Monday, May 30, 2016

EU REF ROUNDUP: David Cameron facing leadership contest as EU row escalates in Tory Party, vested financial interests back remain campaign; EU appointee Tony Blair wades in to put his tuppence worth in, Stronger In Director Will Straw scaremongers with deportation claims, these people really don’t have a case to defend the anti-democratic EU

Dear All

It is common knowledge that David Cameron will not be seeking a new term as Prime Minister at the next general election.

So, with the Brexit debate raging, the Conservatives are involved in a huge bun fight between David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Luckily, the people of Scotland have been spared that particularly nonsense crossing the border.

The Conservatives love infighting, and when it comes to leaders, they don’t think twice of stabbing them in the back and getting rid of them.

It’s a Conservative tradition.

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing the prospect of a leadership coup over the EU referendum campaign, as the campaign draws to a close, it is boiling over and spilling into open civil war.

Commons select committee chairman Andrew Bridgen has said more than 50 MPs are ready to move against the Prime Minister, enough to trigger a confidence vote. Once a stalking horse emerges, the Prime Minister will be cooked and badly damaged politically.

Through-out the EU Referendum, both sides have seen bizarre statement thrust in the public domain, the most impressive howler by David Cameron was if we leave it could spark WW3.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has already sent a letter to the chairman of the party’s backbench 1922 committee calling for a leadership contest, her take on the PM is to accuse him of telling “outright lies.”

Priti Patel, a minister who I have previously blogged on in the past has suggested Cameron was too wealthy to understand the impact of immigration on poorer Brits. I think many would agree with that statement, being poor is no joke, especially when your opportunities are constantly being restricted.

David Cameron made a commitment to cut immigration, so far that commitment isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Over 500 million EU citizens have the right to come and work in the EU, of course 500 million will not all turn up at once, however given that there is a lack of jobs, educational prospects and social mobility for the poor, this represents a major problem.

Rich people like David Cameron say they ‘understand’ that could be true, but could equally be true is the lack of action to fix the problems.

We are told how wonderful the EU is, if that is the case, and the EU is protecting us, could someone explain the Labour riots in France and Belgium?

If the EU is so good can anyone explain why they allow zero hour contracts?

Can the EU explain why it allowed a single person, Angela Merkel to effectively decide European immigration policy in 28 member states?

One in five employees of the EU earn more than the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the phrase ‘EU gravy train’ is a well-known expression.  

As the vote fast approaches, all the vested interests are now being brought out to condemn the Vote Leave campaign, including Labour former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair has just been appointed to an EU role, if you missed the ‘job ad’, there wasn’t one!

Oh, and before I forget, 600 rich people have been heralded by David Cameron for their support of a scare story of financial Armageddon.

Once we vote to leave the political control of the EU, we will join EFTA.

One of the most successful non EU members in EFTA is Switzerland, they have rejected EU membership, and their economy is going from strength to strength.

Britain Stronger in Europe campaign director Will Straw recently raised a scare story of deportation.

Will Straw is the son of Jack Straw, so again, another one of the rich.

So, what is the truth of immigration?

The Office for National Statistics estimates 330,000 more people arrived in the UK in 2015 than left, despite the Government pledging to get the figure below 100,000.

Vote Leave to return democracy back to Westminster, to have an enhanced Scottish Parliament, to secure our borders.

At the weekend, I was out in Glasgow making the case to leave, spoke to several people including two Americans who said I had made the case, and if they had the vote they would back leave.

I also did a quick video for them declaring Donald Trump as the logical choice for President of the United States of America.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SNP Faux Outrage, Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon gets slapped down as Muirfield members voted no to women ‘to prove a point’, why don’t you come back again Nicola when one of your MPs gets his dick jammed in someone, mind stand outside, the members don’t want you stinking the place up……. Classless oaf!

Dear All

You may have noticed that just recently Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon decided to wade into the Muirfield golfing row.

Nicola Sturgeon up to her neck with the Stewart Hosie scandal might have seen the golf saga as a ‘useful distraction’ to draw the spotlight on her as a ‘women’s rights champion’ which she isn’t.

Sturgeon opened her mouth, did her angry wee Nat routine, the little dog and pony show which is her trademark and called for the "indefensible" decision of Muirfield Golf Club to reject women as members to be overturned.

The male members under pressure as ‘everyone’ climbed onto the media bandwagon had a moment of pause; then they decided to reject the proposal.

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon lost the argument yet again.

People have the right to choose who they wish to associate with during their leisure time; another important point is that in Scotland, equality is just a word!

Equality as we think we know it doesn’t exist, it’s a myth, a political tool to hoodwink the masses, we are given ‘rights’ but when it comes to exercise those rights, barriers are put up, many people who are working class don’t need to be told about this concept.

Recently I did the Holyrood campaign of Johann Lamont, this is common knowledge, what isn’t common knowledge was how hard I worked in her campaign, however you could make the argument that others worked equally hard.

Unless of course you actually worked on that campaign!

In total, I did about 1/12th of the Constituency all by myself working for Labour and UAS, despite this; I didn’t get a ticket to the Glasgow count from the Pollok CLP. On election night, I did turn up at the count; I got a ticket from another political party.

You might ask given that count passes have to be ordered in advance, how did I know that I wasn’t getting a ticket?

I am a good judge of people, incidentally, some of my fellow ‘colleagues’ weren't too happy to see me at the count. 

Let me explain, when they saw me, they knew at that point, that I already knew that they weren't getting me a ticket. 

I like it when people prove me wrong about them, Pollok CLP didn't!

One thing I raised at Pollok CLP was the need for forward planning, I mention this because the CLP is badly in need of reform!

Did someone do a bigger geographical area than me on the campaign?


Did the 10 people who got tickets turn up more than me?


I am not angry about what happened, I am not angry that while I was campaigning for the Labour candidate on the Sunday, she was at the Celtic V Ross County game, I was there but just to hand out Labour Celt leaflets opposing the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, later I went back to Govan to continue campaign in my area.

The Labour campaign wasn’t an eye opener for me; the only surprise was the absence of so many elected representatives.

As I keep telling people equality doesn’t exist, if anything does annoy me is getting Labour emails about how hard some people are portrayed as working for the party, either HQ is ignorant of what is going on or there is an assumption that perhaps some people are simply gullible.

We are not in it all together, so when the men decided at the historic East Lothian club to “prove a point”, I totally understand where they are coming from.

Politicians are the worst people to lecture anyone on morals.

Former Scotland rugby player John Douglas, 81, said:

“It wasn’t so much a vote against the ladies as a vote against the media and the press telling us what to do. No-one likes being hammered all the time.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon labelled the club’s stance “indefensible”, culture minister Fiona Hyslop said “in terms of our international profile it paints a completely distorted picture of modern ­Scotland”.

Eh excuse me, recently on the BBC Big Debate, a die-hard Nationalist called Alan was complaining about the cronyism, nepotism and corruption in the Nationalists ranks, and you could also throw in the Stewart Hosie betrayal to top it off.
Iain Gray, the former Scottish Labour leader, has tabled a motion at Holyrood calling on the club to reconsider its stance “at the earliest opportunity”.

Meaningless gesture politics!

I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon got the message that was sent by the people of Muirfield?

Basically, it was piss off!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A George laird production - Warner Bros Title animation

Getting it wrong again; SNP MSP John Mason says the Football Act should not be repealed after Scottish Cup Final violence, when exactly is a good time to repeal bad law John, after the end of the football season, here is a hint…. anytime is the right time!

Dear All

I have campaigned for SNP MSP John Mason in three elections, unlike other people, I record every day I did on his campaigns.

Of late, he has become rather gaffe prone, there was his creationism thing:

That went down like a lead balloon.

Then there was his gaffe on debt and deficit:

What makes this one interesting is that he is a trained accountant and sits on the finance committee at Holyrood as the deputy finance convenor!

You make remember that I have always said that anyone can be a politician, you don’t need brains!

Fast forward to the present day, and he is back with another howler, he wants opponents of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act to back down obver repeal of the act.

So, what is the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act?

In its simplest terms it is bad law which was rammed through Holyrood because the SNP wanted to practice putting into effect emergency motions.

It was a knee jerk reaction which no one in the other parties supported.

At the weekend there was trouble at the Scottish Cup final by fans, it was a stupid thing to do, and anyone engaged in violence should be arrested, charged and dealt with by the Courts.

One of the abuses of Holyrood is MSPs using the motions system like it is a community bulletin board to post rubbish, the SNP are particularly bad for this type of abuse.

John Mason is saying it would "not be an appropriate time to relax the law" on offensive behaviour or to repeal the ban on alcohol at football.

Bad law should be repealed anytime, there is no such thing as a ‘good time’ to repeal bad law.

Opposition parties have all raised concerns about Act in the past, and with the SNP not having a majority, Labour plan to draft proposals to repeal it before the summer recess. Let us be absolutely clearly, this is a housekeeping matter.

The Act criminalised offensive and threatening behaviour, including sectarian behaviour, related to football matches and any communications containing threats or incitement to religious hatred.

The act is a failure, only 79 convictions in 2014/15 under the legislation this demonstrates the law is unnecessary.

John Mason's motion reads:

"Football can be a great opportunity for fans to let off steam but that there have to be limits as to what behaviour is acceptable; notes calls to change the law in relation to football, including repealing the ban on alcohol and relaxing the rules on offensive behaviour, and, in light of the recent situation, considers that this would not be an appropriate time to relax the law in either of these areas."

Labour MSP James Kelly said:

"The Football Act is not adequate in dealing with the unacceptable scenes after Saturday's match. Charges brought against those involved are likely to be for breach of the peace or assault. This underlines the inadequate nature of this legislation which has caused distrust between fans and police. I will therefore be pressing ahead with my plans to repeal the discredited Football Act."

If John Mason is not careful, he will end up looked as foolish as Pete Wishart, the SNP Westminster MP, once you are on the slope downwards in the madness stakes, it is hard to pull yourself back up.

Just look what is happening to Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond!

His trajectory is downwards; even his former colleagues are blowing him out!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Long Walk of Shame; SNP MP Stewart Hosie steps down as SNP deputy leader after sex scandal rocks the Party, on the BBC Big Debate, the George Laird view was his position as head of the SNP summer indy drive was completely untenable, George Laird right again, the faith must be kept pure!

Dear All

Did you catch me on the BBC Big Debate radio show on last Friday?

If you didn’t, then please take the time to click on the BBC website, and scroll down to you find the link to the Gordon Brewer Big Debate radio show, which was held in Uddingston.

I am a regular member of the audience when the show is in the Greater Glasgow area, I have always considered Gordon Brewer to be a good interviewer and host which in part is one of the many reasons I like to attend the show.

The show on Friday could best be described as ‘all kicking off’; it was absolutely hilarious; this show was a belter, high drama, people freaking out, the Labour MEP Catherine Stihler flipping her lid.

A regular member of the Nationalist crowd called Alan was also vocally attacking the Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP for cronyism, nepotism and corruption.

The audience was giving anyone not supporting Brexit on the panel a very hard time; the SNP MP Angela Crawley was sinking and attempting to hold the ‘private matter’ line on Stewart Hosie…. and failing!

Conservative MSP Margaret Mitchell put in the best performance tearing in the Labour MEP, and the Leave EU spokesman must have wondered what he had stumbled into, as open warfare raged back and forth across in the room and the panel.

I was an official questioner, I asked, can Stewart Hosie continue to head the SNP summer indy drive given the media coverage surrounding his alleged affair. Gordon Brewer immediately asked me for the George Laird view, to which I said No!

In politics when you ‘become the story’ it is time to go or in the case of the SNP, go into hiding for a bit till the heat dies down.

Anyway, later on, I found out that on twitter some guy had tweeted something along the lines of ‘ffs don’t tell me the BBC don’t know who George Laird is, bloody setup’.

He wasn’t impressed by the broadcast, personally I had a great time; it was as I said hilarious, from start to finish, never enjoyed myself so much in ages!

I can officially confirm that there was no ‘bloody setup’, I applied to join the BBC audience using the same method as any other member of the public, and that goes also to the criteria for submitting questions.

I have on many occasions been the official questioner on the Big Debate, but not all the time, sometimes, I don’t even speak on the show, after the Holyrood count in Glasgow, I was at the Friday post election event, never submitted a question, never put my hand up to speak.

But I did have a nimble of a couple of sandwiches since the event was two hours long, bit of information for the many Nationalists who drop by the blog trawling for information to use against me in future when I stand for public office.

Tuna sandwiches on Brown bread…… very political correct!

So, let’s get to the ‘good bit’, after I delivered the George Laird view that Stewart Hosie was toast, he has now decided to step down as the SNP’s depute leader.

As I previously blogged, the faith must be kept pure!

Now that he has signalled his intention to go, people can read the exchange of letters between him and Nicola Sturgeon, apparently Sturgeon is coming to Westminster to address her party’s MPs. The ‘feeble 54’ I believe, it used to be the feeble 56, but two blotted their copy books so badly they lost the whip!

Presumably this visit must be to read the ‘riot act’ and put some people on notice about their possible lack of a future, hopefully Angus MacNeil. Pete Wishart can stay; he amuses me, who doesn’t love a bit of provincial madness out of Pete’s mouth?

In a letter of apology to Nicola Sturgeon Hosie says he is sorry for “any hurt and upset I have caused to friends, family and colleagues. That was never my intention”.

So, let me get this right, how exactly did he think that someone who parks their dick in someone other than their wife wouldn’t cause “any hurt and upset”, is he having a laugh?

Time for a classic line of utter disbelief…… ‘c’mon big man, its me you’re talking to’!

Hosie writes:

“As you know I have been admitted to hospital on three occasions in the past few years with very high blood pressure. In that regard, the stress of the intense scrutiny of my private life has been very difficult. I intend to concentrate on my constituents, my responsibilities at Westminster, and most importantly, my health.”

Oh lookee here, the mitigation defence ‘past few years with very high blood pressure’, what’s that got to do with cheating on your wife? Presumably a weight loss programme rather than adultery would have served him better, and caused less stress than ducking and diving……. and it’s cheaper!  

Hosie added:

“It has been a pleasure to serve under your leadership and I hope to do so for many years to come. I wish you, your Government and our party every success.”

Interesting, Hosie made no mention of his leading the summer drive to renew his party’s campaign for Scottish independence. To take you back to the George Laird view, he is toast for that role as well….. as said on the BBC!

You can’t stand on the soapbox and say ‘trust me’, when you leave yourself open to someone popping up and saying; ‘trust you, your own wife can’t even do that’.

Also it is highly unlikely that Shona Robison will be available for any happy family on the campaign trail photo shoots with her husband. If Shona Robison wasn’t prominent in Nationalist circles with her position as Health Sec, I doubt that Hosie would be resigning over the weekend. But regardless of his resignation, this is still a running sore in the Nationalist ranks!

In a letter of response, Sturgeon thanked Hosie for his service as the party’s deputy since November 2014.

What a rather short tenure as depute leader, why say thanks?

Sturgeon said:

“During your tenure in office, amongst your many other duties, you have authored two successful election manifestos; providing the policy platform for our victories in both the 2015 General Election and the 2016 Scottish Parliament election. These are achievements you should be very proud of.”

People are using the SNP as a protest vehicle to punish Labour, might as well stick that in just in case you think that Hosie and co are some kind of geniuses.

She added:

“As you step down as depute leader, I know you will continue to make a valuable contribution to the party in many ways and, in particular, through your work in your constituency and as part of the Westminster group. I have enjoyed working with you as Depute Leader - and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. I wish you well.”

So, there you have it, a staged managed letter, one wonders if the shop soiled great white hope of Dreghorn wrote it herself or one of the lackeys drew it up for her.

A few days ago when the ‘shit hit the fan’, Stewart Hosie was very keen to stress that his daughter was ‘the priority’ but I see he is now saying: “I intend to concentrate on my constituents, my responsibilities at Westminster, and most importantly, my health.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but when the ship is going down, the cry is ‘women and children first’.

I am wondering about his previously made statements, what about you?

Finally, I have noticed that some of the Nationalist cult ‘angry brigade’ are making comments about the events that I have attended recently, completely ignoring the organisers or anyone else involved, but singling me out.

The curse of ‘popularity’ wears heavily on me shoulders, and unlike unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, I haven’t had to stage manage any of this ‘popularity’.

Maybe I should start to cry in public, bare my soul and do the empathy bit, tell people my favourite football moment was the England goal in the 1966 World Cup. Who knows maybe I will make it all the way to Westminster and have tea on the Westminster terrace with Serena Cowdy!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The faith must be kept pure: Stewart Hosie's summer independence role is effectively dead and buried, his mistress, Serena Cowdy says, “I just can't keep my knickers on”, home wrecker SNP Deputy Leader says his daughter is a priority, maybe he should have thought of that before he peeled off his Y fronts

Dear All

Time for a quote:

“I just can't keep my knickers on”.

Firstly, it isn’t me, its Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party’s new girlfriend Serena Cowdy.

Stewart Hosie effectively traded in his wife for a younger model, it happens, but in life actions can have consequences, one such consequence is that Hosie’s future as the head of the SNP's summer independence drive is now in doubt.

Sometimes a single statement can damn you, in Hosie’s case; the revelation of his possibly future wife is a bridge too far.

Stewart Hosie cannot now head anything, let alone, a SNP's summer independence drive which in my opinion is bogus, it’s a front for the council elections to get voters and activists back on their side.

Hosie has had his fun behind his wife’s back, can’t do anything about that, given his wife’s position in the SNP, this is a running sore, like football, people will choose sides. And given the Cult of the leader in the party, the minions will follow Nicola Sturgeon’s lead, also being the baddie, hard to get the sympathy vote.

In politics, once you are elected, the faith must be kept pure!

Where is the purity, the whiter than white, when the bird you are ploughing into said:

“I just can't keep my knickers on”.

Of course, people live their lives the way they want to, make choices then live with it, you made your bed, now lie in it is so apt.

In another part of the saga, is SNP MP Angus MacNeil, apparently he allegedly had an affair with Serena Cowdy, she moved on, he is yesterday’s man, and now he doesn’t have a wife, he is separated, he will have to look elsewhere for available ‘totty’ on the Island.

I am sure something will turn up.

Scottish Labour has questioned whether Hosie could credibly persuade unconvinced voters about the virtues of independence after the sex scandal burst on to the scene, they should butt out, this is one time bomb waiting to explode, no help needed.

Now, that Serena Cowdy has gorged herself on the flesh of 'the Mujahideen of British politicians', one can only wonder what the future holds, at some point will she switch to the ‘allies’?

Ten years down the road, Stewart Hosie will be 63 or thereabouts, Serena will be about 46 years, given she has issues such as being "nut magnet". Who is to say that when a younger man pops up full of the passion of life, she might decide to jump ship.

Anyone see her wanting to be stuck in Dundee baking cakes?

The SNP confirmed that Mr Hosie and Ms Robison have separated and that their young daughter would continue to be their priority.

Obviously Stewart Hosie has let his priorities slip much like his Y fronts!

Finally, is there anyone else senior in the SNP who is 'living a lie', if so might as well get it now as a 'job lot'.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A George Laird Production; X wing fighter flying through space

Losing men quicker than ebola, Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon pushes her way into the SNP love triangle scandal by public show of support for Shona Robison, public served up a tawdry scene of Sturgeon milking the compassion angle at Holyrood, enough to give you the boak!

Dear All

Do you remember every time there is a crisis, it seems that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon wants to set up a taskforce?

So, what have the taskforces in the past managed to achieve?


Where is the taskforce for Shona Robison Nicola?

Yesterday saw the SNP sex scandal involving Stewart Hosie and Angus MacNeil emerge into the full glow of publicity, two of them allegedly had an affair with the same woman.

Stewart Hosie is married to Shona Robison, now they have separated.

Today, the collapse of the senior SNP under Nicola Sturgeon continues, it seems that two of her Ministers have decided to go, Alex Neil and Richard Lochhead, they are going for different reasons. Neil wants to do more in his area, and Lochhead who was a dud is stepping away due to a family concern.

The wheels are coming off the wagon, some time ago; Nicola Sturgeon came out with the rubbish that ‘SNP women will get things done’.

Seems their menfolk don’t agree and are walking out, a true vote of no confidence.  

Angry Nicola Sturgeon who is all mouth and bile, is a tad sheepish this weather, she has failed to back her party deputy Stewart Hosie after the shit hit the fan.

Repeatedly asked if she had confidence in Mr Hosie following revelations about his affair with a former actress she mumbled only that it was a “private matter”.

Asked three times!

In a show of what passes for unity after getting elected as First Minister in the Holyrood chamber, she publicly embraced Mr Hosie’s wife, Health Secretary Shona Robison. I assume that this is part of ‘Nicola cares’ which she does from time to time.

I wonder if she will be crass enough to say the worst moment of 2016 was this scandal or the Princess Diana line of ‘there were three people in that marriage’?

So, what now for the planned independence push this summer?

Can anyone seriously have Stewart Hosie fronting that one when he is ‘better together’ with his adulterous bit on the side?

And where would the SNP stick Shona Robison?

In a coal bunker?

In a loft?

Under the stairs?

Where do you hide a ‘surplus to requirements’?

Of course there is a saying, no fool like an old fool, and Stewart Hosie has moved on, Serena Cowdy is 36; she is young, dynamic, single, a party girl; Oxford educated and not shy. On the other hand, you have Shona Robison, she is 49, not dynamic and quite frankly she has let herself go downhill, people have likened her to Worzel Gummidge.

Milo Yiannopoulos in one of his countless broadcasts said something rather telling, ‘men are visual animals’.

‘Fake Scot’ Angus Robertson MP, SNP’s Parliamentary Group Leader at Westminster waded into the growing row and said the party would "continue to be a strong and effective, united opposition at Westminster".

Who cares about that when there is a sex scandal, Robertson is clearly out of touch as per usual, a pitiful figure who likes to give the impression he is a Scot when he is actually from London.

Finally, I do hope that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon decides to stop these deliberate public displays of support for Robison, milking the compassion role in public is so tacky and contrived, especially when she does it.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SNP still a ‘rat ship’, Two senior SNP politicians separate from wives after allegedly having affair with same woman, and in local news, angry Nicola Sturgeon gets another day of miserably thin gruel that is her husband Peter Murrell, no one beating a path to Nicola’s door, it seems the ‘boys’ are hogging all the ‘action’ in the SNP!

Dear All

Some time ago I said that the Scottish National Party was a ‘rat ship’.

In a blog post, dated Monday, March 30, 2015 I wrote:

“I have continually said the Scottish National Party is a ‘rat ship’, the idea of loyalty is alien to them; these people are in for themselves”.

When you act like a rat, the notion of acting for the common good goes right out the window, a rat is always focused on a rat’s desires.

Have a read:

Yesterday, I read that SNP MP Stewart Hosie and his wife SNP MSP Shona Robison have separated; I met Hosie at the Glasgow North East by-election in 2009. Due to a quirk of fate, I found myself promoted from rank and file activist to campaign rooms manager’s assistant. At the time, I said to the guy who asked me that I hadn’t any experience, and that perhaps he should seek someone more experienced.

But no, he wanted me!

So, I became a campaign rooms manager’s assistant, Grant Thoms who was allegedly in charge did a runner and left everyone in the lurch. Previously Thoms was supposed to be the candidate but some of his views on certain issues came to light; and out he went. Next to appear was James Dornan, he didn’t last long either as his history came to light; the final choice was David Kerr.

David Kerr made a decent candidate but he was a man in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he did put in a decent effort on the campaign trail despite handicapped by a lack of campaigning experience.

It was at this campaign that Stewart Hosie got to meet me, one day he says to me, you go do this area, as I like to get out into the trenches, I said okay no problem, only for the my boss to veto that idea stone cold dead by saying, ‘he isn’t going anywhere’. Hosie didn’t make an issue of it and it was left at that, a few days later he bumps into me and asks me, ‘what are you doing’? I said, ‘I am mopping the floor’, when he asked why, I said, well, this is a new building, there is a lot of builder’s dust in the air and I don’t want the people working in the office to breath it in’. To which he replied, ‘good idea’, at that point, I think he understood why I was selected by the campaign rooms manager, I am pro active.

I was told I didn’t answer to no one other than the campaign rooms manager, no matter what position they held in the SNP.

At the end of that campaign, I was also told I was one of the few singled out by Hosie for my efforts in that campaign, although not having been trained up, my side of the operation was run like clockwork, I even had the same people coming back to be in my team through-out the entire campaign.

When I said to the troops lunch will be 45 minutes, and they said they could just take 30, I said I want you to enjoy this by-election, go talk and meet the politicians, and as a side benefit you will work harder. When someone said is this so we work harder that you are doing this, I said no, I want you to have a good time. Being in charge isn’t about being happy, it is making sure that other people who work for you and with you are happy.

As I wrote yesterday on twitter, I was sorry to hear about Stewart Hosie and his wife parting, 20 years of marriage is a long time, and they had a family together, in the SNP, they were described as the ‘Golden couple’’, no one was giving this description to Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell.

In less than 24 hours since the news has broken of the split, we now have in the public domain that two senior SNP politicians are reported to have separated from their wives amid claims they had an affair with the same woman.

One of the MPs is alleged to be Deputy Leader of the SNP Stewart Hosie and the other is alleged to be '3 in a bed' Angus MacNeil.

I met MacNeil in 2008 at the Glasgow East by-election when he declared that he was in charge of the sign in sheets, at the time, I thought what a dick.

Angus went on to find fame with the revelation that he had a ‘3 in a bed’ session with two girls when his wife was up the duff carrying his child!

It is alleged that both had had an affair with Serena Cowdy, an aspiring actress and Westminster journalist.

I have never heard of her but I think that as she works for Parliament's The House magazine, the press will take a much more active interest.

In 2012, I walked away from the SNP because I realised that the party was a ‘rat ship’ filled with horrible nasty small minded people who didn’t have the best interests of the people of Scotland at heart.

As to the alleged antics of Stewart Hosie and Angus MacNeil, disappointed in Hosie but just view MacNeil as I have always done, just a dick!

It is said that MacNeil is estranged from his wife, let’s hope that if there is a divorce she takes him to the cleaners.

As to Serena, she said something very telling on the subject of the end of relationships with previous boyfriends, she wrote:

'It's a bit depressing to think you wasted all that time with a complete loser'.

Poor Angus MacNeil!

I expect that Nicola Sturgeon will be very angry about these revelations coming out, senior Nationalists deserting their wives, possibly lashings of sex with fairly decent educated totty and her on the miserably thin gruel that is her husband Peter Murrell. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, May 16, 2016

EU referendum special: Former Labour MP Frank Roy played a key role in Better Together, now he is campaign director for Scotland Stronger In, Better Together was seen as a shambles operationally, a spokesman vows past BT failures will not happen by saying ‘how long have you got’, not a ringing endorsement of his leader!

Dear All

You may remember that I was involved in the Better Together Campaign back in 2014, I was also an observer at the Glasgow count.

Being in the campaign, I was invited to some special events, two speeches delivered by Gordon Brown stand out as highlights for me; his speech in the City halls in Saltmarket was very good, maybe that is an injustice; it was brilliant.

When the opportunity came to hear him speak again at the Emirates Arena, I popped along; it was another powerful speech which made an impression on me.

As part of Better Together, I did the Pollok Constituency where I currently live, and have done for decades. The core group of Better Together in Pollok was me, John and Angie, some other people came and went, but eventually we were a strong team of five people.

Five people managed to get circa 22,000 votes, this is in comparison to the Nationalist with a team of 30/40 people only managing to get about in the region of 27,000 votes.

During our time campaigning on the ground, no Labour MP, MSP, Councillor or member of the Pollok CLP came out to work with us, not one single day. At that point there were 9 elected Labour representatives elected in the Pollok Constituency.

Early on, the person assigned by Better Together which in the main was a combination of Labour and Conservative run came to me to ask my advice, apparently he was getting all sorts of requests coming out of the office.

After he explained what they want, I said to him that these requests could not be acted upon because there weren’t enough human resources.

Better Together was run as a Labour operation albeit badly.

A key figure in Better Together was the former Labour MP Frank Roy; he is now the Britain Stronger in Europe's campaign director in Scotland.

I was told by campaigners that Better Together was a shambles, although I never experienced problems when I popped into the office. One day I wandered in as you do, to find some woman who said to me in an offhand manner, ‘who are you’.

I just looked at her and said, ‘I am George Laird’.

At the point, it was like someone stunned her with an electric shock as she jumped up off her chair and went to get the person I wanted, who then rushed out. Apparently others didn’t get the same sterling service.

People post Scottish indy for Better Together now acknowledge that the last time round that they made mistakes, and now they say have learned from Better Together's mistakes. Early on, some nugget dubbed Better Together ‘Project Fear’.

This time round, they are dubbing the Remain campaign as "Project Cheer" which isn’t an Einstein moment in political campaigning.

Project Cheer isn’t exactly cheery if you take the time to listen to all the Remain scare stories including World War 3 if we leave by Prime Minister David Cameron.

World War 3, this is laughable when you consider that David Cameron said he would leave if he didn’t get the ‘deal for Britain’ he wanted.

Incidentally the deal he did get was so watered down it didn’t address voters primary concerns on immigration, he tried to do a deflection, he came with nothing and effectively left with nothing no one really wanted.

The campaign will be chaired by Professor Mona Siddique, formerly of Glasgow University, she pops up from time to time in the media but in reality, her opinion will not carry much weight with Scots, she doesn’t have the natural authority of Alistair Darling for example.

John Edward, the campaign's spokesman, said the campaign would make "a positive, fact-based case to remain in Europe".

How do you make a positive case about such an anti-democratic organisation?

The EU is setup not to be accountable to the people, for the most part they are removed from the decision making process, most EU organisations you have no say on who is appointed to them.

Edward added:

"At best I'd like to think it will be a Project Cheer. We are going to be upbeat about this. This is not to give scare stories."

Too late for that, if you take the time to read the UK Government booklet pushed through your door, it stinks of fear and false hope.

Do you know who killed off the British fishing industry?

The European Union!

Professor Sir Harry Burns, the former Chief Medical Officer for Scotland said EU rules on medicines and air and water quality had saved lives.

He added:

"That is something that transcends borders."

Britain pre EU wasn’t some backward third country where people got their water out of a ditch, and there was already a move towards new forms of energy which saw the demise of the coal industry.

As a measure of how bad the Better Together campaign was, the Stronger In spokesman said in response to how they would do things differently, he replied:

"How long have you got?"

Not exactly a ringing endorsement for Frank Roy as Scotland’s Stronger In Campaign director!

Finally, Vote Leave had another incredibly successful two day event in Glasgow at the weekend, on Saturday alone, the group handed out about 4,000 leaflets at just two locations in the city centre and signed up many people.

Stronger In decided to play on the subway!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, May 13, 2016

Vote Leave Glasgow South West

Not Breaking News: ‘George Laird right again’ as Ken Macintosh is voted in as Holyrood's new Presiding Officer, as I keep telling people, politics isn’t that hard, recently I was saying that Scottish Labour would place third behind the Tories, Macintosh could serve two terms as Presiding Officer if he plays his cards right

Dear All

Once upon a time, Scottish Labour veteran Ken Macintosh stood to be the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland, he was facing off against Johann Lamont.

At that time, I saw this as his window of opportunity; he failed because he couldn’t get enough backing.

A good performer on TV, he more or less disappeared after this and for the most part was never heard from again.

During the Scottish independence referendum, he was not a major player, one Sunday about two weeks before the vote, I saw him in B&Q in Darnley along with his family. My friend who was buying grass seed said to me, why isn’t he out campaigning?

I wrote about this on my blog, as Francis Drake played bowls, George Laird was out doing gardening, have a google you can find me mentioning this story on a few occasions. Incidentally, in the election, I was asked by Labour Celts to meet up with them at Celtic Park, to my surprise I saw many elected Labour members attending the game.

Including Holyrood candidates, it was Celtic V Ross County, I didn’t stay for the game; I had to go campaigning in the Govan Ward. You might also remember that I wrote on how some senior Scottish Labour members, the last night before polling were out for a drink before they went to the theatre.

Clearly there is a problem in the Scottish Labour Party.

I never knew that so many senior people in Scottish Labour were willing to desert their posts and leave the work to the ‘rank and file’ until this election, this probably explains why so few Labour members are willing to come out and be activists, even on polling day.

The defeat of Scottish Labour didn’t happen because of the Scottish independence referendum of 2014, it was building up over decades.

Anyway, Holyrood is back, and there was an election for Holyrood's new Presiding Officer.

Five people decided to throw their hat into the ring.

Ken Macintosh
Murdo Fraser
Johann Lamont
Elaine Smith
John Scott

As there can only be one winner, that turned out after a few rounds of voting to be Ken Macintosh, and I said prior to the election he would be my choice.

George Laird right again!

Macintosh takes over from Tricia Marwick who is related to the odious Natalie McGarry who recently coughed up £10,000 for smearing of Alistair Cameron, the director of Scotland in Union.

McGarry also has to pin her apology to her twitter account for two weeks as part of an agreement with Cameron not to sue her ass.

The Presiding Officer is politically neutral with responsibilities including chairing sessions of parliament in Holyrood's debating chamber and representing the parliament at home and abroad.

I think that Macintosh will do both these roles very comfortably, and I think I can see him serving two terms in the post subject to re-election down the line.

Macintosh said:

"I am very grateful indeed for the honour and privilege that you have granted me to be your next Presiding Officer. It gives me great pleasure to welcome and thank all of you, the class of 2016. I can see around me many familiar faces and friends and I welcome you back, but I see too a huge number of new members, freshly elected. The energy, the infectious enthusiasm and the optimism with which you have filled this building already in the few days which you have been here has invigorated me. It has refreshed this place and reminded us all of the opportunity the Scottish Parliament offers all of us to make a better Scotland."

Macintosh continued:

"The revitalising of this Parliament reminds me of the promise offered by devolution, which is to work together across the party divide for the common good. I am very conscious that each one of you has a tremendous responsibility and a duty to the people of Scotland. I see it as my responsibility and my duty to help you in that task."

Standard stuff which you would expect and off to a good start it seems!

Labour leader Ms Dugdale said:

"I am delighted that Ken Macintosh has been elected Presiding Officer. As someone who was elected in 1999, Ken has the experience and skill to guide us through a parliamentary session that will be dominated by cross-party co-operation. I know Ken will perform his role in an even-handed, impartial way. He will be a strong advocate for reform and for ensuring the Scottish Parliament is effective in holding the Government to account."

With the Scottish Labour Party having been pushed into third place by Ruth Davidson’s Conservatives, second largest party with 31 seats, Macintosh becoming the Presiding Officer doesn’t make much difference to Labour’s fortunes.

One of the highlights was the embarrassment that Neil Findlay created by protesting against having to swear allegiance to the Queen as he was sworn in as the Scottish Parliament.

Neil Findlay made a statement before he took the affirmation that his allegiance was to his constituents.

This is a version of Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond’s rant; ‘My first loyalty is to the people of Scotland’.

In this contest for Presiding Officer, the best candidate won!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, May 12, 2016

‘Are you being badly served’, the employment practices of political representatives exposed, if you have ever been badly let down by your local MP, you might be surprised to find out they are employing their relatives to maximize their household income from the taxpayer, employment of relatives by politicians should by law be made illegal in the United Kingdom

Dear All

Most people have a low opinion of politicians, this seems from corruption, nepotism and cronyism which is repeatedly flagged up in the press.

When you seek help from a politician as a punter, you can find yourself in the position of getting no help at all.

People really do hold politicians in contempt and some of the anger is justified, everyone now and then a party emerges as the party of hope, that they are whiter than white, that they are the new politics.

But it turns out to be a con.

And people keep falling for it, the management of political parties could have done something about their elected public office representatives employing their relatives but mostly they pay lip service to fob people off.

I found this list online of people who employ their wives, husbands, sons, daughters, nieces and partners, this list alos doesn't take into account people who employ their friends or cllrs who get taken on by MPs.

MPs who currently employ their spouse/partner according to the Register of Members Interests:

Nigel Adams employs his wife
David Amess employs his wife
Caroline Ansell employs her husband
Richard Arkless employs his wife
Adrian Bailey employs his wife
Margaret Beckett employs her husband
Henry Bellingham employs his wife
Hilary Benn employs his wife
Paul Beresford employs his wife
Clive Betts employs his partner
Bob Blackman employs his wife
Peter Bone employs his wife
Karen Bradley employs her husband
Graham Brady employs his wife
Julian Brazier employs his wife
Alistair Burt employs his wife
Liam Byrne employs his wife
Gregory Campbell employs his wife
Ronnie Campbell employs his wife
Douglas Carswell employs his wife
William Cash employs his wife
Maria Caulfield employs her partner
Christopher Chope employs his wife
Alberto Costa employs his wife
Stephen Crabb employs his wife
David Crausby employs his wife
Byron Davies employs his wife
David Davies employs his wife
Glyn Davies employs his wife
Jeffrey Donaldson employs his wife
Steve Double employs his wife
Jackie Doyle-Price employs her partner
Michael Dugher employs his wife
Graham Evans employs his wife
Michael Fallon employs his wife
Caroline Flint employs her husband
Paul Flynn employs his wife
Yvonne Fovargue employs her husband
Roger Gale employs his wife
Barry Gardiner employs his wife
Mark Garnier employs his wife
Cheryl Gillan employs her husband
John Glen employs his wife
Robert Goodwill employs his wife
Helen Grant employs her husband
James Gray employs his wife
Chris Grayling employs his wife
Stephen Hammond employs his wife
Simon Hart employs his wife
Alan Haselhurst employs his wife
John Hayes employs his wife
Oliver Heald employs his wife
John Healey employs his wife
Simon Hoare employs his wife
Sharon Hodgson employs her husband
Kelvin Hopkins employs his wife
George Howarth employs his wife
Lindsay Hoyle employs his wife
Dan Jarvis employs his wife
Diana Johnson employs her partner
Gareth Johnson employs his wife
Gerald Jones employs his partner
Helen Jones employs her husband
George Kerevan employs his wife
Greg Knight employs his wife
Ian Lavery employs his wife
Edward Leigh employs his wife
Emma Lewell-Buck employs her husband
Ian Liddell-Grainger employs his wife
Tim Loughton employs his wife
Ian Lucas employs his wife
Angus MacNeil employs his wife
John Mann employs his wife
Karl McCartney employs his wife
Patrick McLoughlin employs his wife
Alan Meale employs his wife
Johnny Mercer employs his wife
Grahame Morris employs his wife
James Morris employs his wife
Sheryll Murray employs her partner
Andrew Murrison employs his wife
Brendan O’Hara employs his wife
Neil Parish employs his wife
Priti Patel employs her husband
Owen Paterson employs his wife
Teresa Pearce employs her partner
Mike Penning employs his wife
Jess Phillips employs her husband
Stephen Pound employs his wife
Yasmin Qureshi employs her husband
Jonathan Reynolds employs his wife
Laurence Robertson employs his wife
Alec Shelbrooke employs his wife
Dennis Skinner employs his partner
Angela Smith employs her husband
Henry Smith employs his wife
John Stevenson employs his partner
Bob Stewart employs his wife
Gary Streeter employs his wife
Julian Sturdy employs his wife
Desmond Swayne employs his wife
Hugo Swire employs his wife
Robert Syms employs his wife
Mark Tami employs his wife
Michael Tomlinson employs his wife
Derek Twigg employs his wife
Valerie Vaz employs her husband
Martin Vickers employs his wife
Charles Walker employs his wife
Ben Wallace employs his wife
David Warburton employs his wife
Iain Wright employs his wife
MPs who currently employ other family members:

Ian Blackford employs his step-son
Rehman Chishti employs his sister
Thérèse Coffey employs her sister
Alex Cunningham employs his son
Nadine Dorries employs her daughter
Jim Dowd employs his nephew
Julie Elliott employs her son
Pat Glass employs her niece
Neil Gray employs his brother-in-law
John Howell employs his daughter
Simon Kirby employs his sister
Paul Monaghan employs his brother
Kate Osamor employs her son
Albert Owen employs his son-in-law
Dan Poulter employs his mother
Graham Stringer employs his step-daughter
Graham Stuart employs his sister
Craid Whittaker employs his daughter
Corri Wilson employs her son

This abuse is right across all parties through-out the United Kingdom, it seems that in a hell of a lot of cases, the 'best person' for the job is the relative of a newly elected political representative,

We really are having the piss taken out of us by people whose 'day job' is providing false hope!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Standing on the shoulder of corpses, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond seizes his chance to hog the limelight over the Chilcot inquiry, former SNP leader sharpens up his SNP grievance monkey on pro Putin anti Westminster Russia Today news channel, it’s all about Salmond as he screams ‘I want, I want, want’

Dear All

When Governments setup inquiries, the result is written in advance; then the usual suspects are trotted out from opposition parties to condemn.

All Government inquiries are generally regarded as a ‘whitewash’.

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War will be no different; you might say why that is and how is that possible?


No Westminster Government will take legal action against a former Prime Minister…… less the same thing happens to them about any intervention they take part in comes back to haunt them.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has said the inquiry into the Iraq War should "impeach" former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Salmond is the SNP's foreign affairs spokesman, he is treading water till the end of his political career, he thinks he is a statesman like Henry Kissenger, but he isn’t he is a buffoon.

Blair will not be "held to account" under the statutes of the International Criminal Court or any other court because it is highly doubtful that it will be proven he deliberately fabricated evidence in order to take the UK to war.

Tony Blair followed George W Bush on the crusades, a lot of people died because of his stupidity, when the ‘dodgy dossier’ was produced and found to be a fraud, the attitude was ‘sorry, how was I to know’.

In this country we do still have an intelligence service; they must have had serious doubts about the Iraqi who wrote it.

Blair honoured a commitment made to then US President George Bush, previously he was Bill Clinton’s pal, when American politics changed; Blair seamlessly jumped into bed with Bush.

Sir John Chilcot's report is 2.6 million-words.

And the verdict will be ‘lessons need to be learned’, this is the standard whitewash response to inquiries, it is the running joke, just say ‘bad communication’, ‘bad practices’, ‘failure of the security services’ and ‘lessons need to be learned’.

I have done Chilcot’s report in 14 words, he took 2.6 million because he needs to pad it out and make it lengthy to give the impression he has done something.

I wonder how much money was spent on Chilcot wasting 7 years of his life producing ‘nothing of worth’.
Given that Alex Salmond is a falling star, he took to doing a TV interview for Russia Today's Going Underground programme.

The BBC aren’t very big on SNP grievance monkey politics but the pro Putin Russia Today certainly is, anything to undermine the Westminster Government.

Salmond said:

"I believe that Prime Minister Blair pre-committed himself to war, in the Crawford ranch at some point, there was a pre-commitment that he would go, with George Bush into Iraq, come what may. If Chilcot establishes that, then everything that happened after that – that is the tampering with the evidence, the fabrication of evidence, the presentation of arguments which turned out to be spurious – all of that, by definition, was there to provide a justification for a decision that had already been made"

He added:

"If Chilcot identifies that, then the person who would take responsibility is the then prime minister, if there's a body of evidence. Now what we have to see is whether Chilcot provides that body of evidence. You know, I want it to impeach the prime minister, I want it to impeach him in Parliament."

There you have it at the end, it’s all about Salmond wanting to grandstand in Parliament, it’s ‘I want, I want, I want’, nothing to do with the interests of the United Kingdom and everything to do with Salmond personally.

Since I don’t have a dog in this fight, I will say that Chilcot will probably be a ‘whitewash’ and Salmond will try and hog the limelight, mind you he is doing so on the back of corpses and giving people false hope.

Alex Salmond is a huge embarrassment to Scotland, he is now using the dead, the living gave up on him a long time ago.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Former Labour First Minister Henry McLeish calls for another Scottish ref, Labour in Scotland is in no fit state to mount a proper campaign to save the union, the 2016 campaign described as no focus, no money; no hope and of course some Labour candidates deserted the campaign to watch Celtic play football

Dear All

I was at the Big Debate last Friday when Henry McLeish dropped by to give us his wisdom to solve the disastrous problems that Scottish Labour faces.

Henry McLeish is calling not for his ‘party’ to be radical; he is calling for their destruction by proposing more devolution alongside the option of full independence.

The Scottish Labour has no one to work for it, its activist base has effectively collapsed, so how would Labour save the union in an indyref 2 situation?

In Pollok, not a single Labour MP, MSP or Cllr turned up to work with Better Together activists during the entire campaign.

The truth is that Scottish Labour wouldn’t be able to mount an effective ground campaign, the task would again be left to the majority of the people of Scotland, what the agenda of the Nationalists is 'independence by stealth'.

Nicola Sturgeon wants home rule as the final vehicle to run an economic argument that Westminster is refusing to let Scotland grow.

Two ways they can front this argument is one, not letting Scotland borrow enough and secondly use the issue of immigration.

There are growing calls for Kezia Dugdale to confront the issue of the constitution, this is already on the agenda down south, plans and discussions are already taking place about the constitution.

Plans that don’t involve the SNP!

Read this, this is what is really happening behind the scenes, and you aren't invited to have any real input regards the outcome.

Laughingly McLeish says that a federalist alternative would allow a reinvigorated Labour to be the architects of a sustainable middle ground.


Why bullshit?

The reason for that observation is quite simple, there is no one to work for the Scottish Labour Party as I previously mentioned, don’t be fooled the pictures on twitter, most branch members don’t come out for the Labour Party, either in the short campaign or indeed the long campaign.

Some people turn up on the last few days of the doomed 2016 so they can claim they ‘done the election’ when what they actually did was nothing.

One senior ex Labour MP was gracious enough to turn up and work in a group I was in once, once during the entire election campaign!

Alex Rowley, Dugdale's deputy, wrongly blamed Labour's collapse on its failure to embrace genuine home rule.

This isn’t the reason, I will state clearly what the reason is, some elected Scottish Labour representatives in political office do……… sweet FA for the people!

It is the reason why Scottish Labour got wiped out in 2015, it was the reason why Scottish Labour got wiped out in 2016, and given the deflection of the real problems by McLeish and Rowley; it is shaping up to be the same in 2017 at the council elections.

I have a question, would you be more or less likely to vote for someone who has fucked you over because they stay in a home in Scotland in preference to England?

Think about that for a minute.

McLeish has called for ‘bold new ideas’ that would win the backing of the public, sorry is he actually talking about working for the constituents?

This is the root of Scottish Labour’s problems, too many people who get elected and don’t want to work solving people’s complaints.

McLeish said:

“We have got to accept that just saying no to independence is not a strategy or solution. If we accept that, we can go on to develop a credible path forward for Labour that gives the public the debate they want. There should come a time when Labour has the courage and confidence to take the Tories and SNP on over the constitution. We should be offering up a referendum on a new alternative of real home rule”.

In case you don’t understand what he is saying I will translate to simple speak, vote Tory, this is the logic case he is fronting to save the union, he is calling for the destruction of the Labour Party in Scotland.

He added:

"People might say that’s a bold option, and yes it is. But I can’t see an alternative way forward and if we’re serious about Scotland’s future, people deserve choices. We are not going back to the old days, and I like the idea of the absolute sovereignty of the Scottish people. We have got to trust them to shape their destiny”.

Question, why is he still in the Labour Party when he doesn’t support them or the union, have the grace to join the SNP instead of kidding on.

McLeish ends by saying:

"I believe Scots have not yet decided on the future because they are not fully attracted by either of the two options - grudging concessions from Westminster or straight independence. I believe Labour's future lies in unlocking a door to a more viable path, ridding the country of this narrow debate. Scots have not been given a viable, sustainable, attractive alternative to independence. Be in no doubt, unless we can get an audience on Scotland’s constitutional future, and take people with us, for Labour there is no future."

Will people flock back to Scottish Labour when so many elected representatives will not represent them; the SNP is a vehicle to get rid of Scottish Labour’s deadwood, cull in 2015, cull in 2016, and cull looks highly likely in 2017.

One thing is certain, Scottish Labour has lost the trust of the people, and it isn’t because of independence, the rot started decades ago.

If Scottish Labour back ‘home rule’ it will only strengthen a Tory revival, keep Labour in the wilderness and complete the destruction of the party on the ground.

Maybe that is what Henry McLeish wants, and if the Party buys into his lunacy, they deserve what is coming to them, if Scottish Labour had taken care of the people, those most in need, they wouldn't be sitting as the third party in Holyrood.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, May 9, 2016

Cowardly serial twitter abuser Natalie McGarry MP gets a taste of ‘community justice’ as she is forced to publicly apologise for smearing Scotland in Union director Alastair Cameron, £10,000 ‘fine’ and apology pinned to her twitter account for two weeks, no courage to face her victim in Court

Dear All

The Sun is shining, the weather is good, and to add to the joy, the odious elected SNP MP Natalie McGarry has been forced to apologise and is stumping up £10,000 for the offensive remarks she made on Twitter.

The background to this story is that Natalie McGarry accused Scotland in Union director Alastair Cameron of being an "internet troll" and an "outed holocaust denier".

£10,000 is a sore one!

I have to say I haven’t enjoyed a snippet like this in a long time, isn’t it nice that evil people get what is coming to them?

Recently on her blog, Natalie McGarry made a play for being cast as a ‘victim’.

Here is a taste for educational purposes written by her.

“You call me fat.

Am I meant to care? Am I meant to be so body shamed that I shut up?

I have opinions.

You call me a fat whore.

I make mistakes. Yes. I do.

And I am fat. Apparently. Amongst other happy insults”.

Certainly, the first point to mention is that she is no JK Rowling.

Personally, I would never call Natalie McGarry a ‘fat whore’ publicly, but I would say that she is a horrible odious small minded petty individual.

Unfit to be an MP and an utter clown totally out of her depth.

Prior to her ‘victim’ piece which invites her readers to have empathy for her, McGarry did a piece on Syria, it isn’t good; the people of Glasgow East voted in crap, her blog is just a confirmation.

At present, the apology to Alistair Cameron is said to be on Natalie McGarry’s twitter but she has blocked so many people from viewing her tweets.

At present the real victim of Natalie McGarry’s hate is saying on twitter:

“Dear @NatalieMcgarry, point of apology being pinned is so ppl can see it. Please sort, or regrettably there may be further from my solicitor”

After posting the apology, McGarry made her profile private; meaning only those who are already following her can see it. McGarry has blocked many people and journalists from seeing it on her twitter feed even if she opens up her account, she doesn't like answering questions.

There is a list of people who are blocked by the Nationalists, I am on it.

So, who is getting the money, well quite decently, Scotland in Union director Alastair Cameron is giving the money to charities.

The winners are Combat Stress, Aegis Trust and Lumos, these are the three organisations who will benefit from the cash.

Mr Cameron said:

"I am pleased to accept this apology from Ms McGarry and draw a line under this unfortunate incident. The payment Ms McGarry has agreed to make will go to three excellent charities which I have been involved with and I am delighted that some good will now come of this. Politics in Scotland invokes passion and strong opinion on all sides, particularly on social media. I hope this serves as a reminder to us all that we need decency and respect in our debate, whether we agree with people or not. I look forward to continue making the positive case for Scotland in the UK."

The Cameron incident is not the first time that Natalie McGarry has used twitter to smear people; JK Rowling has been on the receiving end of Mcgarry’s antics.

And of course, yours truly was subjected to Natalie McGarry promoting the hate account run by Tommy Ball, McGarry never followed my real account. She was trying to pass off the hate account about sex with kids as mine.

I've made it! At last I've been designated non-Jedi by the great sage that is @georgemlaird Want a laugh? Here ya go:

McGarry socialises with Tommy Ball, a week after this tweet appeared on her timeline, both her, Tommy Ball and the office manager of Chris Stephens Jonathan Mackie were socialising together.

Mackie who retweeted McGarry’s tweet was also a follower of Tommy Ball’s hate account.

Due to Tommy Ball pleading guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court, I didn’t get the opportunity to name her publicly in open court.

That being said, it is a matter of public record of her involvement in my Police Scotland criminal witness statement.

Natalie McGarry who advocated ‘community justice’ for Labour politicians has had a taste of it herself, and she doesn’t like it.

£10,000 ‘community justice fine’ ……….. delicious!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University