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Judgement day at Glasgow City Council, SNP ask for independent investigation into council activities, who are the people who got jobs and contracts?

Dear All

With the Glasgow Labour Party in denial about the Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell scandal, it comes down to the SNP Councillors of Glasgow City Council to take the lead and ask the difficult questions.

At tomorrow's meeting of Glasgow City Council the SNP will lead calls for both a full statement from the council’s Labour leader and an independent investigation into the recent activities of the council and its agencies - particularly decisions made during the former leadership of Steven Purcell.

The SNP in Glasgow have focussed on three key issues that must be addressed in an independent investigation, to ensure full transparency for council tax payers and the good governance of the city of Glasgow council:

Who in the council - at both elected member and official level - knew that Councillor Purcell had taken illegal drugs and was at risk of blackmail; why was no action taken and why was this information concealed?

Both the SCDEA and Cllr Purcell himself considered there to be a risk of blackmail. This raises concerns over the decisions made during his time as leader and the potential of external influence on such decisions.

A series of newspaper reports have alleged that subsidiaries of Glasgow City Council - set up by Stephen Purcell - directed money toward the Labour party. City Building has admitted making such donations. Newspapers have also raised questions over the allocation of contracts to Labour donors. It must be demonstrated to taxpayers that council funds have always been spent in their interests and not in the interests of individuals, friends or donors.

Commenting ahead of the debate Cllr Dornan said;

"Labour has dodged the problems facing their leadership in Glasgow City Council for weeks. It is now time for them to accept open and independent scrutiny of their actions in relation to Cllr Purcell’s admission of cocaine use and potential blackmail and the decisions made during that time."

"The drip drip of scandal and allegation is harming Glasgow’s reputation and an independent inquiry is crucial if we are to restore the good name of this great city."

"Labour has its hands on £2.4 billion of public money in Glasgow and the council tax payers of this city deserve to know this money is being spent for their benefit and their benefit alone."

"It is only independent scrutiny that can offer guarantees to the public that the whole affair has been properly investigated. The idea of the council investigating itself is simply ludicrous - we already have evidence that it failed to act despite knowing the Council Leader was at risk of blackmail and, that council subsidiaries like City Building have donated directly to the Labour party."

"Former Cllr Purcell’s interview has made clear that people within the council knew of his drug use and of the SCDEA’s concerns."For people within the council to be aware that the SCDEA – a body that investigates drugs and organised crime - was concerned their leader was exposed to blackmail in this way yet not to act is a very serious matter and of legitimate concern to Glasgow’s citizens. Taxpayers deserve an independent investigation so they can be assured there has been no undue influence on Cllr Purcell or anyone else within the council."

"If Labour is confident they have nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear from independent investigation and there will be real questions asked of any party that tries to prevent a bright light being shone into the corners of Glasgow City Chambers and Labour’s control of this city".


Some examples of concerns raised since the resignation of Councillor Purcell include:

Bailie Jim Todd was the only Labour Councillor not in receipt of additional allowances through responsibilities

27th March The Herald reports that the Council has dropped plans to turn it’s Development and Regeneration services department into another arms length company.

28th March – Sunday Herald reveals that City Building awarded a 4 year contract for an as yet unconfirmed amount to AS Scaffolding, owned by Labour donor Andrew Smillie. The same report states that City Building allowed Willie Haughey’s refrigeration firm to store refrigerators at one of their depots.

28th March – News of the World claim former Council Leader Steven Purcell claimed eight bottles of champagne on expenses after a private function at the Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Arts. The bill was almost £400 and was picked up by Cordia.News of the World also reports City Building gave board members £100 vouchers for restaurant owned by Labour donor James Mortimer – no Labour councillor declared the gift.

29th March –Steven Purcell gives an interview to the Sun. The Sun says Purcell “suffered the emotional breakdown amid fears gangsters had a video of him snorting cocaineFollowing a visit by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency Purcell adds “I told close colleagues at the council about it because I think it is important to be honest. They were happy for me to carry on – with the strict condition it didn’t happen again.

Prior to the resignation of Councillor Purcell questions were raised over spending at another Glasgow based organisation – Strathclyde Partnership for Transport resulting in resignations of two councillors and the chief executive over expenses claims.February – revelations about expenses at SPT force resignation of Chair Alistair Watson and Chief Executive Ron Culley (former chair of Scottish Enterprise Glasgow). This included attendance at a football match on tickets provided through a contractor to City Building.

The people of Glasgow have a right to know where who have Glasgow’s millions gone to.

How many jobs and contracts have been given to Labour Party members, relatives, friends, associates and Labour donors?

The pressure for an independent inquiry is mounting and with the Glasgow Labour Party fingering Glasgow City Council employees, some people who were involved in covering up for the Labour Party and Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell have proven themselves unworthy of trust.

It is time for serious answers to the serious questions.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tony Blair delivers speech to support Brown to a hand picked Labour audience then the press are removed and video feed cut during Q&A session

Dear All

Yesterday, Tony Blair, the ‘Son of God’ and God’s personal representative in Britain returned to throw his weight behind a deranged nut job, Gordon Brown.

As a former leader of the New Labour project, he is a constant reminder of how he has lined his pockets and littered the Middle East with dead innocent men, women and children.

The man is an obscenity.

At a meeting of a hand picked audience he gave a speech backing Gordon Brown at the Trimdon Labour Club, after the speech he held a Q & A session but the press were removed and video feed cut.

Obviously he and others couldn’t trust the hand picked apparatchiks that much and wider public weren’t found to be suitable to hear the questions or the answers.

Having been forced out by Brown’s allies in a coup, he is now prostrating himself before Brown in case Labour wins the election.

In a sycophantic display, he praised Brown by saying he had displayed ‘leadership’!

Blair isn’t an asset for the Labour Party, just a reminder of how morally corrupt Britain is, he symbolises how rotten and broken society is.

He is like a sickness, a virus feeding off Britain dead carcass and using it to thrive.

Blair coming back is an advert for 5 more bad years under Labour.

Even Labour MPs recognise this as Former defence minister Peter Kilfoyle said;

"I just think that he evokes very strong antagonism, frankly, particularly because of the Iraq War, but not only that – I think that he epitomises all that people see as wrong about New Labour."

New Labour is all about greed and privilege for the few at the expense of the many.

Tony Blair is the high Priest of avarice, he spends his time promoting himself, sunning on billionaires yachts and at their villas while telling the poorest to do without.

As Blair launched his attack on the Tories, the presentation was slick but the message was hollow and without the ring of truth.

Cameron brushed off Mr Blair's feeble attack, quipping;

"It is nice to see him making a speech that no-one is paying for."

When the Tories get in, Cameron will probably kill off Blair’s phoney Middle East peace envoy role or risk the charge that the Tories stand for nothing.

Last night Eric Pickles, the Tory Chairman welcomed Blair on the campaign trail but made himself look such an arse on Newsnight by being so cringingly embarrassing, what Pickles represents God only knows as his Prescott type ‘daft workie come good’ role fell flat.

Only the Lib Dems could string a sentence together.

It is time to end the rottenness in Britain that means destroying New Labour and Tony Blair.

People should ask Blair;

‘Are you proud you caused so many Iraqi children to die in your illegal war?’

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Candidate Billy McAllister who took on the Lyons Crime Family proves his campaign against Edward Lyons was correct, Lyons guilty of serial fraud

Dear All

SNP Councillor Billy McAllister has been the foremost politician in the City of Glasgow in being prepared stand up to the organised crime families operating in the city.

As the Glasgow Labour Council of shame buried their heads in the sand, Billy McAllister was tackling the problem on behalf of the local people.

Billy McAllister’s tireless work in exposing how the Lyons crime family took over the Chirnsyde Community Initiative shows how committed he is to safer communities.

Now, a member of the Lyons crime family who worked at the Chirnsyde Community Initiative, Edward Lyons has been convicted of mortgage fraud by giving lenders fake income details.

The community centre where Lyons worked was closed down in 2006 after a successful campaign led by Billy McAllister.

This was against a campaign of fear directed at local residents.

It all came to ahead for Edward Lyons when his nephew Michael was shot dead and his son was seriously injured.

Then and only then did the Labour Council of shame act.

On the day that the Chirnsyde Centre was closed down, Steve ‘bin laden’ Purcell tried to do a ‘Jo Moore’ and bury the bad news by announcing he was gay.

Edward Lyons used self-certifying on mortgage applications in order to operate his scams; he has admitted defrauding £119,000 from Preferred Mortgages and to defrauding £140,000 from HBOS.

As well as that he used the profits from crime to help his daughter set up a talon saloon by giving her £30,000.

Now the Crown has the court that it would be seeking to recover the proceeds of Lyons' crimes by way of a confiscation order.

Director of operations, Scott Pattison, said;

"Edward Lyons failed to disclose accurate information to mortgage companies in a deliberate ploy to defraud them of money. This involved a gross abuse of trust. The Crown Office specialist National Casework Division is committed to working with other agencies to ensure that financial crime is investigated robustly and where there is sufficient evidence, that perpetrators of these crimes are prosecuted”.

Labour controlled Glasgow City Council spent years backing Edward Lyons to the hilt by funding the Chirnsyde Community Initiative and refusing to address the problem, he and others created.

Pattison added;

"We aim to ensure that crime does not pay."

It is only by electing a strong local champion like SNP Councillor Billy McAllister who is standing for Westminster in Glasgow North East that people will ensure that their voices can be heard.

Billy McAllister has spent 20 years fighting for the people in Glasgow North East while the Glasgow Labour Party betrayed them then and now.

The people of Glasgow are still waiting on Labour MP William Bain to get tough on crime; so far he has posed with Labour activists pretending to be ordinary residents using a phoney knife crime petition.

Billy McAllister is ‘tough on crime, tough on Labour’ .

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow University's most prolific child sex predator Andrew Byrne has his sentence deferred because even now he can't tell the truth

Dear All

The most famous child sex predator in Glasgow University history (to date) has been told he will have to wait to sentence for a catalogue of offences that he has committed.

Andrew Byrne has previously admitted 32 charges related to sexual abuse of youngsters.

Byrne target 19 boys and girls using the internet using a two year campaign of abuse.

The Glasgow University product even attempted to arrange with another boy the rape of a woman.

As part of his sick perversion while at the University of Glasgow, he sought to organise a placement at a sick children’s hospital.

This would allow the Glasgow University child sex predator access to sick, vulnerable and defenceless children.

The reason for the deferral of sentencing is that the High Court in Edinburgh heard that background reports were "contradictory".

It is not usual for people from Glasgow University to be liars in order to circumvent the law or for personal gain.

Michelle Macleod, area procurator fiscal for central Scotland, said;

"Andrew Byrne has been convicted of some of the most damaging and disturbing crimes that prosecutors ever encountered."

Given the nature of Byrne’s crimes did he use Glasgow University computing facilities to plan his crimes?

He was already using Glasgow University to secure a placement so he could access defenceless children.

From sex beast to liar, how very Glasgow University of him!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In the bunker after Glasgow East

Dear All

One of the funniest videos I have ever seen, so if you haven't had the joy of watching it, take the opportunity.

The General Election is proper time to corner politicians and have a proper debate on immigration, we cannot ignore the problem and refuse to act

Dear All

Eventually politicians of most mainstream political parties recognise a problem and the need for that problem to be addressed.

Immigration is a problem where we cannot stick our heads in the sand and ignore any longer.

Here is a Press release from the Rt Hon. Frank Field MP and The Hon. Nicholas Soames MP concerning immigration.


The Co-Chairmen of the Cross-Party Group on Balanced Migration today publish an open letter to the leaders of the main three parties challenging them to toughen their policies on immigration. Their open letter explains that Britain ’s population will rise to 70 million and beyond in 20 years or so and sets out some of the measures the next government must introduce to prevent this happening.

Frank Field MP and Nicholas Soames MP said:

“Immigration is one of the British public’s major concerns yet none of the major parties has a sufficiently firm policy on immigration just days away from a General Election campaign.

As it seems likely that the three main parties will stick their heads in the sand and avoid an explicit commitment to prevent Britain’s population from soaring to 70 million in 20 years, we have today set out the kind of measures any future government will have to introduce if we are to tackle this crucial issue before it is too late.”
Notes to editors:

1. The full text of the letter can be found below:

“As Co-Chairmen of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration, we wish to set out before the election the steps which any future government must take if immigration is to be brought under control.
Our starting point is the official projections which show that the population of the UK will reach 70 million in 20 years time and 80 million in 2063 if firm action on immigration is not taken soon. Even if, quite unexpectedly, the birth rate were to fall to its lowest for a century, we would still reach 70 million in about 2033.
It follows that effective action on immigration is inescapable unless we wish to see our country, already the most crowded in Europe , become intolerably overcrowded.
There are no simple solutions, no silver bullets, but the first step must be a clear political commitment by each of the main parties to set an overall target range for annual net immigration.

Secondly, in order to ensure that immigration policy does not choke off economic recovery by denying industry and commerce the skilled labour they will need, we must break the present almost automatic link between residence in the UK and eventual citizenship. We welcome the statements by Labour and Conservative spokesmen to this effect.
Beyond that we call for the following measures:

Further steps to clamp down on the abuse of student visas;
Suspension of Tier 1 visas which allow skilled people to enter Britain without a job to come to;
Suspension of the Post Study Route which allows all foreign graduates of British universities to stay on for two years and compete for jobs with British graduates;
Raise the points requirement for other economic migrants for as long as unemployment in Britain exceeds one million;
Require applicants for visitors visas to provide evidence of health insurance as is required by all other EU member states.
Require an oral test of English language skills for economic migrants and spouses, conducted in their countries of origin by skilled Border Agency staff from this country;
Affirm that there will be no amnesty for illegal immigrants, as spokesmen for both major parties have indicated; and,
Intensify efforts to remove those who have no right to be in Britain.

In our view, mass immigration at present levels generates unacceptable pressures on housing and public services; it also poses a threat to our environment, our quality of life and our social cohesion.
Accordingly, we call on whoever forms the next government to set about implementing these measures as a matter of the highest priority.”

2. On 28 March the IPPR issued a paper suggesting that an objective for net immigration of 100,000 a year would be challenging and that 40,000 a year looked impossible. We disagree for the reasons summarised in the attached note.
3. For media enquiries, please contact Patrick White in the office of Rt Hon Frank Field MP, Tel. 020 7219 6636.
4. The Rt Hon Frank Field MP and The Hon Nicholas Soames MP are Co-Chairmen of the Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration. The Group’s Vice-Chairmen are Lord (Bill) Jordan CBE (former President of the Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union) and Daniel Kawczynski MP (Conservative, Shrewsbury & Atcham).
5. For more information, please visit


It is clear that this is a cross party matter for the entire country to be involved in a debate about the future.

How can we manage our own country if we cannot manage our borders?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

English Court Judge shows problem with Human Rights legisation as he allows foreign rapist from the Congo who should be deported to stay in UK

Dear All

Human Rights as we all know are important, regardless of class, colour or sex, people have the right to be treated equally and fairly.

The other aspect of human rights is the right for the state to protect its citizens.

Article 8.2 of The European Convention on Human Rights’;

‘There shall be no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right except such as is in accordance with the law and is necessary in a democratic society in the interests of national security, public safety or the economic well-being of the country, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others’.

It is not the Human Rights legislation that is the problem in the UK but the people who clearly don’t understand the law and the concept properly.

It is even more baffling when a Judge such as Mr Justice Collins gets it wrong.

Alphonse Semo is a convicted rapist who has won a High Court battle to be allowed to stay in Britain so he can get married thereby escaping deportation.

After he raped his victim he threw her on a rubbish tip when he had finished with her.

Such an individual is clearly a danger to the public and should be deported after finishing his sentence and permanently banned from entering Britain.

The only bit of sanity in this sorry mess came from High Court judge Mrs Justice Nicola Davies who refused an application last Friday to let him get married as she observed that the application was 'an attempt to obstruct the process of removal'.

Semo then appealed again and Mr. Justice Collins came out with his bizarre decision to allow him to stay.

The Semo case sums up the problem with human rights in how the European Convention on Human Rights works.

Once married Semo will claim status as a European Economic Area national entitled to free movement within EU member states, including the UK.

Yet again the Labour Government has badly let down the people of Britain on the subject of immigration.

Their refusal to engage in a proper immigration debate which must be EU wide will allow more people Alphonse Semo to walk the streets of Britain making a mockery of the law.

The actions of Mr Justice Collins have made society weaker.

The European Convention on Human Rights gave him the means to act properly, he chose to not to.

Article 8.2 is clear and Semo represents a threat to public safety.

Actions like this fuels racism and plays into the hands of the BNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Glasgow Labour Party put senior Glasgow Council employees in the frame of knowing about Steven 'bin laden' Purcell's cocaine use

Dear All

Yesterday Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell told the Sun newspaper that he had admitted to close colleagues at Glasgow City Council that he took cocaine.

Now, from the Labour Council of shame who have disowned him; comes the response;

‘I know nothing’!

A bit like a WW2 picture set in a Stalag liberated by the allies.

‘I know nothing’!

Purcell who fled the City of Glasgow for what was portrayed as a ‘quest’ didn’t last very long.

But then short quests are the ‘in’ thing when you need time to get your story straight, Purcell unsurprisingly has gone down the road of playing the ‘victim’.

Yesterday’s Sun article was sickening pap.

Purcell’s story is that he took cocaine “a handful of times” so he should have no problem remembering who supplied him the drugs so Strathclyde Police can go knocking on their door.

As well as taking drugs Purcell was visited by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforce­ment Agency (SCDEA) who found that Purcell was hanging around with Glasgow gangsters.

So the definition of “a handful of times” is open to question.

The crafted interview however weak produced questions as Purcell admitted that he had told close colleagues in the council about his cocaine use.

So, who were the close colleagues that Purcell spoke to and why did they not act in the interests of Glasgow City Council given the position held by Purcell?

Why aren’t they coming forward?

Are these close colleagues employees or Labour Councillors or both?

When the council’s head of communications, Colin Edgar spoke to Purcell about the Police visit and his cocaine use, did he interview Purcell alone?

Did he record the interviewed and file it?

Did Colin Edgar contact anyone senior or was he acting on anyone senior’s behalf when he spoke to Purcell?

Is it credible that Edgar didn’t pass this up the chain of command to George Black, Chief Executive of Glasgow City Council?

The Labour interim Leader, Councillor Jim Coleman’s spokesman said;

“Jim was personally unaware and is unaware of any other Labour councillor knowing about Steven Purcell’s drug use until the day of his resignation.”

So, the Glasgow Labour Party Councillors are attempting to distance themselves indicating that the close colleagues are Glasgow City Council employees.

So, where are the Glasgow City Council files and records on this matter?

If the files don’t exist then this raises serious questions.

The pressure for a full independent inquiry appointed by the Scottish Government is growing as the evidence in the public domain justifies it.

Both Strathclyde Police and Audit Scotland have both failed to uphold the public trust and deal with the situation.

But then they have connections to the Labour Party.

The inquiry must be wide ranging, people need to know the full extent Glasgow City Council and their ALEO’s funnelling of jobs and contracts to Labour Party members, relatives, friends, associates and donors.

Where have the people of Glasgow’s millions gone and to whom.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Government Minister Kevan Jones smears Joanna Lumley after she upheld an agreement to work behind the scenes to help Gurkhas

Dear All

One of the surprise campaigns of recent years which fired up the public was the Gurkha Campaign led by Joanna Lumley.

She was a powerful advocate speaking with passion and righteousness.

The meeting on the steps with Phil Woolas utterly destroyed the Government’s position as she tore into him in what was a commanding performance.

She fought and won a victory for the brave men of Nepal who have served Britain for generations.

Job done, she walked away after getting assurances by the Brown Government.

Now, Veterans minister Kevan Jones has carried out a ghastly attack on Joanna Lumley who’s only ‘crime’ was to stand up against the Labour Government.

Jones using Parliamentary privilege decided to smear for her "deathly silence" on Gurkhas' welfare.

It should be pointed out that Joanna Lumley agree to keep quiet after assurances were given to her that the Labour Government would deal with the matter.

She and other campaigners had been specifically asked by the government to continue their work behind the scenes, rather than speaking out publicly.

At an impassioned press conference in Westminster, Ms Lumley made clear that she regarded Mr Jones's comments as a "smear".

She said;

"It has been suggested that I somehow spread falsehoods amongst the Gurkha communities both here and in Nepal about what they could expect. That is a lie and, therefore, a smear. The people who made those accusations must know them to be untrue."

What followed was the second climb down by the Labour Government with Gordon Brown having to telephone her personally to apologise for the actions of Labour Minister Kevan Jones.

Jones has since made a public apology to Joanna Lumley.

He said;

"I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused to Joanna Lumley by my remarks to the home affairs committee – this was not intended."

Joanna Lumley is one of those who commands respect for her passion, dedication and thoughtfulness on behalf of others.

She acts in a way we would like all MPs to behave but sadly few do, in the best interests of the people.

It seems that the Labour Party don’t forget or forgive people who beat them, this time it has blown up in their faces.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour Justice Spokesman Richard Baker pressed to answer why the Labour Party is lying to voters on knife crime

Dear All

One thing we all know about the Labour Party is that they are liars.

They will say anything to mislead voters into voting for them.

One of the most despicable stunts currently being run by the Labour Party is their knife crime campaign.

Their slogan is 'carry a knife - go to jail' which they have tricked victims and families of knife crime in helping them front.

SNP MSP Stewart Maxwell has written to Labour's Justice spokesperson Richard Baker calling on him to explain why his party’s policy and why they are misleading voters.

Stewart Maxwell is a member of the Holyrood Justice Committee hearing evidence on Labour’s amendments to the Crime Bill.

Labour have been saying one thing publicly and another in private to the Justice Committee that judges will still have the final discretion on sentencing.

This is really treating the voters with contempt.

The Labour Party at Holyrood led by the ‘East Coast Weasel’ MSP Iain Gray have also failed to produce any evidence that mandatory sentences would reduce the level of knife crime in Scotland, a key Labour claim.

Mr. Maxwell said;

"Labour are claiming that, under their plans, everyone caught carrying a knife will go to jail and that this will reduce knife crime in Scotland. On both counts, they are misleading voters. They use the slogan 'carry a knife - go to jail' and then concede that it will still be up to judges to impose sentences? That doesn't sound very mandatory to me. What would the exceptions be?”

Labour MSP Richard Baker follows in a long line of Labour Politicians who have held the Justice brief, when it comes to Labour and order he is completely out of his depth.

The Labour Party stunt on knife crime is a sham; it is nothing to do with helping people but all to do with misleading them to get votes.

The use of victims and their families tricked for political advantage is such a despicable act that it falls well below the standards of what can be reasonable expected by those elected to public office.

I call it dishonourable.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, March 29, 2010

SNP Government have to learn that human rights doesn’t allow us to force our beliefs on others by way of threat to withdraw essential aid

Dear All

One of the problems with human rights is some people don’t understand what human rights are.

This begs the question do we have the right to impose our beliefs on people in other countries to conform to our beliefs of fairness and equality?

The answer is no.

This has to apply when their views do not conform to what we understand as human rights in Scotland.

The Scottish Government has sparked a diplomatic row over moves to withhold aid from charities in Malawi that discriminate against gay people.

External Affairs Minister Fiona Hyslop has warned voluntary agencies in the African country they must back equal rights to receive a cut of Holyrood’s £3million aid package.

Any group or project that promotes a negative message about homosexuality, which is outlawed in Malawi, will lose out finanically.

Is she right to impose such conditions on what is essentially government aid to Malawi charities?


She isn't respecting the government and organisations of Malawi.

Why should innocent people lose out over the belief system of others?

Did Fiona Hyslop consider the effects on the people who depend on this aid?

In Malawi, gay rights are not recognised as legitimate and people can be arrested.

Leckford Thotho, Malawi’s minister for information and civic education, said;

“We may be poor but money will not force us to legalise these acts of immorality because we are not such a society and we have more pressing human rights abuses than gay rights.”

If the SNP Government withdraws funding that is their right, they are free to do so, it’s their right but it has nothing to do with Malawi human rights.

We do not have the human right to change others beliefs by threat.

A Scottish Government spokesman said;

“We have rigorous monitoring for all the projects we are funding. If a group we were funding was found to be discriminating in any way, we would carefully consider the case for continuing that support.”

Before any decision is made, may I recommend an afternoon in the library reading up on human rights for those involved followed by a test!

You can't use human rights to deny others their rights, that isn't what human rights are all about.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling

Melanie Phillips condemns Britain for expelling Mossad agent, she is so far up Israel's ass she should be on the Mossad pay roll as an asset

Dear All

One of the ‘cheerleaders’ of the Israeli State in Britain is Melanie Phillips who is so far up their arse if she spits it is coming out their mouths.

Recently Israeli State Murder Agency Mossad committed murder in Dubai with the killing of Mahmoud al Mabhouh.

Melanie Phillips seems to have no problem with this state of affairs but the actions of the British Government in her mind go too far in kicking out a Mossad agent.

One of the premises of her argument she is throws on the table is ‘where’s the proof?’

She opines;

“who needs proof when, in the eyes of the British government, Israel is guilty a priori?”

When and where was Mahmoud al Mabhouh’s trial one might ask?

Phillips is one of those rare breed of reporters and thinkers who thinks hypocrisy is acceptable and doesn’t apply to them.

She is upset that the Americans and British have taken a harder line against the racist state of Israel that she so clearly loves.

She says with conviction that the kicking out a Mossad murder co-ordinator is ‘disproportionate’ after British authorities said there was ‘compelling reasons’ to believe that it was involved in the misuse of the British passports.

The fact that the Israelis have broken British sovereignty twice is of no consequence to her, the assurance by Israel not to do it again is also meaningless after getting caught doing so in 1987 holds no sway.

In fact I believe that Phillips wouldn’t care what atrocity Israel commit and on whom as long as it fits her warped agenda of the world.

Jonathan Freedland who writes on the Jewish Chronicle wrote a piece on her on the 30th March 2007 titled ‘The danger of Melanie Phillips’, you can read it here.

Phillips has called the Palestinians "a terrorist population", and argued that while "individual Palestinians may deserve compassion, their cause amounts to Holocaust denial as a national project".

She is without a doubt a horrible wretched individual and sycophant clearly doesn’t do her justice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP MP John Mason writes to Strathclyde Police asking for investigation after Purcell's drugs confession in newspaper, the Council knew

Dear All

Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell has surfaced again to give an interview to The Sun newspaper after fleeing the City of Glasgow about a month ago to go into hiding.

In the space of that month, we have read about multiple Labour donors gets quango contracts, drugs, gangsters, multiple Glasgow Labour Councillors not gifts, Labour Party members and their relatives heading Labour controlled quangos and Purcell and his pals guzzling free champagne.

It seems the City of Glasgow is run by Labour for the benefit of Labour Party members in terms of who gets jobs and contracts.

SNP MP John Mason has written to Strathclyde Police asking them to investigate the situation that has developed.

Strathclyde Police and Audit Scotland have refused to act, this is not good enough.

SNP MP John Mason has repeated his call for a full independent investigation into the council's dealings.

He has also brought up the fact that Purcell has confirmed that he had used of illegal drugs.

So why are Strathclyde Police refusing to act in the public interest?

Could it be that the Labour Party sits on the Strathclyde Police Board?

Now, it emerges that others within Glasgow City Council in positions of trust knew that Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell was taking drugs.

Why did they stay silent?

Purcell said;

"I told close colleagues at the council about it because I think it is important to be honest. They were happy for me to carry on - with the strict condition it didn't happen again."

Who were all the “close colleagues” involved in the cover up?

What positions of trust do they hold?

The Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell interview far from being a closure event opens up far more questions.

It is time these questions were answered.

With SNP MP John Mason writing to Strathclyde Police yet again, they have the opportunity to do their job which they have steadfastly refused to do previously.

The questions of Glasgow Labour Party sleaze still hang over the City of Glasgow.

The most important ones are who are the people connected to the Labour Party who have benefited from the people of Glasgow millions and what members of the Labour Party, their family, friends and associates have been given jobs and contracts.

A full independent inquiry is needed into what the Glasgow Labour Party has been doing in the City of Glasgow.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

New Labour placeman Sir Ian Kennedy announces MPs will be able to continue to employ family members, one per MP, he is a sycophant

Dear All

When Sir Ian Kennedy was appointed as the new Parliamentary watchdog, we heard that there would a new broom to clean up the system and stop abuse.

Two minutes in the door and Sir Ian Kennedy is already a useless sycophant, he has announced that he will continue to allow one family member to be employed per MP.

In the case of ex Labour MP David Marshall formerly of Glasgow East, his wife was allegedly on circa £78k a year.

Employing family members is wrong and despite 59 per cent of those who answered the consultation telling the new watchdog this was wrong, he has ignored those concerns.

MPs have personally lobbied Kennedy to be allowed to continue employing their spouses and children.

Although it would be wrong to terminate people’s employment, the practice should be phased out for future MPs and those currently serving banned from employing family members not already under contract.

The public expected a whitewash and a toothless tiger and that is what has been delivered.

Sir Ian Kennedy has failed to clean up politics; he has failed the public trust and failed to do his duty.

His attitude is likened to institutional cowardice.

The expenses scandal broke the surface when the public found out that Tory MP, Derek Conway, was found paying his son without evidence that he was carrying out any work.

Then the dam broke and every MP had to justify their use of public money, some have now been charged with criminal fraud namely Devine, Morley and Chaytor, all Labour MPs.

We were told that a new system would be put in place, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority head by Kennedy but he has provided a dud.

I expect that although some measures have been put in place, we can all expect MPs salaries to start to rise.

What has been taken away with one hand will be given back by another.

The people expected better and have sorely been disappointed by Ian Kennedy who is known to help senior Labour Party figures.
Nothing changes, just deck chairs moved about.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Scottish Labour MP Adam Ingram wants a place at the big trough after he retires from Westminster, he isn't worth the money

Dear All

Surprise surprise, a Scottish MP, a former Labour minister is caught up in the allegations of lobbying for cash.

Former armed forces minister Adam Ingram has been secretly filmed offering his insider knowledge and government connections to commercial clients.

Ingram is Labour MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow and if you have a few thousand anyone else anywhere.

It seems that the Labour Party all levels is drowning in a sea of sleaze which will not go away.

This is reminiscent of the dying days of John Major’s administration were no matter what they did to try and get back on track, every turn led them further in a downward spiral.

Like Hoon, Hewitt and Byers, Ingram is standing down at the General Election and he intends to maximise his MP position for personal profit.

SNP MP Angus MacNeil said;

“The Prime Minister must now properly investigate fully the cash-for-access issue. It is an affront to democracy that several former Labour ministers are either profiting or attempting to profit from the contacts they made when supposedly working for the people of this country. It is clear many of them have been preoccupied with lining their own pockets instead of helping the people.”

What is needed is an Act of Parliament that prohibits serving MPs for lobbying for cash, indeed this should stretch to a complete ban on paid second jobs between the hours of 9 – 5.

I would say this isn’t an unreasonable ask for an MP as they are elected to serve their constituents.

Until a measure such as this is brought forward then trust in politicians will be further eroded and that can’t be good for democracy.

Labour MP Diane Abbott recently commented on This Week that it was only a tiny minority who have disgraced Parliament.

I look at her register of interests and I wonder if she thinks her antics coining in thousands of pounds each year has any benefit for her constituents.

No wonder she gags her staff after they leave her employment, take a look at the time she spends doing non parliamentary work.

It maybe legal under the rules but her little ‘cottage industry’ certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights

Carpetbagger Tommy Sheridan joins new socialist coalition to try and take Glasgow South West at election, he is so out of touch

Dear All

The Tommy Sheridan road show is coming to Glasgow South West during the General Election.

This should raise eyebrows as his political career really is dead after his Big Brother appearance and court cases.

Sheridan is trading on the fact he is a well known figure particularly in Pollok where he was once a Councillor.

His new reinvention is to join a socialist coalition, which is being led by the militant trade union leader Bob Crow.

The reality is however he is a distraction for the people of Glasgow South West.

The only alternative to Ian ‘the Deerhunter’ Davidson is SNP PPC Chris Stephens.

If Chris Stephens ever gets elected it would be a disaster, he doesn't represent change in any shape or form,   and during my time in Pollok SNP never helped people of Glasgow South West, the Glasgow Labour Party has pretty much abandoned the area as well.

Labour MP Davidson has done nothing of note for the area during his entire time, he needs to up his game.

The Solidarity Party is fielding 10 candidates in seats across Scotland as part of the new Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

Sheridan said;

“I am going to stand in Glasgow South West as it includes a lot of areas that are going to be badly hit by cuts to public services.”

The fact is that Sheridan will stand anywhere and for any position, he is little more than a carpetbagger, he recently stood in Glasgow North East were he finished behind the BNP.

It is thought that his standing will take votes away from Labour MP Ian Davidson but I doubt he will be very successful as his most recent outing shows.

As part of his campaign, he intends to fight on his record of fighting the Poll Tax of 20 years ago, but times have moved on and the people need someone with a vision for the future.

Sheridan would be a disaster if elected to Glasgow South West because he thinks he is a celeb politician, the truth is the people need a working politician in the area.

He should face up to the reality that his political career is over and he killed it.

The people of Glasgow South West need a new MP with fresh ideas who will work for them.

It is time they got it and that can only come if the people vote Chris Stephens SNP in the General Election.

A protest vote isn’t needed and neither is Tommy Sheridan.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Sunday, March 28, 2010

City Building scandal deepens as Labour Party donor gets massive contract, head of City Building, Willie Docherty's position untenable

Dear All

It seems that the Glasgow Labour Party scandal continues a pace.

Another Labour donor has benefiting from contracts, this time from Labour controlled City Building.

The news puts renewed pressure for the removal of Willie Docherty to stand down as head of City Building.

Docherty is married to a Glasgow Labour Councillor Sadie Docherty.

It seems that City Building (Glasgow) LLP has awarded a lucrative contract to AS Scaffolding Ltd.

AS Scaffolding is run by Andrew Smillie whose family and firm has donated money to the Labour Party.

This news must put pressure also back on Strathclyde Police and Audit Scotland to investigate Glasgow City Council and its ALEOs.

People need to know has Labour controlled Glasgow City Council been funnelling jobs and contracts to family, friends and associates of the Labour Party.

Why are there so many high profile people with Labour Party connections heading Glasgow quangos?

Lesley Quinn, Scottish Labour’s former general secretary, was appointed City Building’s first “business development manager” without her job ever being advertised.

Then we have Willie Haughey, who has given Labour £1.1m since 2003.

Haughey is a Labour Party donor who has benefited to the tune of £20 million in contracts.

James Dornan, the SNP group leader on Glasgow City Council, said;

“Every day brings more revelations about City Building. What is needed here is a root-and-branch investigation into these contracts, and changes at the top of City Building. It is time for the council to come clean about events over the last few years.”

I think people would very quickly understand what Labour controlled Glasgow City Councillor has been doing; they have been ensuring that jobs, hospitality, gifts and contracts have been funnelled to members of the Labour Party, their family and friends.

There should be a full scale independent inquiry to find out where have the people of Glasgow’s millions gone and to whom.

Willie Docherty’s position as head of City Building is untenable.

Set up by labour, run by Labour for the benefit of Labour.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Leading Law Professor Dan Metcalfe accuses SNP Government of acting 'crazy' by not honouring FOI requests, the position is untenable and embarrassing

Dear All

I have a question for the SNP Government; do you want to remain the Government of Scotland?
If the answer is yes, then honour properly FOI requests, don’t get cute, don’t get creative, just obey the law.

The SNP Government has accused of trying to censor the public’s right to know and launched an attack on Scotland’s information watchdog head by Kevin Dunion.

Ministers are calling on the Court of Session to rule whether or not the Commissioner has the right to ask the Government for information as part of his own investigations.

The answer to this question is yes.

The FOI Act is all about unfettered access to show transparency in Government.

Professor Dan Metcalfe, adjunct professor of law at Washington DC College of Law, is an expert on Amerian FoI law; he opined that the Scottish Government’s ideas for limiting access to documents under FoI were “crazy”.

Prof Metcalfe has warned government staff in Edinburgh, during a meeting about FoI, that their position was untenable.

Later, referring to the Government’s stance, Metcalfe spoke at an academic seminar on the issue.

He said;

“That’s crazy talk. It can’t stand. It’s contrary to what’s done everywhere else in the world.”

Is it not time for the SNP Government to fall into step with the rest of world on FOI law?

What is embarrassing is the SNP Government thinks this type of abuse is acceptable and has let it rumble from the a Court of Session ruling last year, were the administration tried to block dozens of FoI requests after claiming people were only entitled to “information”, not copies of original documents.

The SNP Government has to be seen to be open and transparent, failure to do so will erode trust.

When trust goes with the voters, then the SNP Government will find itself in opposition.

Currently one of the SNP themes is ‘elect local champions’, are these the actions of ‘local champions’?

I think not.

If someone puts in an FOI request asking for documents, supply them.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Saturday, March 27, 2010

'East Coast Weasel' Labour MSP Iain Gray tries to take a 'man's role' at Labour Conference, he is so unfunny no one wakes up during speech

Dear All

The ‘East Coast Weasel’ has roared!

Iain Gray, the ‘cowardly’ leader of Scottish Labour in Holyrood got his opportunity to reassert his manhood by branding Alex Salmond as "David Cameron's doorman".

Oh dear, is that the best material he can come up with.

Gray said;

"On Thursday Alex Salmond called me Jim Murphy's placeman. He was probably up all night crafting that brilliant rapier-like riposte”.

It was probably off the cuff as you don’t need to get out the rapier when duelling with an idiot, a wet dishtowel will do, striking behind the left ear.

Gray the added;

"But it is a bit rich coming from the man who would be David Cameron's doorman."

Stealing someone else’s patter is a sin.

Not improving on it is even worse.

Having had a considerable time to prepare material, one can only conclude that talent is in short supply were Gray is concerned.

Still you need someone as dull as dishwater to warm up for the main acts, but Labour is plumbing the depths.

It must have been like an X Factor audition with the nodding dugs laughing when someone held up the card marked ‘laughter’.

The Scottish cringe is an awful sight to behold.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, March 26, 2010

Catherine Ashton's spokesman Lutz Güllner abandons ship as he sees no future with her in the EU, the first home run to safety

Dear All

Having taken up the post as the EU's new foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has proved such a liability that even her own people want away from her.

The SS Ashton has ripped its keel out in foreign shores, the boiler has exploded, fire broke out and the crew has abandoned ship.

Lutz Güllner, her spokesman since she took up the EU post has decided to run.

Lutz said;

"I had to consider my professional future and decided that it was elsewhere.”

Yes, it is as damning as that, he recognises that there is no future under Ashton’s tenure.

And associated guilt will kill your career quicker in the EU than Ebola.

Ashton is a carrier of the most virulent virus going… sheer incompetence.

She is like Gordon Brown each week trying to reinvent herself; this week it was the grand announcement on the 7,000-strong foreign service.

Then Lutz ran off to the European Commission's trade department like a rat out of a drain pipe screaming that serving under Ashton had been "a very tough job".

Better a lifetime as cattle than 5 minutes as a sitting duck with all the big guns pointed at Ashton, people usually get hit in the crossfire.

The departure of Lutz is a clear signal that Ashton whose experience is one-year tenure as EU Trade Commissioner is on her way out.

She can limp on but no one wants her, the French want her out and her head on a spike.

Expect a saga similar to the great escape as others climb the fences, dig tunnels, disguise themselves as French Onion sellers to try and save their careers.

It seems that Lutz Güllner has made the first home run!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Jim Murphy thinks Glaswegians are so stupid they can't tell difference between the Labour Party and the people of the City of Glasgow

Dear All

Scottish Secretary Jim Murphy has entered the Glasgow City Council scandal.

Murphy has issued a statement to the press warning critics to "stop knocking" the whole city of Glasgow, after the resignation of its disgraced council leader, Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell.

The ‘critics’ are calling for an independent inquiry into Labour controlled Glasgow City Council and its NGOs in regard to the awarding of contracts and jobs to Labour Party members.

In trying to distance the Labour Council of shame from Purcell, Murphy has said that the Labour Party was "more than one individual".

And it is those other individuals that people want investigated.

For example why do numerous quangos have at their head, the family members of senior Labour Party officials?

Murphy then went on to link the Glasgow Labour Party with Glasgow by saying;

"I just wish people would stop knocking Glasgow”.

People aren’t knocking Glasgow; they are serious questions about Labour’s practices.

And those questions aren’t going away until answers are provided.

Who got the millions of pounds of Glasgow taxpayers’ money?

It seems that Murphy doesn’t want people asking questions so is attempting to smear them by saying they are attacking the city.

That won’t wash and Glaswegian people aren’t that stupid Murphy despite what you think!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Labour MP Geoff Hoon thinks he has a 'right' to be greedy because he stood for public office and fought elections

Dear All

It seems that disgraced former Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon thinks that everyone is incredibly stupid.

He says of the 'cash-for-access' row that he was like anyone working their notice.

More like working their ticket if you ask me.

Hoon thinks he is perfectly entitled to look for opportunities for after he quits politics, that is true by at the present time he is still an MP paid by the state and was using his position for personal gain.

That is not right.

No MP by law should be allowed to enter into paid lobbying on the behalf of individuals and organisations.

If they take up a case it should be based on merit.

Hoon has since been suspended from the Labour Party and sacked from his NATO Advisory post.

In the sting by Channel 4 dispatches and the Sunday Times, Hoon claimed was using his unpaid Nato role to drum up lucrative work, saying it had provided insights commercially valuable to the arms industry.

Geoff Hoon has declared that he was like any other employee about to leave one job and thinking about their next move, except he isn’t an ‘employee’, he is an employer.

The arrogance and greed of Labour MPs is breathtaking, even when caught, Hoon says he has a right to it after 35 years in public life and fighting a 'number of elections'.

Hopefully those in the private sector will take on board that Hoon like Stephen Byers and Patricia Hewitt bring nothing to the table of any commercial company.

The General Election is an opportunity to kick out the corrupt and people should size this chance with gusto.

Hoon charges £3,000 a day for his ‘help’ but I am sure better help can be found much cheaper and with less baggage attached.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

President Obama gets tough with Israelis as they try to make a fool out of him at the White House with a flowchart, sanctions required

Dear All

The Israelis don’t want peace in the Middle East with Palestinians unless it is solely on their terms.

Israelis want a ghettoised cheap Palestinian Labour workforce available for menial work hemmed in behind walls.

They have used their planning laws and courts in an attempt to ensure that Palestinians will not have East Jerusalem as the Capital of a Palestinian State.

That is why they have been building settlements and parks to ring the East Jerusalem.

The Americans have been trying to get a solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict because peace here kills a lot of Muslim hostility in the Middle East and beyond against them.

The American administration is sick at being played for fools by the Israelis that is why President Barack Obama left Binyamin Netanyahu on his tod as he went off and had dinner.

After failing to extract a written promise of concessions on settlement building, Obama having had enough walked out of his meeting with Mr. Netanyahu, Obama’s advisers were told to “let me know if there is anything new”.

This is a humiliation for the Israelis.

This is a fight that President Obama must have with the Israelis to ensure a Palestinian Capital of East Jerusalem and he will have to consider sanctions just as the world did with White South Africa during apartheid.

The Americans have reason to be angry after the settlement building announcement derailed the visit to Israel by Joe Biden, the Vice-President this month.

Netanyahu failed to impress Obama with a flow chart purporting to show that he was not responsible for the timing of announcements of new settlement projects in east Jerusalem.

This is really taking the piss out of Obama, a flow chart!

It seems that the Americans have finally woken up to the fact that the Israelis are not allies of the west.

It can only be a matter of time before the idea of sanctions finds its way on the table.

White South Africa was defeated because good people stood up against them; the same treatment is required against Israeli.

Boycott Israeli products and cut off the aid.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

4 day train strike timed on day of election announcement, sends out message Gordon Brown and the Labour Government has lost control of country

Dear All

The lack leadership by Gordon Brown is ebbing away a little more each day.

Under Gordon Brown, there is to be the first national rail strike in 16 years.

On the day expected by many to be the announcement of the General Election, Tuesday April 6th a four day rail strike kicks off.

It seems that the Labour honeymoon with the unions is hitting the rocks as Unite; the GMB and PCS unions are calling out their members.

Britain is experiencing what will be the ‘summer of discontent’ and it is the final nail in the coffin of Gordon Brown.

After the election talk in the Labour Party must be how to deal with the post Brown era to renew.

Brown will not go quietly so Labour members will have to force him out just as Labour did with Jack McConnell.

In a desperate attempt Lord Adonis, the Transport Secretary, last night urged both sides in the rail dispute to resolve it by talks.

The strike will have a severe impact on services and the best that Gordon Brown can do is stand on the sidelines.

For the Tories this great political stuff as they throw up the spectre of the 1970’s of ‘Labour’s not working’.

With the General Election widely expected to result in a hung Parliament such inaction increases this possibility.

The scenes that greet Blair has he made his way into Downing Street will be replaced as Brown leaves off with his tail between his legs.

Yet again, the Labour Party has left the country down again through greed, ignorance and stupidity.

Labour never learns!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Strathclyde Police and Audit Scotland refuse to investigate Glasgow City Council, why I am not surprised?

Dear All

The Glasgow Labour Party scandal involving Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell has all the hallmarks of a good mystery.

Drugs, gangsters, blackmail, cronyism and public money running into millions of pounds finding its way to Labour Party donors, the stuff of high drama.

In a corrupt Scotland, it therefore must come as no surprise that that both the Police and Scotland’s public spending watchdog, Audit Scotland won’t act.

Audit Scotland has publicly said there was an “absence of any evidence” to launch an investigation.

Presumably thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money being funnelled to the Labour Party by Labour Party members from Labour controlled NGOs doesn’t count.

City Building alone has put in the region of £50,000 plus into the coffers of the Labour Party.

And that isn’t worthy of investigation?

The Police have also taken a similiar ‘can’t do’ attitude for the probe into whether allegations that individuals and organisations improperly benefited from contracts awarded by council construction firm City Building should go ahead.

The call for investigations came from Glasgow East SNP MP John Mason as the tip of the rotten Labour Council of shame broke the surface starting down at the SPT, the Glasgow Labour Party’s cash cow and travel agent.

Audit Scotland said it was satisfied with the work recently completed on the city council by external auditors.

This is the same excuse used at Westminster by the guilty; everything was approved by the Fees Office.

Now, following a Police investigation several MPs have been charged with fraud.

Deputy Auditor General, Caroline Gardner, said;

“Glasgow City Council is responsible for managing its affairs and it is best placed to make decisions about the action required in the current situation”.

Isn’t this the defence used by Devine, Morley and Chaytor that they shouldn't be investigated except by Parliament?

That didn’t wash with a Judge.

Gardner added;

“At this stage, however, in the absence of any evidence of poor governance or financial irregularity on specific decisions or transactions, we do not consider that additional audit work is currently necessary.”

What about the £50,000 in political donations to the Labour Party, doesn’t that count as poor governance and financial irregularity on specific decisions or transactions?
SNP MP John Mason said;

“Many constituents have approached me with their concerns about allegations being made about what was going on during Steven Purcell’s leadership. I’m of the view that if there’s nothing to hide within City Building then an external examination would clear that up and put the matter to rest.”

In an attempt to ward off John Mason, a letter signed by five senior trade union representatives accused John Mason of threatening the livelihoods of the 2,000 staff at City Building with his calls for a probe.

In other words stop asking questions about Labour Party members running Labour controlled City Building.

The refusal by Audit Scotland and Strathclyde Police to act demonstrates that the need of a full public inquiry into Glasgow City Council and its NGOs is required by the Scottish Government.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Dodgy' dossier on affordable housing explodes in the faces of the Scottish Labour MSPs, as London Labour totally ignore them

Dear All

One of the things which people need to have to put down roots is affordable housing in an area that they want to belong in.

Housing is a key issue.

Yesterday Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling had the opportunity to release £350 million in accelerated capital funding for the construction of affordable housing in Scotland.

It didn’t happen.

What the refusal does show is how powerless and ineffective the ‘East Coast Weasel’ Labour MSP Iain Gray is at standing up for Scotland.

This is another in a long line of personal humiliations for Iain Gray; he is the forgotten man of Scottish politics in many ways.

Gray had previously called for this funding to be released but no one is listening at London Labour.

He is so desperate that he has to back SNP Government policies in order to make any impact.

Glasgow SNP MSP Bob Doris said;

"The real issue housing before this budget was the capital funding for affordable housing and whether Labour are going to support the SNP Government's call for £350 million to be made available from accelerated capital funding. That Alistair Darling has failed to do this just shows how Labour are no different from the Tories”.

The Labour Party had been sending a misleading document to councils about affordable housing capital, now they just look silly, ineffective and embarrassing.

Bob Doris added;

"Labour MSP Johann Lamont may like to treat councils and others as idiots but they know that last year's funding was accelerated funding brought forward from this year to avert an even more devastating recession. Instead of spreading dodgy dossiers she should have continued to support the SNP's call to the Chancellor for £350 million in accelerated capital funding. Her silence on that issue speaks volumes”.

When it came time to stand up for Scotland at the budget, the British Labour Party (Scotland) were muted.

The Labour and Tories are no different; Scotland will always be treated as second class.

Even although Englishman Alistair Darling represents a Scottish seat, don’t bank on loyalty or doing the right thing.

The Scottish people as always will have to look to the SNP for that type of protection.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

SNP Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon opens new £1 million pound Health Centre in Possilpark, SNP acts on Labour's record of failure to deliver

Dear All

One of the major disgraces which have been allowed to occur by the Labour Council of shame has been the creation of ghettos in Glasgow.

Through-out the city there are hotspots where the Labour Council has refused to invest in the area and the people.

Glasgow North East is one such area which the Labour Party has ground down and killed off hope for a better life for the people who live there.

Even the Labour controlled quangos shun putting in proper investment to give the people decent housing.

The people have to fight the Labour Council and quangos for single everything.

As for getting representation from the Labour Party, forget it, Michael Martin couldn’t be bothered to attend his surgeries such is the contempt Labour hold for the people.

The SNP Government however takes a different view and that is why a new £1million medical centre has opened in one of Glasgow’s most deprived areas.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon opened the Allander surgery in Denmark Street right in the heart of Possilpark.

Purpose-built surgery will be able to treat more than 2000 patients offering a full range of general medical services from chronic disease management to health promotion.

The surgery will be run by four doctors and their staff and in such a deprived area where the people are blighted by serious health concerns, the new surgery will be busy.

Nicola Sturgeon said;

“After more than 100 years at its former premises in Saracen Street, the new Allander surgery is providing patients in the area with a state-of-the-art facility they can be truly proud of”.

That is the real difference, the SNP are investing in local people and community, Labour isn’t interested.

At the General Election, the people will have the chance to compare the records of SNP local champion and Councillor Billy McAllister and Labour MP William Bain.

Bain wasn’t interested in the people before, during or since being elected.

Billy McAllister has spent 20 years tackling the difficult issues head on.

While Bain talked phoney on crime, Billy McAllister stood up to the crime families who have a stranglehold on the Glasgow drugs market.

If people want a decent future with opportunities and support, they have the opportunity to elect a local champion.

Billy McAllister for Westminster!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

The Labour Government produce a non event budget, they have totally ran out of steam and ideas to be proactive on the economy

Dear All

Yesterday was a budget by London Labour for election.

It was a non event designed not to attract too much attention.

A day passes and the bombshell drops, Darling failed to mention a measure that will mean higher tax bills for an estimated 30 million workers.

Yesterday was about politics and positioning trying to portray himself and Labour as Robin Hoods, taking from the rich.

The truth, Darling and Brown are robbing everyone because they have a house, a car, a phone or a job.

When Darling froze personal allowances, inflation was negative, now it is 3.7 %, everyone has effectively been hit by a Labour stealth tax.

The Labour Party has really run out of steam and ideas, if the best they can do is steal Tory policies.

As Cameron said, Darling came into office stealing the Tory inheritance tax proposal, he leaves stealing the Tory stamp duty proposal.

After the General Election, I would expect that there will be another budget after the phoney one by Labour.

Yesterday was a non event and designed to be so.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University