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Westminster 2015 remember this historical fact, SNP FM Nicola Sturgeon, Clueless and Useless, ruined Scottish NHS, new video, Vote SNP, Vote Donkey!

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shown to be utter incompetent and ineffective leader as her ‘mugabe’ style land grab proposals fail to take into account securing food production, SNP ‘class war’ on landed gentry is a huge mistake, her being ‘common’ with a lack of class a real problem for Scots

Dear All

Recently Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that ‘education’ is how she got to be First Minister.

I rejected that assertion by her and supplied my own theory which was, as angry wee Nat spitting venom and bile she was accepted into the SNP, which is run as a party within a party.

Her career could be characterised as ‘howling at the moon’, the politics of grievance and malcontent, assumption over facts, truly Nicola Sturgeon could be termed a ‘shallow woman’ in politics. If you understand what a ‘hollow man’ is in politics, you can easily get where Ms. Sturgeon is coming from.

On Thursday at FMQs at Holyrood, Nicola Sturgeon was shown as the vacuous individual she actually is, this time it is a major blunder. The Nationalists under Sturgeon appear to be planning a ‘mugabe’ style land grab from Scottish Lairds to break up their estates. It is petty and quite pathetic, even by the low standards that Nicola Sturgeon operates to in Scottish politics. But in her rush, yet again the critical thinking of what land is, how it used and what future use is need for Scotland has been left out of the equation.

In the past, I have said quite critically that Ms. Sturgeon is in effect a person of low class who sets an incredibly low bar for her self and her ‘gang’. Have I been proved right, well it rather looks that what because Sturgeon spends her time being snide about the English to the applause of her sycophants , no one gets to say ‘this is wrong, don’t do it’.

Her cronies just keep tight lipped and focus on their self advancement by gut wrenching ass licking that would turn your stomach. You see, they don’t have ideas either; the SNP is a political vacuum, they copy others work, truly the cut and paste generation.     

You may have noticed that land reform has been floating about political circles, indeed just recently The Scottish Land Revenue Group held their spring conference in Glasgow on February 23rd.

The speakers were:

Fred Harrison, Director of the Land Research Trust.
Dr. Roger Sandlands, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Strathclyde.
Peter McColl, Director of Policy at Common Weal.
Andy Wightman, researcher and author
Dr. Duncan Pickard, former lecturer in Animal Physiology and Nutrition at Leeds University.
Alistair McIntosh, visiting Professor at Glasgow University

So, while the SNP stew in their own puddle of self belief and arrogance, things and events are moving on without them.

Just as Alex Salmond’ time was up, so was unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s time, you can clearly see that outside the stage managed events of the SNP, Sturgeon doesn’t gel as a leader, doesn’t inspire confidence and is basically clueless and insular.

First Minister Questions at Holyrood show clearly that all she offers is putting blame on others for her failures and the SNP Governments failures, each day people recognise that she has been found out as shallow.   

Tory leader Ruth Davidson using land as an issue as it relates to food production caught out Sturgeon by making it graphically clear that Sturgeon is more about dogma than evidence. During FMQs, she out Sturgeon as being unable to provide any evidence the Scottish Government has considered the impact on food production of Nationalist drive to split up land ownership.

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘mugabe style farm reforms risked driving up everyone’s family shopping bills as yet again, the senior SNP couldn’t be bothered to do the work and instead left everything hanging for someone else to pick up and deal with it.

Sturgeon was unable to provide any “hard evidence” about the impact on food production or prices.

She has a whole government behind her but not the ability to manage, her cromyism appointments show this only too well.

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader seeing an opening as Nicola Sturgeon to produce any Scottish Government research about the effect of her proposals to split up land ownership on agricultural output.

Davidson previously caught out Sturgeon on EU membership as it relates to independence and we all know how that turned out at the ballot box!

How can proper research not have been done as to the practical effects of the SNP proposals?

Result lower food production, no bells ringing anywhere, how is that securing the economic life of the nation?

Davidson said Sturegon’s silence proves that the Scottish Government wants to portray the land reform agenda as a “class war”. In the SNP mindset, they always have to find someone to fight against as mainly their case doesn’t stand up on merit.

The SNP is a remarkably shallow operation jumping from grievance to grievance as they see cling to power for power’s sake, short term thinking, when others are doing the talking  and critical thinking such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), it doesn’t register.

The Scottish Government have overlooked food production despite it being the most important factor in land reform, it beggars’ belief.

The impartial group of experts, the RICS predicted the SNP plans would backfire as land owners and their tenant have “disputes and confrontations”.

SNP’s plans would see the law of succession changed, giving a greater number of relatives a right to inherit a share of family farm. You may remember on this blog I talked about the false promises of the SNP, two mules and 40 acres of land! If holdings are broken up too small, they stand a chance of becoming economically unviable which benefits no one, least of Scotland.

Davidson said:

“We know the SNP is trying to hide behind shooting estates to turn this into a class war. But this isn’t about the landed gentry – this is about family farmers. It’s also about how much food Scotland produces and how much it costs to buy a Scotch beefburger in the shops. We’ve heard the ideological case for these land reforms, but we’re yet to hear a practical one.”

Finally, time for a quote:

“The education I got is a major reason why I’m able to stand here today as the First Minister of Scotland”.

Not bright enough to secure Scotland’s food supply!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ukip leader Nigel Farage sees a decent poll boost which suggests the Ukip leader’s ambition to enter Westminster could be realised in South Thanet, his chances are boosted by David Cameron’s immigration target being blown as nearly 298,000 people came into Britain last year

Dear All

One of the people hoping to storm the gates of Westminster and become an MP is Nigel Farage.

Getting Ukip MPs into Westminster is a key part of securing their desire that a referendum of the continued membership of the EU takes place.

Although all the main parties are signed up to the European project, ordinary people have become more disenchanted as their concerns have been ignored on issue such as immigration.

As a member of the EU, we have little control of our own borders to stop people from other EU countries coming here. Although the Conservative Party has talked tough, the reality is the EU needs reforms such as an internal EU immigration policy.

Ukip’s star is on the rise, and on of Ukip’s pre-election conference, it appears to be good news for Nigel Farage with a poll suggesting his wish to be a member of the British Parliament is likely.

Nothing is guaranteed, the polling day is still the best source of information on who is in and who is out.

Research by Survation says Farage’s support in South Thanet is a very decent 39 per cent, ahead of Labour rival WIll Scobie. Scobie sits on 28 per cent and Tory Craig Mackinlay on 27 per cent.

This is good news as for some time the Ukip brand had appear to have slipped by inactivity, a few bad stories of members acting in or seen to be acting in a racist manner. Ukip needs to tighten up what its members are saying on a range of subjects, this is due to them not really understanding politics and how it operates.

Other good news out of bad news is net migration figures released yesterday that showed nearly 298,000 people came into Britain last year.

That figure is almost treble David Cameron’s target.

An internal EU immigration policy, I floated that idea to someone in the Conservative Party, they didn’t get back to me.

Their loss!

At present there is a goldmine of topics to take Westminster to task on, including the EU and the NHS, Ukip suffered on the NHS because of what previous had been said about it going private, that is such a complete none starter to be political suicide for anyone mental enough to go down that road.

At present Farage is in the US to raise his profile aborad as he addresses the right-wing Conservative Political Action Conference.

The Tea Party movement is there, along with their star Sarah Palin, a previous Vice President hopeful.

But what should focus Nigel Farage’s mind is  South Thanet, to win it he needs to work hard and work non-stop right up to the day of the ballot.

In November 2013 Labour had the lead by 35 per cent to Ukip’s 30 per cent. So, things here are fluid, and Farage needs to try and lock down the vote by getting people to think as he does.

The Conservatives have a problem in that their current MP Laura Sandys, is stepping down in May which means the newcomer has to start from scratch and build up a profile and following.

Such is the hotbed atmosphere that Ukip has reportedly requested police bodyguards for Mr Farage. Left wing protestors have a habit of turning up to brand Ukip as racist which the party is not.

Every Party has those who have extreme views in their ranks, Ukip is no different but when these people get identified Ukip is more proactive in removing them.

Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless both former Tory MPs will speak at the Conference having switched to Ukip, at the election, I would expect them to hold their seats in Parliament as they obviously have a personal following, particular Douglas Carswell who is a popular MP and hard working.

So can Ukip win a good number seats, that is still open to question, we are still a long way off from polling day, a lot can happen, in 2010 Gordon Brown effective saw his Premiership disappear over the Gillian Duffy incident.

Nigel Farage entering Westminster would be good for democracy because it would send the signal that the main parties need, for too long have they ignored people, we could be seeing the start of the decline of both Labour and Conservative Parties in the UK.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon sees the ‘Sons of Alex’, the cybernats attack a hard-working nurse calling her a liar and an actress after she speaks up for NHS, everyone knows the SNP have failed the NHS which is in crisis, SNP standing up for women exposed as total fraud, major fail yet again by Nicola Sturgeon!

Dear All

It seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s miserable leadership is going down the toilet; she cannot control even the Nationalists attack dogs.

And guess what, they are attacking and abusing women again!

I guess the Nationalists are waking up to the fact that Nicola’s con trick on women to vote SNP is being rebuffed.

Now a female NHS nurse is being subjected to a barrage of abuse from the ‘sons of Alex’, the hardcore of cybernats who use the internet to lie and spread hate.

The ground central for the attack on Conscientious Suzanne Hunter is the pro-independence Wings Over Scotland website run by Stuart Campbell.

Campbell comes across as a wee shit of a human being; his website is populated by the real trash of civic Nationalism in Scotland, the Salmond and Sturgeon cliques. Suzanne Hunter has been wrongly branded a liar and an actress as the Nat crazies all piled in to attack her for appearing on a Labour election leaflet calling for more nurses for the NHS.

She did so in a Labour Party election leaflet. 

In what justifies her call for more help for the NHS, the blind, deaf and stupid among the Nats published Suzanne’s picture next to the casting profile of a Scots actress who bears almost no resemblance to her.

Poor research is a trademark of the SNP, after all check out Sturgeon’s Prestwick Airport deal!

After sticking up the wrong picture regarding identification, the nutters on Wings Over Scotland in full fake outrage mode spouting online bile at Suzanne, who is not even a Labour member.


Stuart Campbell who lives in Bath, Somerset is a severe embarrassment to the Nationalist community, although he said he wasn’t sure if both women were the same.

He added:

“So it would be perfectly possible for Scottish Labour to have put an actress in an NHS uniform, invented a completely fake quote for her to say, and put it on a leaflet to create the impression that NHS staff backed Labour, all without ever admitting that not a single word of it was actually true.”

Then as a demonstration of his political abilities, he said:

“Political parties can invent fake people out of thin air, create opinions for them, and pass them off as being absolutely real without any fear of detection.”

Suzanne said last night:

“I’m shocked and upset and insulted. I don’t know the actress but I bet she is really upset and angry too. It’s a smear on my character. The people writing all this nasty stuff don’t know me and they don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t even look like the other girl. I had never heard of any Stuart Campbell before this but I hear that this website has done this kind of thing before.”

To enlighten 28-year-old Suzanne, Stuart Campbell is a massive tool much like Peter A Bell, mouth opens and they rant on and on and on! 

Wings followers attacking people with shocking unfounded rants and personal insults is new by any means, it is what they do!

Suzanne said she agreed to be used on the leaflet and on previous leaflets about the health service because she has a passion for the NHS.

She said in it:

“Working as an NHS nurse I see every day the huge stress the NHS is under”.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon effectively dumped the NHS as Health Sec as she ran off to chase the independence dream, then Alex Neil couldn’t turn it round before Sturgeon then appointed her pal, Shona Robison who is now trying to use taxpayers cash to buy her way out of trouble.

Suzanne added:

“This winter the NHS reached breaking point because we simply don’t have the resources. Our NHS needs real help now. I’ll be voting Scottish Labour on 7 May because they’re the only party who can get rid of the Tories and pull our NHS back from the brink.”

I guess the question to be asked of Nicola Sturgeon will she defend Suzanne Hunter’s right to free speech?

So to recap, attacking women, abusing women and not defending women, the civic nationalism of the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Enterprise camera test, Journey to Babel

Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says “education” is the major reason she is First Minister of Scotland, is her ‘education’ responsible for the shambolic deal at Prestwick Airport, you don’t need ‘education’ to be SNP First Minister, tools required, fantasist and continual grievance about blaming the English!

Dear All

Let’s talk money, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s Government has ripped off Glasgow to the tune of £370 million, keep that figure in your head through-out your reading of this article.

£370 million!

Having treated Glasgow with utter contempt, and because there is a General election in the offing, Sturgeon has decided to be 'very big' about it and hand back some of the cash.

£200 million?

£150 million?

£100 million?

No, no and no, put your tea down before reading further, the sum of £6.1 million of Scottish Government investment is being shipped across.

Anyone still deluded to think Nicola Sturgeon is standing up for Glasgow or she is an economic genius?

A further part of her sick ‘joke’ is that she got up on her hind legs to declare that she has plans to make Scotland “a land of opportunity”. This tripe she delivered in a speech for David Hume Institute.

Land of opportunity in Castlemilk for £6.1 million which works out allegedly to about a 1,000 job opportunities for unemployed young people!

So, Sturgeon turns up at a regeneration project in Castlemilk on the southside of Glasgow and tells people ‘her’ Scotland can remove the inequality barriers that some people face.

At times like this, I think back to the movie, ‘Animal House’ and the famous line by John Belushi used as a response to authority figures trying to yank your chain:


To me, this seems to be based on the assumption that Sturgeon maybe under the impression that everyone she meets must be truly as ignorant as her election candidates and activist base. Sturgeon also says that that education plays a key role in tackling inequality.

At times like this, I think back to the movie, ‘Animal House’ and the famous line by John Belushi used as a response to authority figures trying to yank your chain :


She can’t deliver equality in her own party never mind roll it out across Scotland!

You only have to look at SNP Candidate selection to see how the chosen few are all part of the SNP clique. In recent weeks claims of intimidation have dogged the party, did education fail those who are promoting inequality, unfairness and lack of social justice within the party for their own personal gain?

With her “education”, couldn’t she work out that she needed to get of her arse and do something?

As to her other delusions that she is ‘growing the economy’; she is growing nothing, she is making nothing, and she isn’t bring in investment to Scotland.

She is becoming a sinkhole as the Prestwick Airport adventure demonstrates.

Sturgeon said:

“The education I got is a major reason why I’m able to stand here today as the First Minister of Scotland”.

The major reason she is First Minster in my opinion isn’t because of education, it is because as an angry wee Nat spitting venom and bile; she was accepted into the SNP clique.

Education doesn’t come into it, she made a dog’s dinner of the Scottish NHS as a Minister and she continually got it spectacularly wrong regarding key areas of independence such as defence and the EU.

George Laird didn’t!

Sturgeon added:

“So, it’s important to me personally that every young girl and boy growing up today - regardless of their background - gets the chance to do the same. The removal of obstructions to education, and the opening up of new opportunities, has been the focus of many of the major initiatives of my first 100 days. From supporting mothers in the early stages of pregnancy, to helping people gain their first experience of work, this Government is committed to promoting opportunities and reducing inequalities Because education is not just part of our sense of ourselves, it’s the key to a better future for young people growing up in Scotland today. It is at the heart of the fairer, more prosperous Scotland, that all of us seek to build.”

Excuse me dear, leaving aside your building of the fascist Scotland project, why has it taken nearly 8 years to get here to the place just round the corner from the ‘land of milk and educational honey’?

Also, one of the con tricks is the use of ‘many of the major initiatives of my first 100 days’.

This is to make you think that her tinkering and doing really nothing of significance somehow translates as dynamic action.

To drive it home, 1,000 training places in a constituency of 60,000 people is nothing, no training for rocket scientists here.

Also does £6.1 million represent a major initiative?

So, what is actually going on?

Well, in blunt stark terms, £6.1 million is to provide training posts and placements, not permanent jobs.

People will be paid the living wage, but at the end of training they will have to leave and become unemployed or if they get lucky, a job which may or may not pay the living wage.

Martin Sime, chief executive of SCVO, said:

“This is fantastic news for young people, charities and communities right across Scotland”.

And fantastic news for Martin Sime, he gets to keep drawing his chief executive salary which will be a damn sight more than the living wage!

One can only wonder just how much excitement this ‘news’ actually had on him.

Sime added:

“CJS works so well because it gives young unemployed people the chance to make a valuable contribution to their community and earn a wage and build new skills at the same time. Young people see the benefits of becoming more actively involved in their local area and doing their bit by supporting other people and making their community a better place for everyone to live. By investing in young people, including young offenders, young people with disabilities and long-term health conditions, and care leavers, CJS ensures that they don’t just get the extra support they need to find work, but they also gain first-hand experiences of making a real difference to other people’s lives.”

I wonder being slightly cynical about SNP con tricks on the general public, how many of the 1,000 opportunities are menial or low skilled?

How many of these ‘opportunities’ prepare a young person to launch into University or College?

How many of these jobs prepare someone to be First Minister or indeed what is termed a professional job?

In case it escaped unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s attention, no one aspires to have a menial or low skilled job, not even in Castlemilk.
Only in her deluded vision of ‘a land of menial opportunity’ is it so, because that is the extent of what is on offer here by Sturgeon.

Marie Antoinette famously said:

“Let them (the peasants) eat cake”.

Nicola Sturgeon has come along with some crumbs and Glaswegians are supposed to be grateful.

David Cameron announced circa £850 million defence contracts to secure shipbuilding on the Clyde; he didn’t feel the need to come to Scotland to do a lap of honour.

£850 million.

Finally given Nicola Sturgeon says education got her where she is, can she explain why she has been accused of covering up the true cost to the taxpayer of buying Prestwick Airport?

Can she explain the press asking why she kept secret the existence of a new estimate of the ‘white elephant’ vanity project that is predicted to almost double to £40 million?

Audit Scotland investigation into the SNP’s controversial purchase found that a revised business plan produced in May last year forecast that public loans to the loss-making airport would reach £39.6 million by 2021/22.

Sturgeon failed to tell MSPs that the predicted cost had increased from the original estimate of £21.3 million when she gave evidence to a Holyrood inquiry the following month.

Is it education fail of being under prepared, cover up or outright deceit Nicola?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sir Malcolm Rifkind steps down as security committee chairman and as an MP, a sad end to a career spanning 40 years, this affair shows that the House of Commons needs to set new rules for members to abide by

Dear All

Politics at times can be a fast moving business, particularly when the whiff of possibly scandal is bouncing about the place, chuck in a General election coming up and minds get focused rather quickly.

Sir Malcolm Rifkind was caught up in a Daily Telegraph / Channel 4 Despatches sting operation; he was offering “useful access” to all the UK’s ambassadors to a fictitious Chinese company.

Malcolm Rifkind wasn’t just a run of the mill MP; he was previously a Foreign and Defence Secretary in John Major’s government as well as being seen as a Scottish Tory grandee.

His career kicked off when he was elected back in 1974 as an MP in Edinburgh; it was a very successful career in many respects both personally and politically. He was also the chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee which is one of the most prestigious committees of the House of Commons.

Now with the resulting publicity of the sting operation, he has resigned as chairman and will be stepping down as an MP for Kensington and Chelsea.

During the meetings with fake representatives of the Chinese company, Sir Malcolm is said to have described himself as “self employed”.

That is rather novel given that taxpayer pays him a £67,000 a year MP’s salary on the basis that he will represent his constituents interests in Parliament. How hard an MP works or even if they are good value for money remains subjective. There are some pretty dire MPs kicking about the place or prison depending on what they get up to.

As to be “self employed”, it is said that Malcolm Rifkind wasn’t cheap, he charged anywhere between £5,000 and £8,000 a day.

Presumably he sprung for his own lunch, mind you big companies sometimes lay on grub. This episode will no doubt have damaged his reputation but given Rifkind has stepped down as Chairman and not contesting his seat, the press interest should more or less move on. Although no longer Chairman of his Committee, Rifkind will remain a member and see out his term before stepping down.

In a statement today he was still unapologetic regarding what has happened.

He said:

“None of the current controversy with which I am associated is relevant to my work as chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament. However, I have today informed my colleagues that while I will remain a member of the Committee, I will step down from the chairmanship. The committee is due to be dissolved in little over a month with the prorogation of Parliament for the forthcoming General Election. The main substantive work which needs to be completed will be the publication of our Privacy and Security Report during March. I do not want the work of the committee and the publication of the Report to be, in any way, distracted or affected by controversy as to my personal position. I have concluded, therefore, that it is better that this important work should be presided over by a new chairman.”

As I said things in politics can move really fast, this resignation is quick even by the standards of the House of Commons.  Sir Malcolm Rifkind stepping down as Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee was the right thing to do. I would have let the voters decide of whether he should have continued as MP for Kensington and Chelsea.

Some MPs as I understand it made £7 million last year, presumably the voters should look very closely at who is representing them and are they getting best served, or are they just getting used so that someone can use the House of Commons as a gateway to further enrichment.

In many ways, this is a sad end to a career in the House of Commons spanning over 40 years. Somewhere down the line after the dust has settled, Sir Malcolm Rifkind will probably get a peerage and end up in the House of Lords given his track record of government service.

This episode shows that Westminster still needs to address some issues in order to rebuild public trust, which hasn’t recovered since the expenses scandal was first brought into the public domain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Top Glasgow defence lawyer Joe Beltrami dies aged 83, a true giant of the legal profession in Scotland, his record for saving people from the hangman, 12-0, now that's a lawyer

Dear All

I have always had a passing interested in law since I was a kid; my favourite in the legal profession was Lord Denning, Master of Rolls, a great judge who to this day stands apart from his peers.

In Scotland, one of the most high-profile defence lawyers has died at 83, in Glasgow; you couldn’t help but know the name, Joe Beltrami.

He represented clients in many famous criminal trials in Glasgow including defending clients who faced the death penalty in 12 cases.

 Beltrami’s record on that front was as the press said, “Beltrami 12, Hangman 0”.

Hanging people is a ghastly business and no way for anyone to die despite the arguments of the pro hanging lobby to bring it back using the most emotive cases as a basis for trying to front it as ‘justice’.

The arguments that an innocent person couldn’t be hanged today because of advances in criminal detection such as DNA profiling remain bogus.
I have never agreed with the death penalty, it has no place in a modern country but sadly it isn’t abolished world wide, the death penalty is final and it doesn’t deter or work in my opinion.

Joe Beltrami had a remarkable 50-year career, his law firm was founded in 1958, the man himself was regarded by his peers as an “institution, not only in Glasgow, but in Scotland”.

The son of a Swiss father and a Scottish mother, Joe Beltrami will be remembered as a legend of Scottish Justice.

As a matter of historical fact, he helped secure the only two Royal Pardons granted in Scotland in the 20th century. One for Paddy Meehan, who was released in 1976 after serving seven years for the wrongful conviction of murdering a pensioner in a house break-in in Ayr in 1969.

To have helped right a wrong must have brought him enormous satisfaction that through his skill and dedication he gave back someone their freedom. The other pardon was for Maurice Swanson in 1975, when his conviction for a bank robbery was overturned.

Beltrami defended more than 350 people accused of murder, and he didn’t always defend the innocent.

He said in 2009:

“They were a mixture of not guilty, culpable homicides and not provens. Not proven is a great verdict. There are regular campaigns to get rid of it, but I think it’s a perfectly valid verdict. The prosecution did not prove its case.”

Recognised with a lifetime achievement award at the Law Awards of Scotland in 2008, he was also made an honorary life member of the Law Society of Scotland, the highest honour the society can bestow on a Scottish solicitor.

In Scotland, justice is being eroded; we need people like Joe Beltrami more than ever, sometimes justice needs all the help it can get. 

Joe Beltrami reportedly had to set up on his own after failing to find a practice to take him on as an apprentice, I think a great many law firms would be thinking how unlucky they were not to have offered him an apprenticeship.

His clients included Arthur Thompson, whom he managed to acquit of various criminal charges on many occasions throughout the 1980s.

One of the things in legal defence is that you don’t always get to defend the great, the good and the innocent.

It said on his company website:
“Such successful defences led to the coining of the phrase ‘get me Beltrami’ as a plea for legal assistance and representation in desperate circumstances amongst Glaswegians during the time”.

His career was varied and interesting, although many people will graduate in Law, there was only one Joe Beltrami.

It is a sad loss for his family, the legal profession and Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Brake test of 3d model vehicle, I also do political commentating

Nedheart, Mhairi Black, no William Wallace

SNP members adopt 'intimidation' tactics to use against political opponents in the Westminster 2015 election, given this is happening in multiple places, it is time to start to ask unpopular Nicola Sturgeon what she knows and more importantly why the SNP don’t act until contacted by press

Dear All

It seems the culture of intimidation by Scottish National Party members which has developed over many years within the party to silence dissent is now being rolled out across Scotland.

During the Better Together campaign events, the Yes side would turn up at locations and film women, another part of the tactics was also to engage Better Together activists in conversations which the sole purpose was to disrupt them speaking to the public.

At the Silverburn Centre, I witnessed first hand how the Yes squad which had SNP Candidate Chris Stephens among their numbers began filming or photographing BT women. The SNP Candidate Chris Stephens was later removed by the Silverburn security staff.

It was a rather nasty episode as the woman filmed felt vulnerable. SNP Candidate Chris Stephens never put a stop to it, in much the same way; he never put a stop to Shona McAlpine who works for publicly unelectable SNP list MSP Humza Yousaf abusing an Asian man during the Pollok SNP selection meeting.

What no one knows is why the Nationalists are filming women in the first place and what they do with the footage.

Intimidation tactics are now becoming widespread in the Westminster 2015 election, such behaviour previously unheard of is becoming the Nationalists stock in trade. Now, people are openly speaking out about how the tactics of fascism are being played out in Scottish politics.

In Glasgow, there is a really vile nasty gang which surrounds unpopular Nicola Sturgeon which I have commented on before on this blog and elsewhere.

Across the other side of the country, Edinburgh Western SNP branch asked supporters to take the “sinister” action if Labour canvassers called at their door. They are encouraging supporters to photograph Labour activists and post the pictures on the internet.

What purpose does this serve, it serves to identify prominent political activists to be targeted and abused.
The Edinburgh Western SNP branch on their official Facebook page has posted a message saying:

“If a Labour (sic) come to your door ask them about: 1. Trident renewal 2. Austerity vote 3. Fracking moratorium vote. If they lie take a picture of them and post the information. Use the hashtag #labourdoorstep.”

This has prompted Labour activist Kayleigh Quinn, 23 to ask on Twitter:

“Why are SNP so creepy with the photo taking? It’s happened to me a few times. Really weird behaviour, guys.”

Scottish Labour MP Anne McGuire said:

“This is an absolutely outrageous attempt to intimidate Scottish Labour activists into silence. People should not feel threatened for canvassing voters or expressing their own political opinions, and the idea of photographing someone against their will is incredibly sinister. The SNP need to get their members in line, this form of politics should be nowhere near the general election in May.”

When the knowledge of official Nationalist intimidation leaked out, the SNP did a dog and pony show of ‘carpeting’ the leaders of the branch but only after the press informed party HQ.

In what is almost like a stock reply, a mouthpiece said:

“We absolutely do not condone this and we have told the branch that. The post has now been removed.”

But not the people who are in the Scottish National Party!

If you think back to 1930’s Germany, the Nazis used to hang about outside the shops of Jewish people to ensure their businesses suffered and the public were intimidated from using them.

Under Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon we are experiencing similar tactics, in Paisley, we had another tactic of the Nazis on display recently ‘book burning’ as SNP Councillors burned publicly the Smith Commission report. Although some in the press have tried to dismiss actions as hardliners who recently joined the SNP that isn’t the case.

Can anyone forget the hate campaign done by English woman Gail Lythgoe who is married to list MSP Humza Yousaf? After being caught apparently she was ‘sorry’, but she isn’t just anyone, she sat on the SNP National Executive. 

In Glasgow East, the Labour Candidate Margaret Curran has being followed and photographed, intimidation tactics to scare not just her, Labour activists but also to intimidate voters.

Labour leader Jim Murphy received similar treatment in Dundee while campaigning, so maybe some people will start to think this doesn’t look random. To return to the Glasgow East situation, it should be remember that the SNP Candidate, the odious Natalie McGarry has been named in a Police Scotland criminal investigation. A hate account was setup on twitter by someone she knows and has socialised with, two of her ‘friends’ also joined that account, SNP Candidate Jonathan Mackie and Shona McAlpine.

To recap, the person who set up the hate account calling me a paedophile has been arrested by Police Scotland, he knows SNP Candidate Natalie McGarry, SNP Candidate Chris Stephens, SNP Candidate Jonathan Mackie and Shona McAlpine who works for SNP list MSP Humza Yousaf.

And all of them have connections to Nicola Sturgeon.

So, will Nicola Sturgeon being stopping specific and targeted intimidation by SNP activists?


Apparently Nicola Sturgeon is the most ignorant woman in Scottish politics of what goes on right under her nose by her friends and associates.

It is time that people started asking her the questions in public forums and on television, radio and in the printed press, what did she know, when did she know it and what did she do about it.

SNP candidate Mhairi Black sparked controversy recently when it emerged she had admitted wanting to use violence against Labour councillors when the No vote was declared in the early hours of September 19.

Black hasn’t been removed as an SNP Candidate.

During the unrest of 1930’s Germany, people were targeted for violence when they became a threat to the Nazis regime, and like the Nazis, the SNP has plans to have a file on everyone via their backdoor attempt at a national id database.

This time, this election, it really is a case of #snpout.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 23, 2015

‘Rally round the hag’, angry Nationalists return to this blog to throw abuse after their 'hero' unpopular Nicola Sturgeon gets handed her ass by an 81 year old man, the abuse shows how sensitive the Nationalists are at propping up such an untalented loser

Dear All

It seems that some people, a minority have taken exception to my writing.

Generally, I get a lot of support from the public, as was shown to me during my spell of serious illness which landed me in hospital.

However, the creepy Nationalists have returned to show their displeasure.

“What a prick you are Geo...cheers, Nicola”.

This ditto appeared on;

My story of Nicola Sturgeon’s gross incompetence!

Next up, a less than happy camper came out with:

“The Scottish branch of the not so socialist Labour party are a fuckin joke, of that there is no doubt. You voted No because you're a shite and should be ashamed of yourself. Deluded prick!”

In my area, I helped save the jobs of people in the Scottish NHS, the BBC and Govan Shipbuilders

So, am I a deluded prick?

I think not!

“Geo, I have just been laughing my head off at your bile and sheer fuckin stupidity.
Keep writing your shite as it shows what a wanker you are”.

This Soldier of Salmond still angry at losing the Scottish independence referendum, to be pitied …….. and laughed at as well.

“Shite article Geo, absolute shite!”

It seems that with unpopular Nicola Sturgeon being recently handed her ass on BBC Question time , the Nationalists are waking up to the end of their sad delusions, Nicola Sturgeon isn’t a super woman by any means.

Check out her failures at Health, Scotland's NHS is in crisis.

If an 81 year old man can hand her ass so easily on TV and she is supposed to be the ‘best’ the Nationalists can put up, then what indeed are the rest of the SNP cannon fodder like in a debate?

Did you see how badly Nicola Sturgeon reacted when she was systematically torn apart by Michael Heseltine?

We all know she talks shite but her political asscheeks must have been red raw that night!

I guess many Nationalist ‘wankers’ must have reached for the political vigara as that show went on, but in the end with Nicola being such a flop, it must have been hard for them to ‘get off’ that night.

Poor Nicola, manhandled by an 81 year old, I guess the myth of a dynamic super woman is now seen another epic Sturgeon fail of PR!

UPDATE, a quote from a reader on Facebook:

"Brilliant as always!" 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

The Conservative Party has suspended the whip from former foreign secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, isn’t it time that paid secondary employment was banned at Westminster in order to protect the integrity of the House

Dear All

If you look at politics as a geek, you will know the name, Sir Malcolm Rifkind, he is generally regarded as one of the more important people of influence in the Conservative Party.

He has served under Margaret Thatcher and John Major in the days were the Conservatives were a dominate force. Rifkind was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Edinburgh Pentlands from 1974 to 1997. Currently he is the MP for Kensington and Chelsea and sits as chairman of the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee, one of the most sensitive committees at Westminster.

It therefore comes as a bit of a surprise that the Conservative Party has suspended the whip from former foreign secretary and that he will face a party disciplinary committee investigating cash-for-access allegations.

He is in this mess because of an undercover sting operation which is all the rage with newspapers. You get a guy to approach an MP in this case posing as representatives of a fictitious Hong Kong-based firm. They apparently wanted to hire senior British politicians to join its advisory board.

MPs being on the boards of other companies isn’t anything new, however the issue of ‘cash for access’ still remains a topic on the political agenda.

In short, an MP should be banned from paid secondary employment if it can be seen to impact on their role as a parliamentarian.

I have never agreed with the argument, they are getting experience, if they want the experience then let them do it for no pay but purely expenses.

Sir Malcolm it is alleged is said to have claimed that he could arrange “useful access” to every British ambassador in the world because of his status.

On the other side of the Commons, Labour’s former foreign secretary Jack Straw has allegedly boasted of operating “under the radar” to use his influence to change European Union rules on behalf of a commodity firm which paid him £60,000 a year.

As I understand it Jack Straw is said to be standing down at this election, both Rifkind and Straw deny any wrongdoing. Also they have referred themselves to the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner.

In Rifkind’s case he had a meeting with Tory Chief Whip Michael Gove and the outcome of that event was suspension of the whip with effective immediately.

It is worthwhile pointing out that there is an election going on, so parties tend to get rid of people so they can appear a fresh as the driven snow.

In the course of the investigation, the Telegraph/Dispatches team met Sir Malcolm at their fictional firm’s Mayfair office. He is said to have told them he could meet “any ambassador that I wish to see” in London.

During the meetings, Sir Malcolm is said to have described himself as being “self-employed” which he said his rate was “somewhere in the region of £5,000 to £8,000” for a half a day’s work.

Sir Alistair Graham, a former chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said it was “shocking” that two such experienced MPs have acted in the way that they did.

Clearly, the rules of the House of Commons need to be revisited, no MP should ever be seen to provide access if they are getting paid by the firm they ‘work’ for, in general, I am totally against secondary paid employment for MPs.

Fees for after dinner speaking or appearing on TV as a co presenter or regular pundit I have no object to.

Westminster suffered a blow to its reputation because of the expenses scandal; this type of story also damages its integrity because it looks like people milking the system.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fucking it all up, Labour Leader Jim Murphy has run into trouble, his ‘fitba’ campaign isn’t the substance that will attract Labour voters back, Jim Murphy, go see the 10 year old little boy who got bottled by Celtic fans and ask him should alcohol be re-introduced at football matches, Scotland has changed politically, Murphy needs to address that now

Dear All

Labour leader Jim Murphy enjoyed himself in the Better Together during his 100 day tour, but the referendum is over now.

He has since went on to be become leader of Scottish Labour, the Labour Party fortunes have somewhat improved against the SNP. 

At FMQs Kezia Dugdale scored some hits against the SNP Government.

The SNP have done some climb downs, the proposed women’s super prison in Inverclyde and demands for the publishing weekly accident and emergency waiting times.

On the issue of the super prison, I have blogged and commented on this before, it was a bad idea, during having a pop at Elish ‘Labour’ Angiolini who decided to reinvent herself as a caring individual, struggling with angst about women being locked up.

Murphy recent call for a lifting of the ban on alcohol at football grounds is bullshit, if he thinks the pressing issue of the day is people getting pissed watching football, he is in for a rude awakening at the ballot box. When he took over as Labour leader, one of his first announcements was to suggest Labour would repeal the OBA Act, brought in by a knee jerk SNP Government.

I am against OBA as it is bad law, my position remains the same, it should be repealed, but what concerns me is that Murphy thought a ‘housekeeping’ issue should figure so high on his ‘to do’ list.

Things have changed politically in Scotland, it isn’t business as usual; the Labour Party need to step up to the plate and start delivering real life changing policies for ordinary working class people.

Failure to do so, failure to deliver will see them destroyed, people in Scotland are sick of being ignored, they are sick of getting nothing in return for their vote.

The Nationalists have decided to oppose the lifting of alcohol, despite the idea being popular among Scottish clubs who are strapped for cash, in an ideal world, people could enjoy a pint and watch a football game; sadly that isn’t the case.  

Some Scots still have a lot of growing up to do, because this minority are spoiling it for the rest, hence the ban on alcohol must stay.

It is a safety issue, we can’t do anything about fans getting tanked up before or after a game, but we can something about it during it.

It is easy to see why Murphy’s call will prove popular but in this case popular doesn’t also mean right.

Murphy sees this as a class issue, but it isn’t, it is a safety and law and order issue, while it is true, that fans can drink at Murrayfield, we should remember that rugby fans by enlarge don’t use violence on opposing fans.

Jim Murphy should think back to the bad old days of the notorious Scottish Cup final of 1980 between Rangers and Celtic which saw fans rioting on the Hampden pitch and the use of mounted police.

Rugby has no history of fan trouble.

Working class people as well as middle class people go to rugby matches without incident so they were allowed to re-introduce alcohol at grounds in 2007.

If football fans want alcohol back, then the element who cause violence has to be removed from entering football stadiums, not exactly an easy task. A couple of weeks ago a ten-year-old Rangers fan left with an injured face and three missing teeth after being “bottled” by Celtic fans.

10 years old, a little kid.

Jim Murphy should drop the call for alcohol to be re-introduced at football matches, in fact, he should drop his ‘fitba’ campaign all together; he is struggling at present because he isn’t producing policies of real significance to change lives of those who need it most in society.

Murphy needs to wise up, he stands to lose many of the current Labour MPs who must be thinking why Murphy dealing with meaningless trivia.

If he fails to grasp the problem, he will be waking up to find himself surrounded by people calling for the end of his leadership sooner rather than later.

Deliver policies of significant meaning to win back Labour voters, big ideas, real change and real commitment.

Pledge to devolve Welfare responsibility to the Scottish Parliament.   

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Conservative leader Ruth Davidson urges supporters not to vote tactically in general election, that might be in her personal interest but not in the interests of Scotland, Tory Canvassers find Tory support willing to vote a Labour candidate to shut SNP out of a seat, tactical voting is all the rage!

Dear All

At present, there is some considerable talk for the need for tactical voting in Scotland.

So, what is tactical voting?

Tactical voting is when people vote for a party in an area not because they believe in the party or the candidate but to ensure that the candidate of another party doesn’t win the seat.

During the European elections, I urged people to tactically vote for David Coburn of Ukip, and I voted for him at the ballot box, it was a tactical vote to try and ensure Tsmina Ahmed-Shiehk currently in the SNP wasn’t elected to the European Parliament.

Many of my fellows Scots agreed with me and voted Ukip, David Coburn by default of this action benefited.

Lucky old David Coburn!

It didn’t matter to me if Mr. Coburn didn’t understand politics, was ignorant of how the European Parliament worked or didn’t do a jot of work, ensuring the SNP didn’t get the third seat. Alex Salmond during that election played the ‘race card’ on behalf of Ahmed-Siehk which doubly convinced me to vote Ukip and encourage others to dos the same.

Ukip therefore was a means to an end, job done;move on to the next problem.

Ruth Davidson is the Conservative Party leader in Scotland;she is tasked with trying to turn round the fortunes of a party in decline. The Conservatives have one MP in Westminster from Scotland, he is David Mundell, since the Conservatives are a major brand this is an embarrassment. The Conservatives have been in the wilderness politically for over 30 plus years, nothing Ruth Davidson has done so far has changed their fortunes.

You would think after such a long time, people in her party would twig what the problem is as to why Scottish people have abandoned them. If you understand the problem, you can then develop a solution to regain voters.

Ruth Davidson wants her supporters not to vote tactically in this year’s general election, by doing so, she is being selfish. The Conservatives have a tradition of getting rid of unsuccessful leaders, so she has to satisfy the ‘men in the grey suits’ that she is making ‘progress’. This election is her first major test as leader; if she was to get even two MPs; it would be seen as a good day for her and buy her some time. In Scotland, there are some seats which the Conservative Candidate could be the main challenger, if you were to ask would she like Labour voters to switch tactically to vote Conservative, would she say No?


Ruth Davidson says she doesn’t want a Labour Government, but more than that she says she doesn’t want a Labour Government which relies on the SNP for support. That being the case; that the greater evil is a Labour Government which relies on the SNP support, the case for voting tactically is made.

The Conservatives in Scotland are in decline, they have few elected representatives in comparison with the other main players, small voter base, aging membership and few activists. It therefore makes sense for them to pool resources and specifically target seats which they could possibly win in. However Ruth Davidson wants to spread out her resources to shore up her voter base in all areas, this dilutes any chance of winning.

It is a poor strategy and even if you didn’t know anything about politics, it is ultimately doomed.    

Ruth Davidson isn’t in a position to mount an effective challenge all over Scotland, quite simply the Conservative policies are wrong, and turn people of particularly in working class areas.

In an unprecedented appeal telling her supporters to keep voting Tory, she said:

“I didn’t fight to secure our future last year just to see Ed Miliband or Nicola Sturgeon throw it away.”

Davidson is out of touch, a first step on getting stabbed in the back by her masters further down the line, it stinks of desperation, now is the time to show leadership, sacrifice is called for, it is a bitter pill to swallow.

Conservative canvassers in many parts of Scotland have reported that traditional Conservative voters were prepared to “hold their noses” and vote Labour to stop the Nationalists.

In the main in Scotland, a Labour candidate who holds a seat is only going to lose to a Nationalist at this time, if at all. Campaign groups have been formed to supply people to whatever candidate has the best chance of stopping the SNP regardless of party; politics in Scotland is still in flux.

People haven’t worked out that the Scottish National Party is irrelevant yet, they had their chance on 18th September 2014 and people said No! They said no to the vision of Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon. The current Nationalist lie of ending austerity is just another watered down version of their land of ‘milk and honey’, it was bullshit in September and it is still bullshit come the Westminster vote. They are stringing the gullible along making promises that they have no power to enact or indeed keep without a third party.

Lord Ashcroft 10 days ago suggested that the SNP might win 35 of Labour’s present 41 Scottish seats, I see that number as highly doubtful, however the Nationalists have had their cause boosted by Labour who are current wrapped up in ‘fitba’ mode. The Labour Party need to drop their campaigning about introducing booze back on sale at football games, this makes the SNP look credible by default.

The big injustice in Scotland isn’t being able to get pissed in a football stadium, the Scottish Labour Party better wise up to that sobering fact pretty quick, and start talking about matters of substance or they will be helping put themselves out the door. If Labour leader Jim Murphy thinks gimmicks work, then he should think back to how Alex Salmond profited from that ploy last September.

A bad result at this election will see an even worse one in 2016 at Holyrood!

One Tory activist and former candidate, who received the Davidson letter at the weekend, said he agreed with ‘the plea’, and added:

“She’s right to firm up some spines and we should do all we can in that regard. But asking Tories to vote Tory does smack a little of desperation. Quite a lot of our traditional supporters are considering what to do in the election. They don’t like the idea of voting Labour but they might hold their noses and do it to stop the Nats.”

Ruth Davidson just flunked a key requirement of leadership; refusing to sacrifice personal ambition in favour of the wider good. I guess the ‘men in the grey suits’ will less understanding as they sit down and work out how she is not putting in a Conservative Government into power but increasing the chances of the SNP controlling the Labour Party if there is a hung Parliament.

Davidson has to put her own house in order first, then and only can see ‘come out to play’ and win seats, and that means a radical change to social policies to get back onboard the working class. Clearly the Conservatives still don’t get it as demonstrated by their pledge for a ‘forced Labour’ programme for poor working class young people who claim benefits.

Where is Ruth Davidson’s opposition to that; like the bedroom tax, this is one type of silence that isn’t golden and isn’t going to get her votes. Ruth Davidson famous made a joke that it was ‘harder to come out as a Conservative than as a Lesbian’. That is in no way the hardest thing she has yet to do, saying No to David Cameron and standing up for Scotland is, so far she is just rubberstamping everything Westminster does.

To recap, how many Westmintser seats do the Scottish Conservatives hold?

One; and even that is looking shaky, internal change first, and speaking of ‘spine’ maybe that should also apply to Ms. Davidson.

This election is all about voting tactically to ensure the influence of the SNP is limited, it would be a disaster for Scotland if the current Nationalist selection of cannon fodder got in.

Some of these people are pond life.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University