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Holyrood 2021, the Dead Cat Bounce Election; Odious Nicola Sturgeon unveils her pathetic SNP manifesto commitment to Indyref2, lies for the gullible in a lukewarm election campaign, Prime Minister Boris Johnson isn't granted Sturgeon a Section 30 order, the real question that voters may end up asking, is there really an election on, and does it really matter at Holyrood when no one will commit to change the same rotten structure that party leaders make a comfortable living from?

Dear All 

It's lying time again, it's false promise time again, it is the SNP Manifesto launch! 

Aside from the usual SNP drivel, the main lie fed to gullible Scottish people is SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon saying that a second independence referendum could be held in the next parliamentary term. Sturgeon is making promises that she cannot keep, neither legally or morally. If Sturgeon has a mission, it is to destroy the infrastructure of Scotland, destroy the educational life chances of kids, and destroy the social fabric of our society with identity politics. 

Under Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland is a failed State, it is a divided country with the worst aspects of a banana republic. Education is destroyed, health care is restricted, law and order administered by the Crown Office is compromised. The signs of infrastructural decline are all around you, you can probably walk less than 100 yards from your house and see them. Do you live in pothole Glasgow Central, do you live in fly tipping Govanhill, do you live in Dogshit on the pavement Craigton? Since 2012, the SNP have treated Government as a part time job, and as an SNP proxy campaigning vehicle, and that doesn't take into the account the monstrous misuse of public money on failed projects. It seems everything that Nicola Sturgeon touches she fucks it up massively, Ferries, Steel, Airports, and saving companies makes no difference, all doomed, all liabilities!   

In this election, yet again, Nicola Sturgeon wants you to fail to understand how Government works. Nicola Sturgeon is not the leader of Scotland, Boris Johnson is the leader of Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon is the leader of devolved services within a UK structure, she may think she answers to no one, but in fact she answers to the UK Government and to UK institutions such as the Supreme Court. Sturgeon is someone on a legal leash, although she can get to make decisions by herself, those decisions can be challenged. In order for Sturgeon to have a second Scottish referendum, she needs a Section 30 order by the Westminster Government. Boris Johnson has repeatedly among others in his Cabinet said, this order will not be granted. To have a Manifesto promising something she cannot deliver is incredibly disingenuous, because it shows contempt for the democratic process and the people of Scotland. Therefore Nicola Sturgeon is lying, deceiving and conning people that if they vote the SNP back into Government that they can get Boris Johnson to just give her one. 

Boris Johnson will not give Nicola Sturgeon a Section 30 order in the lifetime of this parliament, and I would put money on him if he is PM post 2024, not granting a Section 30 order in the next Westminster Parliament. As I said back during indyref one, the boat has sailed on Scottish independence. Just as the SNP lied through their teeth about protecting people's rights and benefits, they are lying through their teeth now in order to win an election. So, you may ask, if the SNP cannot be trusted and are liars, why can't the opposition parties beat them at the ballot box? The answer to that is because the opposition is weak, and has a track record of being disengaged. What major private members Bills did the opposition bring forward in this parliament? The opposition don't act like various governments in waiting, they act like hostages on the list system. The party leader are unwilling to build up their parties because that could in theory be a catalyst for internal leadership changes. 

If you look at polling from various polling companies over the last month, you will see the leaders debates, policy announcements, and various press releases have to sum up done nothing to sway the voters. The latest panel base polling on the regional vote of 12/4/2021 falls within the margin of error. One thing to note is any single polling cannot be used to paint a picture, but it can perk an interest. The SNP has dropped regional votes, and it seems that Alba is the people who have benefited, but will that trend continue, clearly Alex Salmond wants SNP regional votes, and maybe his plan is working, to make a breakthrough, he needs 6%. If he does hold or go further, he and his party get a good number of seats, who knows he could rival the Scottish Greens who sit on 9%. For those parties such as the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour whose leaders say they want to be the next First Minister, latest polling isn't much of a comfort. Scottish Labour on the regional vote is down to 17%, in the constituency vote, they are at 20%. In Glasgow, this would mean that the SNP would win all constituency seats, and if Alba picks up, they could take a single list seat, the question is who loses out? The obvious answer would be Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie, but Alba needs a huge push to shift him. If the Labour vote keeps dropping, maybe they lose a seat list MSP, in 2016, Scottish Labour had 23.8% of the regional vote in Glasgow. The latest polling is bad news for them putting them on 17%. If polling holds up, Scottish Labour will retain their 3rd place in the Scottish Parliament. The honeymoon period normally extended to a new leader in this case, Anas Sarwar will be rather short lived. 

You see London Labour cannot be the UK Government unless they win back Scotland! 

Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar has effectively 20 campaigning days to change the fortunes of Scottish Labour. This election which he is putting all his political capital into as the new kid on the block with all the answers, isn't so far working out. You get a feel of what is termed the dead cat bounce, people are doing things in Labour as 'cogs' without being informed what the 'big picture is'. You may have heard of the dead cat bounce phrase before, it is used in finance, a dead cat bounce is a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock. Derived from the idea that "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height". The phrase, which originated on Wall Street, is also popularly applied to any case where a subject experiences a brief resurgence during or following a severe decline. Funny enough Anas Sarwar used that today, when he talked about the party under his leadership has went from 14% to 17%. The Scottish Labour Party operation is broken, there isn't an acknowledgment of that within its leadership or the ambition to change from a failed model. It isn't just the campaigning model it is broken, it's the entire operation which should be subject to review. I am sure that Sarwar's colleagues in London will be looking at the Scottish election results, and asking themselves come 2024, can the Scottish Westminster election operation be left to him? If it hasn't started already, I would expect to see Sarwar allies take to social media to blame former leader Richard Leonard, this might make them feel good, but Leonard only inherited a broken party from right wing leaders. Interestingly enough, in a BBC article, it seems Anas has already started with his excuses by saying: 

"I am being honest in saying I don't think I can turn around the decline of the Labour Party in Scotland for the last 20 years in 10 weeks. I can reverse the decline and want us to start rebuilding the Labour Party. I want to give the people of Scotland the Labour Party they deserve."

For years, nearly a decade I wrote about the Labour Party needing fixed, no one was listening then, is  anyone listening now? 

If we get back to Sturgeon, she said a second independence referendum should be held in the next parliamentary term. The word you are looking for here is 'should', I should be a millionaire, but I am not, I should be taller but I am not, should doesn't mean anything in the context of her sentence. At present, Sturgeon is able to hide in plain sight using Covid as cover, if restrictions are gone, her power takes a hit, which is why she isn't proposing holding another vote "while we are still grappling with the Covid crisis". In the age old question, how long is a piece of string, in her case, she wants to make it elastic. Covid gone means her record falls under the spotlight, her next rock to hide under is Covid recovery, which give the SNP distain of helping business is something she will want to drag out. Sturgeon says indyref 2 should take place when the crisis has passed. During this time, and in the aftermath, she will be attacking the UK Conservative Government, specifically Boris Johnson. Laughingly, she says that there will be no "democratic, electoral or moral justification" for Boris Johnson to block a referendum if there is a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament. 

Well, there is, and it is a bigger majority, the Scottish people in 2014 voted to remain in the UK, this is the "democratic, electoral or moral justification", it is all he needs. In order to get elected, Sturgeon is throwing UK taxpayer's cash around like confetti, she committed to freezing income tax rates, and abolishing all NHS dentistry charges if she is re-elected. Sturgeon is effectively buying her way back into power, and then claiming people's votes are a mandate for a referendum. There are people who will vote for freezing income tax rates and for abolishing all NHS dentistry charges, it is called self interest, it is a powerful motivation. 

Finally, leaving aside the indyref issue, there isn't any big ideas from any party to change Scotland. This is a missed opportunity, there are people offering bribes, but no one is offering to change structures. No one is advocating changing the status quo of misery and discrimination. No one is proposing new rights for the majority, no one is proposing ending educational discrimination of the poor in any real sense. No one is proposing fixing the Crown Office. There is nothing on increasing social mobility, nothing on hold people to account for care home deaths etc. In fact, if Holyrood was a council hoose, the real debate is who should be the new tenants running and living in the same rotten structure? Did anyone say they are going to change the voting system to remove the anti-democratic list system? Did anyone from the main parties even propose changing the list system so a person is ineligible after two consecutive terms? Did anyone come up with anything other than election bribes? You might be forgiven for asking, is there an election on, and does it really matter at Holyrood?

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Insignificant Small Man of SNP Politics: Full of Bluster, Full of Hate, SNP Westminster leader, Ian Blackford screams ‘We’ll see you in court’ at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's over the SNP Government two incompetent Holyrood Bills, amusingly Blackford demands withdrawal of the ‘morally repugnant’ legal challenge to the UK Supreme Court, the UK Government response is, 'We'll see you there too', SNP Westminster leader will need grab a baby box, he is going to have need a disposable nappy when the verdict comes in against Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP Failed State Government

Dear All 

In order to stay in power, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are doing two things, one, they need to bribe the voters using UK taxpayers' cash, and secondly, they need to lie, lie, lie, and use their grievance mode. The latest made up, self generated grievance depending on what day and time it is, appears to be the meaningless allegation of Ian Blackford accusing Boris Johnson's government of “robbing children of their rights in Scotland”. No child in Scotland has been robbed of their rights by the UK Government. What is actually going on is the SNP are trying to legislate further than they are legally allowed to do so. The UK Government has concerns that the legislation could place obligations on them, and is out with the competence of Holyrood’s devolved powers. 

In a nutshell, Holyrood cannot legislate to tell Westminster what to do. The fact the UK Government is raising this, done through government channels, and now it seems legally, should have flagged up to the SNP, this is a fight they cannot win. This minor little episode, and that is what it is, is useful, useful in that it shows that the SNP is willing to use the Scottish Government as a campaigning tool. The Scottish Civil Service is used as de facto SNP employees, seconded to party campaigning. The Civil Service in Scotland is compromised because the UK didn't step in when the service was being hijacked. 

If you have ever watched the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford in the House of Commons, you will have seen him on countless occasions making an utter fool of himself. If the UK Government does go to Court, then this will be another incident where Blackford ends up looking stupid. Insofar as my understanding the Conservatives at Westminster are said to be delighted to have such 'easy meat' in the Chamber, and I suspect they laugh just as much at Blackford in the Chamber as well as out of it. Blackford is a buffoon, a nasty little man who won his seat when the SNP bullied Charles Kennedy to death. Charles Kennedy, the former Lib Dem leader was a well respected politician in the House of Commons, liked by all parties. 

Blackford likes to get on his 'high horse' and posture, so it isn't surprising that he has condemned Boris Johnson for what Blackford enthusiastically describes as Boris Johnson's ‘morally repugnant’ legal challenge against the Scottish Government. In an utterly forgettable speech (if you can call it that) Blackford called on the Prime Minister to withdraw the challenges. This all started when MSPs unanimously approved bills relating to children’s rights and local government last month. The SNP are desperate to try and unite all the Holyrood parties behind any issue with them fronting themselves as 'leaders'. Whether Holyrood Bills are passed by one or passed unanimously is irrelevant, what is important is that those Bills are competent and stay within the devolved settlement. The SNP Government and Parliament needs closed down, in fact there is an argument that these corrupted institutions are merely bases, twin HQ's for ethnic hatred of the English, that would be the 'bad' English who don't support the SNP or independence. 

Scotland's modern day Reichstag! 

So, what is going to happen when the two disputed SNP Bills are referred to the UK Supreme Court for judgment? The first thing which the SNP will not like, is that they cannot rig the court, secondly they cannot use lies, deception and spin. This case would be fought entirely on legal and technical grounds. You can see why Blackford despite his overt bluster is demanding that the UK Government legal challenge is removed, he knows deep down that the SNP Government is going to lose. The case before the UK Supreme Court won't be abandoned, it's too late for that, the wheels have been set in motion. In what must be the weakest justification ever, Blackford said: 

“We have an SNP Scottish government delivering the baby box, doubling the Scottish child payment and providing free school meals to every primary school child. At the same time this Tory government is robbing children of their rights in Scotland, quite simply, Mr Speaker. The SNP Scottish Government has, and will continue to work to ensure Scotland is the best place for a child to grow up. This legal challenge threatens that. It is wrong and it is morally repugnant Prime Minister. Will the Prime Minister committed to withdrawing his legal challenge today? If not, we'll see you in court.” 

So, where to start with Blackford's rant, I guess, the baby box, this idea that getting a box with nappies, and few other bits and pieces was cringe politics, for a full list of what you get, I found a link. Do you know anyone who puts a child to sleep in a box instead of the safety of a crib? Would you leave a baby in a box on a floor? Not only does cold air travels across a floor, it is the place where dirt and dust falls, how smart is that? Of course you wouldn't, neither would you place a baby box on a chest of drawers or a seat where there is a possibility of the baby box being unstable or the baby falling out of it and dropping at height. The baby box is a stupid idea in the extreme, made to make Nicola Sturgeon look good in her self-confessed role as 'Chief Mammy'. The idea of the baby box as an idea shows her to be a 'bad mammy', in fact you could argue she has no understanding of practicalities of motherhood at all, or risk assessment. 

The Scottish Child Payment is a new benefit, which is unique to Scotland, will give qualifying parents and carers £40 every four weeks for each child under six, note the words, "qualifying parents and carers". The 'here's a tenner' scheme is just a cheap gimmick with a short life span, do poor children after 6 years old suddenly don't need help? Although free school meals to every primary school child sounds very egalitarian, this means rich kids get to eat for free, which ultimately means that there are fewer resources for poorer kids. It is nothing to do with being egalitarian more to do with buying votes by the SNP. The SNP cannot generate loyalty, so they use UK taxpayer cash to stay in power by hoarding it till election time. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson fired back a salvo when he said that the best thing the SNP could do for children is to “improve their shameful record on education and tackle the issues that matter to the people of Scotland”. Scotland's poorer children have been failed education and socially, just  as they are at the bottom starting off at primary school, this continues right up the educational ladder, through secondary school, at College and at University. They leave education to find out due to their social status, they are starting, yet again, at the bottom of another ladder, this time the employment ladder. Scotland under the SNP has produced a generations of failed kids educationally. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson added other issues that the SNP Government could take up would be:

“To tackle the tax regime that they put in place, to do better on fighting crime and drug addiction in Scotland. They should be looking at the issues that really matter, in my view, to the people of Scotland, and instead they're going into the elections next month yet again on a campaign to break up this country. That's all they can think of, break up this country, call for a referendum, break up this country, destroy our country, and call a referendum in a way that I think is completely irresponsible at a very difficult time, where we want to bounce back stronger together.” 

Having booked a place at the UK Supreme Court, it seems the SNP now have a reluctance to go there, because their track record there is appallingly bad. I cannot think of an issue which they have ever won, because if they had, the SNP would never have let anyone ever forget it about, stories would be told, and retold of this nationally and in the press for all time. The most notably case for me that the SNP lost was 'the Cadder Case', this involved the reinstatement of human rights denial by the Crown Office. The Crown Office which is now seen as corrupt and compromised under Nicola Sturgeon was stripping accused persons of human rights and replacing them with their set of rules as 'protection'. In fact, on Newsnight, an SNP supporting stooge, Paul McBride was sent in to defend it, which I found remarkable how anyone could argue that 'black was white'. That case was clearly a loser but the SNP fought it anyway when forced to the UK Supreme Court, even a first year law student could have won it against the SNP Government. Human Rights cannot be removed unless a criteria such as national security trumps it. I blogged on the Cadder case way back on the 27th October 2010, and how wrong the SNP were for doing what they did. 

We don't give people human rights because we like them, we give them human rights because that is what they are legally entitled too. I would suspect that prior to going to the UK Supreme Court that the UK Government's lawyers have nailed down their legal arguments like someone nailing down a squeaky floorboard. The UK Government has joined a fight the SNP has already started, and yet again, the SNP will lose. 

In what must be flung back in Blackford's face post verdict, he had earlier said at Prime Minister's Questions: 

“We'll see you in court.” 

I can think of no one better to get under the skin of the SNP than Jacob Rees Mogg, he needs to mention to Blackford: 

“Did you enjoy your day out at Court, did you attend, if not, please let me remind you of the UK Supreme Court verdict, you lost.”

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The 'Proxy War' for the Heart and Soul of the independence Movement, the Alba Party is attacked by generously SNP Government funded LGBT charity Stonewall Scotland, previously Alba leader Alex Salmond was targeted by another generously SNP Government funded organisation, is there a pattern emerging, why should Alba candidate Margaret Lynch formally apologise and retract her 'age of consent' claims made at Alba's women's conference, if her remarks were “based on fact”, where exactly would a reasonable person say she lied, the umbrella organisation exists, the declaration for "Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy" exists and Stonewall Scotland is a member of the umbrella organisation

Dear All 

In politics, it is only natural that new parties when they emerge to break the old cartel are attacked in the most vicious way. How to you attack a new party, well the current thinking is to 'label' them, run a smear operation using what is termed standard denigrating terms such as 'homophobic', 'racist', 'misogynic', 'fascist', Neo Fascist' and the new one is 'transphobic'. Labels are used as a negative instrument to denounce something, a party or someone without the need for reasoning. Using this smear technique the lazy rhetoric does away with the need for analysis and scrutiny, reasoned critique of pros and cons. An idea, a policy or a person is automatically found guilty directly or by association and must be rejected and discarded. The use of cheap labels has shut down wider debate and helped turn a broad church politics to little more than narrow factionalism. This technique is all about control of power or gaining control of power. At the same type you are being attacked by smearing, this is usually followed up by 'gaslighting'. Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves. 

In this type of psychological warfare, the smearers don't want to get involved in justifying their arguments, they want to publicly throw mud to destroy their target. 

The emergence of the Alba Party was noticeable by the smearing of Alex Salmond by Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP and the press who despite not having the benefit of a guilty verdict, have engaged in casting doubt on the Salmond criminal trial verdict. Salmond's party was also immediately attacked, by all of the above, and also by many of the SNP lgbt section, it was like someone had 'set the dogs off the leash'. One way of using the smear campaign to greater effect is to involve a third party such as a charity, in the Salmond case, Rape Crisis Scotland was the vehicle used to attack him. Alex Salmond was found to be innocent, cleared by a jury of his peers who were mostly female. In Scotland, those who operate middle class charities seem to favour the notion that allegation equals guilt. Because of this type of behaviour, many injustices have taken place in Scotland. Scotland is a corrupt country and a failed State.  

There is a pattern in Scottish politics, which I want to draw to your attention, where 'dirty work' is farmed out to others. This is seen by them as strategically and cost effective because the bigger the numbers of known people and organisations 'roped in' doing the smearing the better chance the Scottish public will believe it. The same lie must be constantly repeated by many different sources for doubt to be raised, followed by disinterest in facts, and ultimately not willing to give someone or group a hearing. Smearing is about destroying people, I was a victim as many people know which ended up in a court case. 

For years, I have highlighted the four main groups that make up the Scottish National Party, these are lgbt, Muslim, Sein Fein lite and the rich. The group which controls the SNP is the lgbt, they are party staffers, committee members, MPs, MSPs, Cllrs, MP and MSP staffers and have formed various little groupings in the party. There are many of these people who make a living out of the current political setup, but more than that they use their identity politics to push their agenda. How does the SNP lgbt wing push their agenda in the SNP, they do so by being very close to the leader, Nicola Sturgeon. In return the SNP lgbt are Sturgeon's praetorian guard attacking anyone who threatens her leadership or power. Under Nicola Sturgeon, her government generously funds many lgbt charities, the Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland, Stonewall Scotland, HIV Scotland, LGBT Health and Wellbeing and the Scottish Transgender Alliance. If you want to see a fuller extent of groups someone of whom either directly or indirectly access taxpayer's cash either from the Scottish Government, Scottish Councils or NGO's then click on this link, the Equality Network is a good resource. 

If you wish to know where millions and millions of taxpayers' money goes then the drop down menu on the Equality Network will address that issue for you.  

In order to understand what goes on in Scottish politics, you have to look beyond the issues, and research the background, so when you see someone or organisation being attacked or labeled or smeared, you have to ask the questions. Who are these people, and why are they doing this? In earlier posts, I highlighted about the 'sexualisation of children' by the Scottish National Party, in order for the SNP Government to sell sexualisation, they used what I termed, 'the enlightened heterosexual'. In this case, this was the Deputy First Minister and Education Minister John Swinney. Swinney was the 'front man', the use of the front man is well known in acts of deception, the deception in this case, was sexualisation of children under the guise of education. There is a video by the Scottish Family Party which I have stuck on this post, I draw your attention how John Swinney is shielded from questions. At around 2.37 into the video, Swinney says about promoting the sexualisation material that "there is enough parliamentary pressure on me to ensure that is the case". 

There you have SNP Minister John Swinney essential admitting he is a 'front man', so who is he a front man for? Is there a vast grouping of heterosexuals at Holyrood demanding that young male children learn about anal sex? The sexualisation programme isn't just limited to male children, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP want to sexualise your 'little princess', you sent them to school to read, write and get educated, instead their valuable class time is wasted on sexualisation and the justifcation for doing it. To access university and college, you need excellent grades, what you don't need is a certificate that you attended a simulated dick sucking class using a banana and a tub of nutella. To explain the 'tools', basically, the banana represents an erect penis, the tub of nutella represents an anal passage, and the nutella represents shite. The sexualisation of children doesn't just stop with lgbt sexuality being taught, it doesn't stop with a banana and Nutella, they are just props, it goes further with bring Drag Queens into primary school as the infamous Flow job incident. 

SNP MP Mhairi Black  controversial trip to a primary school with an X-rated drag act also raised doubts about her judgment when she flanking “FlowJob” to read an LGBT awareness story to kids as young as five. After that outrage, condemned by many, Black it is alleged also accused worried parents of “homophobia”.  From one error of bad judgment, Black escalated it to several, it was said that in the post aftermath of what she had done, SNP MPs clashed at a “shouty and sweary” Westminster group meeting in the aftermath of the revelation. What was there to be “shouty and sweary” about, well I would suggest plenty, Mhairi Black is a lesbian, her first Drag Queen visit to a primary school was also her last. I would suggest worried parents won the day on that child protection issue. 

Holyrood 2021 is an odd election, it is polarised not as 'left vs right' but as Nationalists Vs pro UK. In the Nationalist community, there is also polarisation as well, between heterosexual and homosexual being played out. The SNP and the Scottish Greens under the leaderships of Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, are seen as the parties for homosexuals and trans people. The lgbt influence in those parties goes well beyond the statistical norms in terms of representation. The SNP and the Scottish Greens are what I would term as "woke parties", this just means that they are bigoted but too dumb to realize it. An example of the woke was recently displayed by Scottish Green leader Patrick Harvie over the death of Prince Philip. Patrick Harvie was condemned by many, watch his speech at Holyrood, if there is an argument, Harvie is on the wrong side, if there is a mood, he doesn't recognise it, he is truly an odious little man with a big chip on his shoulder. Sadly, due to the list system having no rejection mechanism for the public, like a limpet, the Scottish public cannot get rid of him from public office. The only way to successfully get rid of him would be if Alba candidates took list seats in Glasgow. 

The Alba Party is looking at a different section of the voting public, they want the women's vote. So, how is the Alba Party going to get the women's vote, well recently an Alba Candidate Margaret Lynch told an online women's conference that proponents of "queer theory" wanted to lower the sexual consent age to 10. Now, one thing about women who have kids is their absolute hostility to anyone or organisation that they perceive is a threat to them. There are several things in politics which are considered off limits, one of them is 'don't fuck with people's kids'. I assume that concept fuelled the argument when Mhairi Black faced a “shouty and sweary” Westminster group meeting after the Flow job incident. Since Alba Candidate Margaret Lynch made her statement, the UK's largest lgbt charity, Stonewall has demanded an Alba candidate retract what they say is a "dangerous and misleading" statement over. As well as her 'age of consent' controversial remarks, Ms Lynch also criticised the funding of Stonewall and LGBT Youth Scotland by the Scottish Government. 

Since Ms. Lynch mentioned LGBT Youth Scotland, you may remember their employee James Rennie, Rennie was the chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland who was one of the ringleaders of Scotland's biggest paedophile network. Rennie is sentenced to serve a life sentence back in 2009 for sexually assaulting a three-month-old and for conspiring to get access to children in order to abuse them. Rennie's co-accused was Neil Strachan, had attempted to sodomise one 18-month-old boy on New Year's eve, taking a photograph known as the "Hogmanay image". 

Another chief executive of an lgbt charity, HIV Scotland which you may have read about recently was Nathan Sparling who is close to SNP MSPs, SNP MPs and even worked for a SNP Government Minister. Sparling was said to be a former personal assistant to the party’s former Westminster leader Angus Robertson. The charge against Sparling is that is accused of taking a photograph of a man’s penis in his Edinburgh flat on September 30, 2019. Sparling is pleading not guilty according to press reports.  

In a statement over the remarks made by Alba Candidate Margaret Lynch, Stonewall chief executive Nancy Kelley, and the Stonewall Scotland director Colin McFarlane said they were "appalled" by Ms Lynch's remarks. They also said she is "repeating deeply harmful myths about LGBT+ people as paedophiles and sexual predators." Clearly the majority of lgbt people aren't paedophiles and sexual predators, and I don't think Alba candidate Margaret lynch said or implied that either. So, why are Nancy Kelley and Colin McFarlane demanding an apology? 

What exactly is she to apologise for? 

Either the statements she made are true or they are false. Her basic claim appears to be that the SNP are indeed paying lobby groups with your money to try to reduce the age of consent in Scotland to 10. The premise for this statement can be found contained within a document called Feminist declaration on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women.  

The relevant article from the iwhc feminist declaration states:

"Eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy,
gender affirmation, abortion, HIV transmission non-disclosure and exposure,
or that limit the exercise of bodily autonomy, including laws limiting legal
capacity of adolescents, people with disabilities or other groups to provide
consent to sex or sexual and reproductive health services or laws authorizing
non-consensual abortion, sterilization, or contraceptive use;

End the criminalization and stigmatization of adolescents' sexuality, and
ensure and promote a positive approach to young people's and adolescents'
sexuality that enables, recognizes, and respects their agency to make
informed and independent decisions on matters concerning their bodily
autonomy, pleasure and fundamental freedoms". 

The World Health Organisations' definition classes an adolescent as someone aged 10-19. 

The document came from ILGA World, the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association. If you take the time to read Wings over Scotland articles, he has a picture from the ILGA website which lists Stonewall Scotland and LGBT Youth Scotland as members. 

Stonewall published a statement: 

"We are appalled by the baseless and offensive accusations made by Alba parliamentary candidate Margaret Lynch on Saturday. What she said was not only untrue, but it was also a wilful, bad faith interpretation made for the sole purpose of trying to smear LGBT+ organisations. Her allegations have been refuted in the strongest terms by ILGA World." 

They added:  

"In making these accusations, she is repeating deeply harmful myths about LGBT+ people as paedophiles and sexual predators. It’s the oldest trick in the homophobic book of lies. This kind of language has a long, dark history of being used to paint us threats to children and stop us from being treated as equal citizens. These myths are used to bully, intimidate and silence LGBT+ people. We will not stand for this. Her comments have been deeply upsetting for LGBT+ people in Scotland and beyond. These falsehoods and those who recycle them and amplify them place our staff and our community in danger. They have no place in public life, or anywhere else in society." 

"We call on Margaret Lynch to retract her false accusation and apologise. We are carefully considering our next steps.  If you have any information that could help us consider our next steps, please get in touch. This is about the sort of country we want to live in, and whether we want to live in a country where decency and truth matter. We call on all Scotland’s political leaders to condemn this behaviour and stand in solidarity with LGBT+ communities."  

The Alba party has been challenged over the comments, but continued to support Ms Lynch as a candidate. 

Their argument is that, they say her remarks are “based on fact” and urged Stonewall to clarify its position on the age of consent. If you are part of an umbrella group which has produced a document calling for the end the criminalisation and stigmatization of adolescents' sexuality, you should expect to be challenged. People see adolescents as being between 10 to 19 years old. If you end criminalisation then is it a surprise that people would think a 19 year old could legally groom a 10 year old and sodomize them? Will Stonewall take the Alba Party candidate Margaret Lynch to court, personally I doubt it, and if so what is their case? Would a reasonable person reading the section on "eliminate all laws and policies that punish or criminalize same-sex intimacy" and "end the criminalization and stigmatization of adolescents' sexuality" support Margaret lynch's view? I would suggest that Stonewall will not be taking anyone to court, the explanations put forward so far covered on Wings over Scotland are just a pile of shite.   

This part of the Wings post sums up matters.  

"All that’s required to definitively clear up the matter is for a journalist to ask the organisations who’ve signed the declaration to give a simple and direct answer to this question, which is entirely quoted from it:  

"Do you or do you not wish to eliminate all laws and policies which limit the legal capacity of adolescents to consent to sex?" 

(To which the obvious follow-up, were they to answer “No”, would be “Then why have you signed up to a document that says you do?”)" 

Finally, surely the best way to resolve this matter would be for Stonewall Scotland and the LGBT Youth Scotland to withdraw their membership of ILGA, or get ILGA to withdraw its signature from the Declaration. If they don't do this, can they really expect people to not form the opinions that "the SNP are indeed paying lobby groups with your money to try to reduce the age of consent in Scotland to 10?" 

So far, it seems both Scottish lgbt organisations haven't withdrawn from membership of ILGA, haven't denounced the Declaration. It also seems there are convoluted explanations of what the word  "adolescent" means on social media. In a fast moving world, people aren't really interested in convoluted explanations, when they aren't hearing what they think they should be hearing. I think people are sick and tired of people telling them that they cannot read English properly, in fact, I suspect that many ordinary people would be inclined to tell them, 'just get yourself to fuck'.

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Securing the Holyrood Hostages, Scottish Parliament Election 2021 latest Ipsos MORI poll puts SNP on course for Holyrood majority, pro UK party leaders are looking increasingly likely to be all 'list' MSPs at Scotland's 'Hanoi Hilton' in Edinburgh, one person desperate to secure a place 'behind the wire' is Alex Salmond from the Alba Party, latest polling yet again shows that pro UK parties need to step up, the Holyrood voting system is broken, and needs replaced, each MSP should have a constituency made up of two wards, lack of reform makes elections less competitive

Dear All 

It is pretty obviously what Alex Salmond, the leader of the Alba Party is doing in this election. Salmond wants people who support independence and normally vote SNP to switch using the list system. His rationale is that SNP list votes are wasted votes, but this is based on an old 5 year old election of 2016. As we know people can switch their vote and also decide not to vote. Nicola Sturgeon's party is seen as crooked and corrupt, more and more evidence is coming out regarding that. In election time, all news isn't good news, and if the SNP constituency vote is pressurised, then Sturgeon may have need of list seats in a region as a backup. 

In areas were the SNP is strongest, the central belt, it is doubtful that there will be much change. There hasn't been a massive defining issue so far in this election which has broken through to collapse the SNP vote. But that doesn't mean the SNP aren't worried, regardless of worried or not, they don't want any party, whether Alba or Scottish Greens to get independence minded voters. Alex Salmond's target voter cache is pretty much exclusively SNP voters! 

In 2014, the SNP lost the Scottish independence, in a backlash, people voted SNP which gave them 56 seats at the 2015 Westminster election. Have you see an issue or a set of circumstances which so far which will have the effect of collapsing the SNP vote? Have you seen a backlash so far which will cause people to come and vote for pro UK parties? In order to pick off SNP MSPs in a constituency, you need a sole pro UK candidate. Although George Galloway and his All for Unity have been accused of trying to spilt the vote, the same allegation applies to all the pro UK parties. Pro UK parties are standing candidates in areas where they have no chance of winning. 

Let's take Glasgow Pollok, the Scottish Conservatives are standing a person called Sandesh Gulhane as their candidate. Sandesh is a smart guy, he is qualified as a medical doctor, but in Glasgow Pollok, he is a paper candidate. Worse than that, he is a paper candidate who can been seen campaigning in other areas of Glasgow. Just recently, he was campaigning in Carntyne and in Anniesland, Glasgow.  If he was just an activist, you wouldn't think twice about it, but he is a candidate in Glasgow Pollok. The point is, Sandesh Gulhane wouldn't win the seat he is standing in, but those conservatives voters could help the main opposition, Scottish Labour win the seat. 

If a single pro UK candidate stood in Glasgow Pollok, the odds for SNP MSP Humza Yousaf go down drastically. 

You may find if you look at Scottish Conservatives on Twitter, that Sandesh will also be in Newton Mearns at some point. The Scottish Conservatives just like other parties sometimes put paper candidate in an area where they know they have no hope of winning. This is to do with marketing, and saying that no area is a no go area for a party, it isn't to do with winning or unseating an incumbent. In order to win a seat, a political party must do and be serious about  long campaigning coupled with using their elected Councillors as first contact. If you cannot get name recognition of your Councillor in an area, then you are doing something seriously wrong. That is the springboard for launching successful challenges in Holyrood and Westminster elections. 

To return to nationalist politics, despite the pledges of running a 'good' campaign for a #supermajority, the Alba Party just like the SNP are locked in desperate fight for independence voters. The SNP needs to continual to spin the lie that they are campaigning for independence, when in fact they have done nothing for 5 years. In 5 years, the SNP independence campaigning could best be described as a few idiots, like Mhairi Black, Pete Wishart, Keith Brown and other related donkeys turning up at AUOB marches and standing at the front of the march. So, the SNP haven't been campaigning, and haven't been doing government well, so what have they been doing? They have been involved in identity politics, specifically the sexualisation of children in school, and the promotion of lgbt issues.


As Scotland goes further into decline, the SNP has created lost generations of kids in the education system. Eventually, those lost kids who grow to be adults and have no careers and jobs will be looking to blame someone, they will blame the SNP. The SNP work at causing division and hatred, but in building hate, they will realise a monster which will turn on them down the line. Nicola Sturgeon has made Scotland into a failed State, not just in  atangible sense by making really bad financial choices, like those two rusting ferry hulks, or buying a failing airport. Sturgeon is merging government, parliament and the Crown Office together so they cease to function independently. Its history repeating itself, you had the Blair years of 'sofa government' where the nation is not run by a Cabinet but run by the leader and the special advisors. Sofa government doesn't work in the long term. 

Alex Salmond in this election wants revenge, and why not, the SNP and their servant class tried to stitch him up, then they tried to jail him for multiple sexual offences. He was found to be innocent, and well we all know the bad blood since the criminal trial. Salmond has been the victim of an ongoing smear campaign, orchestrated behind the scene using SNP proxies, like Rape Crisis Scotland. And of course by Nicola Sturgeon who joined in herself questioning his suitability to return to public office. Apparently despite being cleared in a court of law isn't good enough for Nicola Sturgeon. Salmond is playing a clever game, he isn't going to fight her on her ground over the alleged sexual allegations. Salmond knows how to play the game, he is moving onto his ground where Sturgeon is weakness. And that is accusing  Nicola Sturgeon of failing to press forward the case for Scottish independence. This is the perfect vehicle for Alex Salmond. He wants to take away and win over independence voters, and importantly keep them from the SNP. You see, if you pay attention, you know Salmond cannot take out Sturgeon in this election, but he can lay the ground work for next year's council elections and the main event, 2024, the Westminster election. I would put a small wager on Salmond standing Westminster candidates in every single constituency in Scotland. 

Of course, Salmond has a mountain to climb personally, a new poll put his approval rating at -55%, given the media is shutting avenues for him to get election coverage, this is to be expected. Much like other parties in this election, the very latest polling doesn't look good for the Alba Party. Salmond's party is the new kid on the block, he needs a boost, but being denied access to the leaders debates, he will struggle. Ipsos MORI’s Scottish Political Monitor, run in partnership with STV News, found that 53 per cent of Scots planned to vote for Nicola Sturgeon’s party on the constituency ballot. The survey, conducted between March 29 and April 4, showed the Scottish Conservatives in a distant second place in the constituency race. Part of the rest for this is a shortage of activists and an aggressive policy agenda,  they are down three points to 20 per cent. Scottish Labour gained three points, sitting on 18 per cent, let's face it, that doesn't translate to a Sarwar bounce. 

You can see now why Alex Salmond is attacking Sturgeon on independence, he has to erode her support. The pro UK party news is as equally depressing, the Scottish Conservatives will have a job hanging onto be the official opposition, and Scottish Labour sitting on 18 per cent that is just pretty awful. There will further polling which will come thick and fast, but over the long term, there is a message for all the political parties. Failing to have a single pro UK candidate in a constituency means losing all round to the SNP because we are living in a polarised political situation. In order to remove the SNP, you would need several elections of a single pro UK candidate at both Westminster and Holyrood elections, and you would need a pro UK Holyrood government to dramatically change the lives of Scots for the better.  

People vote for the SNP for numerous reasons, some because they believe in independence, some because they are part of the identity culture politics, and some people because of the SNP election bribes. There is one group which stands above all else, do you know how that happy bunch of campers are? This single group is the disaffected former Labour voters who changed to SNP because they were repeated failed by Scottish Labour Party elected politicians. These were the middle class people who when they were MPs and MSPs, failed to serve the communities they were elected too. The working class  people got so fuck off with them, that they threw them out of office, and replaced with trash from the SNP. The mindset of the voters who done this could be explained this way, 'yes, the SNP is trash, but I am not going to give you a wage, so you can sit and do fuck all for me'. 

The Scottish Labour Party has never turned a microscope on themselves to address the issue of the failing politicians who don't provide value to a community. Because they could care, they have no mechanism to address this problem, if you are a constituent and your MP or MSP wouldn't take up your case, you have no recourse to the Labour Party. Even if everything you say is right, they just don't give a fuck, when too many people got fuck over, like a virus it poisoned the 'voter well' in a constituency. You might say, oh that's a bit harsh, and where is the evidence, well I would say, don't just look at the latest polling, support for Scottish Labour has been around 17% to 23% mark for some considerable time, and there is no evidence they are willing to address their internal issues or reach out and fix the legacy they created by falling to serve constituents. 

Scottish Labour is sitting on 18 per cent, they are a major UK national political party! 

Finally, if this snapshot of the election polling remains unchanged, then the SNP are still going to be the government of Scotland. One way to fix the voting system is to remove the list system so each MSP covers two wards, this would mean that candidates would have to work to get elected. It would also make the elections more competitive for both larger and smaller parties and independents. The issue of rigged the system has to be addressed, and under the present setup, this broken system means there is no change of Scotland moving out of failed State territory anytime soon. This is why the Scotland Act needs redesigned at Westminster, the parties in Scotland all have their leaders top of their various lists, this has created a 'stockholm syndrome' to occur. Add in polarisation of the voting in Scotland means the current system of election isn't fit for purpose. That is why I will keep proposing the list system is scrapped and a new system replacing it as soon as possible where each MSP candidate fights for two wards making up their constituency.

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Stepping Up Your Game; Pro UK parties need to get their act together as latest polling shows that their message needs redefined, now is the time to launch dynamic policies, where is the next "Nye Bevan" moment from Scottish Labour, are pro UK parties happy with the 'good news' for Alba party as Holyrood elections approach, or do they want to do something, is it time for a proper Holyrood 'vow' to reset, restore and rebuild Scotland?

Dear All

The 2021 Holyrood election is odd, it is odd because, a system which was setup to be rigged, is now is being actually rigged. The Holyrood system is flawed because of what is termed the 'list system'. The list system doesn't allow the Scottish public to reject a candidate, basically party appoint additional candidates based on their vote share. This allows for cronyism to flourish and it is easy to rig the system, if you know how. How do you rig the system, one sure fire way is to introduce a 50/50 rule, so that a party must allocate equal amount of seats to both men and women. This is called "positive discrimination" by politicians, when in fact, it is the same type of discrimination as denying someone a job based on colour or, religon, but in this case, you are denying someone a job based on sex. You have heard of all women short lists, but you don't hear of 'all men shortlists', because if a party had an 'all men shortlists', there would be outrage, but same hypocrites stay silent on their institutional abuse. 

This means for example, a man get more votes than a woman in a fair and free election contest played by the rules, get over the winning line, and still lose. But any definition of natural justice, this wrong, unfair and anti democratic. Although the contest is run under the rules of fairness which candidates must obey or face sanction, another set of rules is used after the voting has closed. This is why Labour MSP James Kelly will be out of Holyrood, unless the Scottish Labour Party wins seats in Glasgow. He needs Anas Sarwar to win his seat and someone else to win to give him the opportunity to return to Holyrood on the list, or his third bite at the cherry is that he wins his seat in Rutherglen, first past the post back from the SNP. 

The Holyrood list system is a systemic abuse of democracy! 

Another parties in the 'list' race, is Alex Salmond’s Alba Party, a recent poll showed that they were on 3%, but it is said that Salmond's party might end up with 6% per cent of the list vote. The problem that Salmond has, is that although tactical voting is not a new concept, getting enough people to understand and do it is. The SNP under Nicola Sturgeon are keen to keep Salmond out of Holyrood, because if there is a change and Holyrood MSPs get parliamentary privilege, then Salmond use Holyrood as a forum to 'try' Nicola Sturgeon, her husband, Sturgeon's Chief of Staff, and anyone else who takes his fancy. Salmond can name names, and say fuck you to Sturgeon and her pet rat, James Wolffe. 

At the present moment, the election seems like a phoney war of sorts, it's been slow to start, as policies have been less than dynamic. No one is saying anything worthwhile, and some parties are saying nearly the same thing. Ask yourself, what is the biggest idea you have heard from the any of the candidates which you think sets the heather on fire? If you have a policy which you think is real change, let me know in the comments section and why you think this is the business. 

Polling suggests that if the Alba Party can 'game the system', then pro-independence parties could win 79 of the Scottish Parliament’s 129 seats in the upcoming election. Obviously, this would leave 40 seats to be shared between Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservatives, Scottish Lib Dems, the Scottish Greens and possibly, All for Unity. We know the last 5 years have been riddled with incompetence and corruption, are we in for 5 more years of the same shit? If pro UK parties do badly, then it lends weight to the argument that these parties couldn't internal fight a second Scottish independence referendum. Quick, since Anas Sarwar became leader, have you heard him make a speech on internal Scottish Labour Party reform? The reason, I ask this question is simply, the Scottish Labour Party machine is broken. I have commented on the need for a new campaigning model, but it seems that I am basically talking a language which few people seem to understand. Come the day after May 6th, if some people see little or no change in the make-up of Holyrood, they will realise two things, one, people will vote for a corrupt morally degenerate party like the SNP, and two, the people standing as candidates and losing again for the other parties, should be replaced by professional campaigners who will campaign for the full 5 years between elections. That doesn't mean the work they do as a 'list' MSP, but as an activist in a constituency. That would translate as 5 years of door to door, face to face campaigning. 

But let's stick with Alba for a tad, the latest poll for the Sunday Times has them just above the threshold required in most of Scotland’s parliamentary regions to pick up a list seat. It has been touted that they could get anywhere between mid 20's and 30's on social media, but, reality could kick in and the party could end up securing just 6 seats. Being on 6 seats, and if Salmond gets one, his main goal is complete, back in Holyrood. I am sure he would like Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh elected as well, he would need a friend to dine with in the Holyrood canteen. I remember writing a blog post of Joan Mcalpine years ago, called 'the return of the deer muncher'. 

Joan McAlpine was previously an aide to Alex Salmond, but I doubt under the Sturgeon regime her and Alex could sit down. 2012, McAlpine was tucking into smoked venison with Strathdon Blue cheese dressing and poached red wine pear, followed by breast of Scottish chicken with grilled asparagus chorizo, olives and parma ham. And let's not forget the bevvy at lunch time, the meal was washed down with a bottle of Pinot Grigio priced at just over £15. Salmond had just asparagus and soup. Could they be dining partners again? Who knows, and basically who cares, but you can eat well it seems at Holyrood! Campaigning is all about momentum for parties, latest polling mentions that in the constituency vote, the SNP had gained two points, up to 49%. This shows that pro UK parties need to get their fingers, and stop making vague promises, so far their 'offer' to votes needs rewritten substantially. Scottish Conservatives are sitting on 22%, Scottish Labour, despite all the hype of a new leader in the shape of Anas Sarwar has remained unchanged on 20%. Sarwar's goal, if he has one, is that he wants to take back the title of official opposition leader. Labour having to wait till after the Scottish Conservatives say their piece doesn't really work for them. Alba won't do constituency seats this time round, but when Nicola Sturgeon doesn't deliver a second independence referendum, that will change, a test run to undermine the SNP will certainly start at the 2022 council elections, the real test with several years of bitching against Sturgeon will be in 2024 for Westminster. 

You can see how important it is for Alba to get independence voters on the regional list, they will be directly fishing in the SNP voter pool. A lot is expected in this election if you believe some people's claims, but you might not see much difference. Is 6 Alba list MSPs anymore 'a force' than 7 SSP list MSPs? The most important man in the 2021 Holyrood election is standing, he isn't in Holyrood, he isn't in Scotland, he is Boris Johnson. As Salmond does his will of the Scottish spiel, remember this, it is just horseshit, his views are meaningless, just as the SSP were when they joined what I called back indyref 1, the 'coalition of the damned'. Salmond represents, firstly entertainment value, secondly, he is the guy who is pissing into the SNP tent, watch out for that! Nicola Sturgeon will be in the tent, watching her back, she is surrounded by people who will brief against her. If Sturgeon wins, her next 5 years are all going to be bunker mentality. In the regional list, the jist at present, that the Scottish Conservatives are down one to 21%, Labour down two on 17%, the Greens on 8%, Alba on 6% and Liberals down two points to 5%. Bad news for Scottish Labour, if Alba gets more support beyond 6%, then we could see a situation where only 3 Labour list MSPs are returned in Glasgow. In a scenario like that, it would mean Pamela Duncan-Glancy, the fourth on the Glasgow list for Labour would miss out. Pam is also standing in Glasgow Kelvin, she replaced Hollie Cameron who was removed, and this caused the Kelvin CLP to resign. I asked Anas Sarwar when this happened to consider me, not even the courtesy of an acknowledgment. 

Nice to know you are appreciated not! 

One little schism which is worth watching in this election is whether, the George Galloway-led All For Unity party’s support rises, at present on the list, they are at 4%. 4% means according to Professor Sir John Curtice, one single MSP. This although, it is not the greatest is a start, one is certainly better than none, but like Alba fishing for SNP voters, All For Unity needs Pro UK Labour voters to switch, this for example puts pressure on the Glasgow List as I mentioned above. It's an odd election, and surprises might happen, and the word really is 'might', it could be that voters remain locked in their traditional voting pattern, but the tale of the tape is 'the count'. The only real poll is election day. 

I have a lot of respect for Prof Curtice because him and his wife do charity work, and I have had a good few discussions with him, in fact, we were even guests together on BBC Radio 5 live. That was on the day of the launch of the SNP white paper, batting for the SNP at that programme was the odious Natalie McGarry. At the end of the broadcast, I did a quick speech on the most important thing in politics. The single most important thing is trust, I said the people of Scotland don't trust Alex Salmond, McGarry's cheesy pitch had to be scrapped in favour of trying to rebut me. A final thing about McGarry, she is going to be appearing in court again for her retrial. 

Prof Curtice is saying at this point, the SNP would win 65, Scottish Conservatives, 24, Labour would have only 20. Lib Dems would remain on 5, Greens would get 8, Alba trots in with 6 and last limping in with a single seat All for Unity. But, as Harold Wilson, former PM said, "a week is a long time in politics", and there are about 5 weeks left of this race. It's all up for grabs, literally, the arse could fall out of the SNP just the same as anyone else's given the right scandal. Alex Salmond says he welcomes the latest poll, saying the party was "gaining ground". When you start from nothing, absolute zero, up is the only direction, question is, can he keep going up? Are we to see 5 more weeks of SNP defections as part of a strategy to win over SNP voters to Alba?   

Salmond said: 

“We have only just begun to make our case, but ALBA is already registering as the standard bearer of the Independence #Supermajority. The reality that voting SNP on the list is the ultimate wasted vote is starting to cut through. And therefore ALBA is gaining ground. In a single week ALBA has overtaken the Liberal Democrats, a party which has been around for 150 years, in both membership and poll ratings. A week is a long time in politics. And for the unionist parties the next five weeks shall be a political eternity.” 

Finally, you will note that Salmond uses the same Harold Wilson quote as me, it's an age thing. If Salmond doesn't make it onto the list, then he is back working on his TV show for the RT Channel. If his party's vote drops back, just a little bit, then he might end up with only 3 MSPs. This would dent his #supermajority nonsense. Maybe he isn't one of the MSPs and maybe neither is serial carpetbagger Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh. Could imagine both of them, faces pressed at the windows of Holyrood, looking at the canteen, no invites to go inside from former buddies? There could be laughs, there could be tears in this election, it all depends on which way the voting public jumps. And consider this, the biggest voter cache in this election maybe those who will not vote at all.

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Who is the Bitch now, angry Alex Salmond demands his comeback vehicle Alba Party is included in live election Leaders debates, BBC discount Salmond's minor party which is is a personal rebuff of Salmond, however the question of BBC impartiality is questioned again, how can the Scottish Greens be allowed a place when they have never won a constituency seat at Holyrood or Westminster, the BBC says it will give “there will be impartial and proportionate coverage of their campaigns in the coming weeks”, but the system wrongly favours the select few, how is that democracy?

Dear All 

The sense of entitlement of some people just beggars belief, but still if you don't ask then you don't get, and even if you do ask, you still may not get either. 

Alex Salmond has said he wants a seat at the top table during the TV debates, and as such he is writing to Ofcom to press his case. Normally, the biased media tend to exclude minor parties in favour of the top four parties. TV debates in Scotland are usually dominated by SNP, Scottish Labour, Scottish Lib Dems and Scottish Conservatives. In recent years, the franchise was extended to the Scottish Green Party. This despite the Scottish Greens never winning a first part the post seat at either Westminster or Holyrood under their banner. As Alex Salmond has two Westminster MP and some Councillors, he can argue his case but it is weak. If Ofcom agrees that Salmond's Alba Party is included in the Leader's debates, then that sets a precedent also for the inclusion of other parties, UKIP, The Reform Party, and George Galloway's party, All for Unity. Galloway's party is standing candidates, just the same as Alba has done, in all the regional lists. 

I suppose the question for Ofcom, if the floodgates are opened, then where is the "cut off"  point? I can see an equal case for Salmond and Galloway both being included. But, and there is always a 'but', in a democracy, the first thing will be that the other parties such as the SNP and Scottish Greens will complain. Alba poses a direct threat to the SNP and Scottish Greens list seats. You could see a scenario where Patrick Harvie fails to get elected on the Glasgow list. In the central belt Scotland, outside the urban islands of Glasgow and Edinburgh, the SNP are vulnerable. They know they are vulnerable , which explains the immediate hate campaign directed at Salmond personally by Nicola Sturgeon and her minions. As more people jump ship from the SNP including SNP list candidates, the tune of Sturgeon has changed from, 'you can't trust Alex Salmond' to 'I will work with him'. Of course, we should remember the epic pitch by Sturgeon after Alex Salmond was acquitted in his criminal trial, 'he has been found innocent but that doesn't mean the incidents the women complained of didn't happen'. 

Nicola Sturgeon's exact statement was: 

“The behaviour complained of was found by a jury not to constitute criminal conduct and Alex Salmond is innocent of criminality, but that doesn’t mean the behaviour complained of didn’t happen and I think it’s important that we don’t lose sight of that.” 

One of Salmond's accusers, woman H said that Alex Salmond attempted to rape her.

So, here we have Nicola Sturgeon effectively saying she will "work" with a man accused of attempted rape! Women H, is close to the SNP leadership, but not as close as woman A or woman C. This begs the question, if Sturgeon will work with Alex Salmond as has been touted in the media. Could there be a scenario, where woman A and woman C would be in the same room in a Scottish government meeting with the man that they attempted to jail? Have a wee think about that one for a few minutes. Is there such a thing as non criminal attempted rape? I would like you think about that for a second as well, and then try to put yourself into the mind of Nicola Sturgeon as she works her possible 'deal' with Salmond. 

In the aftermath of the Salmond criminal trial, the SNP and their supporters ran a post trial smearing operation, basically 24/7. You can probably expect the SNP to be at the front of the objections queue against Salmond standing in the Leader's debate. Everyone knows what the Alba Party agenda is, they want SNP votes, members, money and resources. As nominations for Holyrood close, and Alba has declared its candidates, I think the drip drip of elected politicians deserting the SNP will effectively stop, there will be rank and file members who will still jump tho, but the rate will slow. The next batch to jump will in 2022, around the time of council elections, and of course, the 'biggie', Westminster 2024. Salmond has two years to undermine Nicola Sturgeon, complaining she hasn't delivered a second independence referendum. The classic thorn in the side, the stone in the shoe, the straw on her back, there is no scenario where Nicola Sturgeon gets a section 30 order out of a Conservative Government. 

You can now see why Salmond upsets the apple cart, in a similar vein although not as dynamic, you have George Galloway's list party, I don't think he will do that well, the problem is that he has selected people who are doctors, lawyers, ex military and business people. They all have one thing in common. They aren't political activists, they aren't campaigners, and they don't know how to run effective short campaigns to max out the vote. Knowing the area where you campaign in is an advantage that many people don't have, even in political parties. They will know how to get from A to B, but going from A to B in campaigning is hugely different, because you literally stop at every door.   

So, what are Salmond's chances of being in the Leader's Debates? 

I would have to say on paper, new party, no track record, it is very doubtful, other parties longer established such as UKIP or the Brexit Party, now called the Reform Party have a better claims than Alba. A few defectors from the SNP to Alba doesn't a criteria make for inclusion. And if Salmond was admitted, then this would open up possible legal challenges from other minor parties with better claims. I don't see how Salmond gets into the Leader's Debates even as a former First Minster, because the entry criteria wouldn't be able to take account of his past record in government. 

Salmond said: 

“the case for Alba participation in debates and fair coverage is unanswerable”. 

There is an answer, and it is called No! 

It doesn't matter that his party was brought up by BBC Scotland editor Sarah Smith and Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie during the debate. It doesn't matter if other parties are brought up either. Salmond's pitch which is not a valid reason is that giving the Alba Party a platform alongside his political rivals would also ensure a balanced panel on independence. This election is about who will run devolved services in Scotland, it is not about independence, it is not about gaining a section 30 order, and it is not about whether Scotland should have a second independence referendum. If that is Salmond's benchmark for inclusion, it will be rejected and he will only get exclusion. His other pitch, which is less convincing for inclusion is the numbers game. 

Mr Salmond said: 

“It is less than a week since launch and already Alba has a comparable number of members to the Liberal Democrats and the Greens and are contesting seats across Scotland. We also have double the Westminster parliamentary representation of the Labour Party in Scotland.” 

The Scottish Labour Party has one MP, Alba has two, Alba didn't win those seats, they are seats of people who defected. In terms of party numbers, UKIP and the Reform Party have more, so if Salmond thinks he can 'rewrite the rules' for his inclusion he is sadly mistaken. His only arguable case is, he is standing people in all regional lists, that's it, everything else he says is waffle. And waffle just won't cut it, no matter how many additional waffles or the during of the waffles he does. 

He added: 

“There is however a further important reason favouring Alba inclusion in the leadership debates. The dominating issue of the election is independence. If the TV companies stick to their present position, every debate will be imbalanced three to two against independence. With Alba’s representation, at a stroke, the independence argument will be balanced three apiece. Watching the debate on Tuesday night my name was mentioned a number of times with no recourse. In addition, the moderator, Sarah Smith, sought to elicit information from audience members about support for Alba. We have waited until the declaration of candidates before writing. Now given our strength the case for Alba participation in debates and fair coverage is unanswerable. We expect a positive reply.” 

The indy argument would only have credibility if this was a referendum, then he would have a valid case for 3 against 3. 

As a sense of where the BBC's head is at, the broadcaster said that while leaders of smaller parties will not appear in live debates, “there will be impartial and proportionate coverage of their campaigns in the coming weeks”. What the BBC is saying, is no to Salmond, it is a closed shop. They will decide what is proportionate coverage of the minor campaigns and when that will be. I get the feel that the media will only look at the Alba Party as a freak show, much like they did with RISE. RISE was a mash up of odd characters from the SSP and elsewhere, fettered by the media, as the next big thing, come the election, they go nowhere. 

Finally, with nominations closed for the Holyrood election, in sunny Pollok, it seems that there is a rather crowded field, nine people in fact, which may attract a carnival atmosphere. This is the biggest field of candidates that has ever stood in the Glasgow Pollok Constituency since the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. 

Labour                                     Dr. Zubir Ahmed

Scottish Libertarian                 Alan Findlay

Independent                             Joseph Finnie

UKIP                                       Daryl Gardner 

Conservative                           Sandesh Gulhance 

Scottish Green                         Nadia Kanyange 

Reclaim Party                         Leo Kearse

Lib Dems                                James Spiers

SNP                                        Humza Yousaf

Busy, busy, busy.

Yours sincerely 

George Laird                                                                                                                                The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University