 'world leader' in being the highway into England for those want to bypass the checks and balances of the UK system. Maybe we could setup a revolving door at any future border, which of course would eventually lead to a hard border.  

Sturgeon's judgment here undermines the rule of law, and respect for such law. Clearly, we have low calibre politicians in Scotland for the most part, but this little incident just shows why last week's election was an utter farce. Holyrood is a second rate parliament for mostly third rate politicians, some of whom can't see to budget! 

I supposed I could jump on the bandwagon, and be all super pc! 

Let's face it, it is the easy route when you are a member of political party. Just look at the sewerage pouring out a party leader's mouth and blindly follow the diktat. I find it hugely funny that some people who I regard as horrible people can get away with hoodwinking the gullible with their fake concern. Where was the concern for the homeless during the last 14 years? I will save anyone time who reads my comments and say there wasn't any, you see middle class politicians have no interest whatsoever in helping the poor and vulnerable.  I think it would be helpful if we all used the term 'reverse racism' to explain away the last 14 years of SNP misrule as regard helping the working class. 

I think the nonsense of today also shows that if politicians cannot respect the law, and play to the mob, then dawn raids should be the standard practice adopted. 

Finally, isn't it interesting that Sturgeon can find the time to condemn the Home Office Enforcement Agency which is run by Westminster? One might almost think, it is part of her grievance agenda to attempt to wrestle immigration controls from the UK." 

This country is fucked, all roads, mob rule, government incompetence, and grievanced used as tool of the governing party. Today's virtue signaling by party leaders was a disgrace, because the upshot is that they are by default saying that lawful authority rests with the mob. Later on this month, I may be picked to serve on a jury, so should I follow the 'fuck you' approach of the mob or should I follow the rule of law? 

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The 2021 Queen’s Speech, a Positive Step Forward: Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Government to bring forward legislation plans to change voting rules to introduce mandatory photographic ID in order to vote at polling stations, typically the usual suspects of the SNP and Scottish Greens wrongly condemn proposal as 'Tory suppression’, it seems that Nationalist have engaged mouth before brain, a new totally free photographic voter ID card will be made available for those who cannot afford it, it seems democracy has taken a positive step forward

Dear All 

Over many years, there has been voter fraud at elections, google is awash of stories of manipulation of the voting system. If you believe in democracy, then you must refuse to accept the premise put for by some that this isn't a problem. In a democracy, we must all be aware that some people are anti democratic, they will cheat the system for personal gain. I favour harsh measures against people who do this, and by that I do mean imprisonment. You see cheating at election has consequences for everyone because put people, corrupt people into power doesn't suddenly make them honest. Politics is a dirty business, it is a nasty business filled with despicable people who hide out in plain sight in front of you. The system is open to abuse, which is why I support any measure to make it more difficult for people to cheat. I am strongly in favour of mandatory photographic ID in order to cast your vote. Whether this is a passport or driving licence, or another form of ID such as an authorised ID secure travel card, I am really not bother. At present, you can turn up at a polling station, give your name and address, show no ID and vote. This is why we need a system of photographic ID to ensure integrity of the ballot. 

One of the other abuses which I would like to see ended is the issue of postal ballots, which are open to being manipulated, where someone 'collects' people votes and delivers them to the council. This leaves people in minority communities open to be pressurised into voting for a certain candidate. No one should get a postal vote unless there is a reason such as medical impairment or if they will be out of the country on the day of the ballot, and that should be verified by the source point where they bought tickets. I also favour mandatory voting in the UK. We get bad politicians because people experience apathy towards politics, some people said this Holyrood election had a high turn-out, but a substantial proportion of the electorate didn't vote. Although the SNP won most of the First Past The Post seats, they did so in many case by getting circa 30% of the eligible vote in a seat. They maybe be screaming "mandate for indyref 2" but there is just as big a mandate for apathy. Another way the voting system can be rigged is the government party using analysis to get voters who should be excluded from voting by changing the voting franchise. The SNP did this by allowing 16 year olds, some still at school and refugees to vote. Refugees are not citizens of the UK, and shouldn't be allowed voting rights until such time as they become British citizens. The usual response to this notion is that people scream racism, but doesn't anyone know what slur can be used against someone objecting to 16 year olds who in the main don't understand life or the consequences of voting in bad politicians? To them, its all a big game, to the rest of us, it leads to societal decline.  

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to announce his intention to make it mandatory to bring photographic ID to polling stations in order to vote. Already opposition parties such as the SNP are alarmed that anyone would favour a crack down on impersonation and fraudulent voting. Kirsten Oswald, the SNP’s deputy Westminster leader, said the move was “Trump-like” and an attempt to dissuade voters, particularly those form poorer backgrounds. Given there is a legal and a human right to vote, and that government must facilitate this, the onus would be on the government to supply a method. And that method would have to be cost neutral in order to comply with human rights. Your right to vote doesn't say bring ID, but human rights doesn't say people can take part in a free and fair election. The issuing therefore of a free government voter id card effectively takes away any object which the minor UK parties such as the SNP and the Scottish Greens may have. 

Oswald, who apparently lives in the expensive suburb of Newton Mearns, said: 

“Boris Johnson's Trump-like plans to disenfranchise thousands of voters across Scotland and the UK are an act of blatant Tory voter suppression - and must be stopped. There is a very real danger that many lower income, ethnic minority, and younger people will be prevented from voting to fix a problem that doesn't exist. These laws are designed to suppress votes among groups that traditionally vote against the Tories. It's a disgrace.” 

The fact is there is a problem of voter fraud by the public, but also there is an issue of voter fraud by people in political parties. In this case, I am not just talking about some random party member, I am talking about people who have been elected to political office such as Cllrs et al. Although Oswald, MP for East Renfrewshire, said the UK Government should “follow Scotland’s lead” by allowing 16-year-olds to vote as well as refugees and those foreign nationals who have leave to remain. She misses the fundamental point, but in reality she chooses to ignore using the discredited cost argument. The government can change the rules because they are the government, however, what they cannot do, and what they signed up for is Article 3, so why isn't the SNP MP using the Article 3 argument, elections must be free. Free doesn't just mean you can take part, it makes as I have mentioned cost neutral. This could be done by issuing a photographic NHS entitlement card. Basically the overwhelming number of the entire population is on the NHS network, there is a file on you with your complete medical history, every time you attended the Dr, hospital or NHS Clinic, it is all there. So, for the government to issue an NHS card with your picture onto an already established system would keep the costs to government low while solving a problem. 

Oswald added: 

“The SNP is clear - we will reject any such measures for Scottish elections. Instead of running scared of democracy and trying to curtail the voting rights of millions of people, the Tory government should follow Scotland's lead. The SNP government will continue to stand up and defend those who, time and again, are discriminated against by this UK Tory government. We will continue to be the voice for those who have none.” 

In the 2014 referendum, many people who avoid paying council tax suddenly showed back up on the system. Having spent years refusing to pay, these people were encouraged to vote having been granted immunity. Millions of pounds which should have been paid to councils to keep services running were never collected. So, what happened to these people who cheated the system after the vote in 2014? I would venture that they simply dropped back off the system and refused to pay their council tax. The people who live in flats as tenants, they didn't get that luxury, so basically we are looking at people in employment or who stay with others who hold democracy in contempt. They don't care about 'gaming' the council system which is another reason why this country is in such a mess. 

The Scottish Greens said Boris Johnson and the Conservatives seemed “desperate to stop people exercising their democratic right, as they have done with their attitude towards Scotland having a say over our future.” 

Patrick Harvie, the party’s co-leader, added: 

“The plans for voter ID is a blatant pitch for voter suppression among those who are more likely to vote this government out.” 

If there is an argument of being right or wrong, Patrick Harvie has a track record of mostly being on the wrong side. Wrong on Scottish independence, wrong on Brexit, wrong on Trump, wrong on the Gender Recognition Act, wrong on women's rights, you name it this odious wee character is the guy pissing into the wind. In this recent Scottish election, the Greens increased their number of seats at Holyrood. You could argue that the Scottish Greens aren't a Green Party, they spent their time it seems talking about independence, homosexual and trans rights, when they do talk about Green issues, it is almost worthy of a news programme on the fact they have actually talked about the environment . The Prime Minister's official spokesman said: 

"We think showing identification to vote is a reasonable approach to combat the inexcusable potential for voter fraud." 

He added that a free "local voter card" would be available to those who do not have other forms of ID. So, it seems that the Conservatives have actually worked the problem to stymie the objections from people like the SNP and Scottish Greens. You won't it seems have to get the free card, you could use your driving licence or current passport, so let's get this idea off the drawing board and into production. The issue of postal ballots should also be addressed because this is another area of concern. 

The PM's spokesperson also added: 

“Everyone wants to maintain the integrity of our democracy and this would bring us in line with not only Northern Ireland but countries such as Canada, many European countries including France, the Netherlands, Sweden – all require a form of identification to vote. ” 

Finally, altering voting franchises to "rig" the vote is and always will be unacceptable, it was a mistake to allow voting franchise to be devolved from Westminster, but the damage has been done. Those who were granted amnesty for not paying council tax are part of the reason why our democracy is failing in Scotland. People have to play by the rules, and these who game the system, who cheat the rest of society out of vital finance to run services, and in particular services for the  most vulnerable should be brought to book. It is laughable that SNP MP Kristen Oswald should say that Boris Johnson should “follow Scotland’s lead” when the SNP Government refused to chase after and recover public funds owed to it by individuals whose selfishness and greed is causing the breakdown of our society. Part of the Nolan Principles for conduct in public live is integrity, honesty and leadership, the leadership displayed none of those characteristics when those who cheated the system were allowed to vote. People have a duty to vote, I would still like to see voting made mandatory in the UK, it would force politicians to raise the game and put them under constant pressure to perform. And if everyone is forced to play by the rules, how can that not be democratic?

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University