Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Demise of SNP ‘civic’ Nationalism: the race to be the next leader of the Scottish National Party has just begun, Scottish Sec David Mundell says ‘even a Yes vote cannot stop Scotland leaving EU under Brexit’, Nicola Sturgeon has failed to stop Brexit, she has failed to deliver a referendum, the question now is, when is she stepping down as First Minister?

Dear All

The race to be the next leader of the Scottish National Party has unofficially just begun, you ask why, what happened?

Scotland’s unpopular First Minster Nicola Sturgeon failed to stop Scotland from leaving the European Union!

Quick tally to get you synced in.

1/ Lost the Scottish independence referendum 2014
2/ Lost the Brexit referendum of 2016.
3/ Failed to stop Scotland from leaving the European Union!

The question is when will Nicola Sturgeon stand down, will see go after the May Council elections?

The reason for speculation is that Scottish Secretary David Mundell has stated point blank, that even a Yes vote cannot stop Scotland leaving EU under Brexit.

It seems that everybody in the UK is coming out!

The threat of calling an early Holyrood election was threatened by the Nationalists as a date in 2018 was floated by people like Alex Salmond, but the political landscape of Scotland has moved past the SNP.

The SNP is yesterday’s party; it is a party without a future, without a real leader and without a purpose.

When Mundell said that Scotland will be taken out of Europe by Brexit even if there is a vote for independence, he was saying anything new, but the timing of his announcement and the language used is significant.

The SNP have fought two referendums and on each occasion, they have lost! They have lost because they don’t understand or have the ability to cope with ‘direct democracy’ or if you prefer, ‘will of the people’.

A possible future contender for leadership after an interim leader to steady the SNP ship is probably Alex Salmond. Earlier this month, Salmond claimed there could be a referendum in 2018 to ensure “continuing uninterrupted membership of the European Economic Area”. Although Salmond gets a lot wrong, this time…. He is still wrong!

There will be no “continuing uninterrupted membership” of anything, in fact you can see a situation where Westminster looking at the EU offer simply turns round and says WTO to them and walks off.

WTO is World Trade Organisation.
As things are starting to move fast, it is clear that the Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are not part of the process, they are completely irrelevant.   

Mundell is to say in his opening statement to Holyrood’s European committee about Brexit:

“I think it is important to be clear because there has been a lot of public debate on this point - that Scotland will not be in the EU at the end of this process. There is no set of circumstances in which Scotland could remain a member of the EU after the rest of the UK has left. If Scotland's constitutional position were ever to change, it would have to apply to be a member of the EU afresh - and we should not make easy assumptions about the length of time this would take, the process Scotland would have to follow or the terms of membership that may be on offer.”

If independent, Scotland would be at the back of the EU as a new State, there would be no the UK opt-outs, no opt-out on the euro and it would see an end to the rebate which came to Scotland as part of the UK.

The recent nonsense by two leading academics had said an independent Scotland could be fast-tracked into the EU; potentially by 2023 is in my opinion fantasy politics. It kind of looks like two Pro EU friendly academics has been engaged in ‘day dreaming’.

Scottish Tory MEP Ian Duncan said the pair had relied on a series of generous assumptions about EU reactions. Like the SNP, they have assumed that Scotland would get a great deal when there is no real evidence to support this.

Ukip MEP David Coburn pitched in and said it would be “catastrophic” if Scotland had to accept the euro. On that score, he is right. The Euro would break Scotland much in the same way that it has destroyed Greece.

He said:

“This would present insurmountable difficulties as Scotland’s national debt is approximately £15bn thanks to the SNP, which is higher than that of Greece. Scotland would have to suffer a greater austerity than Greece. Mad Sturgeonomics.”

If you like a flutter then you might want to see about getting a bet down on who the next leader of the Scottish National Party is, the only undeclared ‘runner’ is Alex Salmond, perhaps SNP MP Tommy Sheppard might throw his hat into the ring.

The countdown to the end of Nicola Sturgeon in my opinion has started, the clock is counting down, when is she saying she is going to go?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Return of King Alex, Scotland unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon creates public anger by an unjustified tax grab by milking business rates to death, the SNP have created the new ‘poll tax in Scotland, Sturgeon went for the tax grab, Salmond going for the leadership?

Dear All


Scotland’s unpopular SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has certainly racked up a huge massive problem as people are dubbing her business rates grab the ‘new poll tax’ in Scotland.

The SNP are making Scotland the highest taxed part of the United Kingdom and it isn’t just ordinary people they want to tax the hell out of, it is businesses as well.

The tax grab can has only one purpose in my opinion, to attempt to fill the hole created in Scottish finances circa £15 billion. It goes without saying that a ‘tax grab’ only gets the Nationalists part of the way there, the other side of the coin is attracting business to Scotland.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond admits business rate rise ‘a genuine concern’ because the rises in business rates are quite frankly in some cases ridiculous in nature. Having seen Salmond break ranks, one has to ask has Alex Salmond just fired the first shot in a bid to regain the leadership of the Scottish National Party.

Nicola Sturgeon isn’t just seen as a bad leader outside the SNP, she is also seen as a bad leader inside the SNP as well, some people aren’t happy with her performances and her failure to deliver.

What does it say about Nicola Sturgeon’s credibility as Alex Salmond, admitted some Scottish businesses have a “very legitimate” case against business rate rises? Is he trying to head off wide spread anger which could see many small businesses claiming they could go out of business altogether as a result of crippling increases in the levy.

This is no joke; this measure is on a par with the ill fated poll tax which was to become widespread in its popularity and hatred of the then Conservatives Government.

Salmond said:

“In the north-east there’s a very legitimate case because the date the independent evaluation officers made their valuations was at a time when, a couple of years ago, the economy was much stronger than now. That’s why I welcome Aberdeenshire Council’s initiative to put £3 million into additional rates relief to try and take some of the edge off for the hardest cases.”

Conservative shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser said:

“Alex Salmond says there is a legitimate case for action. If Derek Mackay won’t listen to thousands of affected firms, perhaps he will listen to his former boss.”

The way things are looking will Nicola Sturgeon do a U turn, will she be pressured into surrendering to calls and then see her moral authority of leadership disappear or will she chart the same course and see disaster befall her down the line.

Trouble now or trouble later!

In order to attempt to distance themselves from their actions, the SNP have been quick to use the theme that the rates revaluation was carried out by independent assessors, but the decision to implement was a political decision by the SNP.

The current line by the SNP is that they aren’t for turning, and trying to give the impression that Salmond is onboard and a signed up member of the ‘sheep’, but looking at his comments, is he?

To add to the outcry of foul, a leading nationalist hotelier has said the business rates backlash will be as fierce as against the Poll Tax and bring down the SNP in government.

Sandy Fraser, owner of the Oak Tree Inn on the banks of Loch Lomond, said:

“This will be like Margaret Thatcher’s Poll tax and could bring down the Government. I am a Nationalist at heart so I am very disappointed. My vote will depend on how we are treated over the next few weeks”.

It seems to me reading this that Nicola Sturgeon has lost another voter!

Fraser added:

“For somebody that has always voted SNP I am bitterly disappointed that we are in this position. Our rates are proposed to go up by over 100 per cent from around £60,000 to £140,000, which is staggering. We’re the biggest employer on the east side of Loch Lomond, employing between 60 to 85 people”.

Over 100% rise, that would be crippling to any small of medium size business, in the old days, John Swinney was seen as the financial guru figure in the SNP, once Sturgeon took over, he was shipped out as Nicola Sturgeon brought in her ‘B’ Team, ever since the change the direction of Government has gone backwards noticeably.

Fraser concluded:  

“We will have to lay people off and cancel people that we usually have coming in from Lithuania and Poland in the busy season. It’s complete madness. Why continue to hammer tourism, which is the only success story that Scotland has got as far as I’m concerned. If the Scottish Government were minded to take an interest they would be speaking to us. They’re killing the goose that lays the golden egg.”

Fundamental, Sandy Fraser doesn’t understand the SNP, they aren’t able to look at the big picture, it isn’t a feature of their politics, never has been, the evidence?

Constant whingeing and uber grievances with Westminster; coupled with the total inability to get on with people or organisations.

Can you imagine the SNP starting a second Scottish independence bid with their business ‘poll tax’ hanging round their neck like an albatross?
The list of the disenchanted is growing:

With uncertainty flying about the place about the call for a referendum in 2018, which is possibly smack in the middle of the Brexit talks, you have to wonder why Westminster would grant a Section 30 order for a new vote.

The buzzards maybe circling but perhaps their meal with Kentucky Fried Sturgeon as ‘King Alex’ moves from his London Court to Scotland in the wake of Nicola Sturgeon failing to deliver indyref 2!

The slippery slope to disaster has already started for Nicola Sturgeon.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, February 17, 2017

Getting the Band of Hate back together again: Nationalists take to Twitter to start a smear campaign against George Laird standing as an Independent Candidate, is the hate campaign the start of a warm up act for Scottish independence referendum 2, is Nicola Sturgeon worried about not winning the Council?

Dear All

It is the night before Xmas and all was quiet!

Well, there are a few problems with that sentence as you can guess, it is February for a start, and it is never really quiet.

Smearing and hate are the Nationalists stock in trade; they follow the classic pattern of the regressive left….. smear smear smear, hate hate hate!

I was on twitter and I came cross this piece of bullshit which is a continuation of the attempts to brand me homophobic, so I wanted to share it with you as my readers.

First, let’s get the tweet for you to read to set you in the mood, it has since been deleted.

“Butterfly Rebellion liked a Tweet you were mentioned in
6h: Ahhh! My old friend George Laird! http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/…/snp-activist-faces-disciplin… …
http://glasgowunihumanrights.blogspot.co.uk/…/elect-george-… … how ye doing George!? Long time no see! @GeoLaird4Pollokhttps://twitter.com/Butterfly_Reb/status/831568682430128129 …
Butterfly Rebellion”

The first part is the Daily Record story about me, if you wonder how the press got hold of that story, let me set your mind to rest; I walked in and gave it to them.

Hardly the actions of someone homophobic don’t you think?

After I filed complaints about an alleged smear campaign with the SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell against me, which he ignored, I then found myself facing a complaint by the then National Secretary William Henderson.

Henderson as well as being the complainer was also involved in running the hearing against me and speaking to the ‘judges’ outside the process.

Never believe that the Scottish National Party are the party of equality, fairness and social justice, never believe it is run by kind exceptional people, Nicola Sturgeon and her husband, Peter Murrell are scum.

After I outed this piece of shit William Henderson in the press, he “disappeared” as National Secretary to be replaced by Patrick Grady who is now an MP. It became clear to me fairly quickly I was being cheated out of a fair hearing so I walked away from the SNP.

Here is a letter which I highlight the double standards during the process.

One of the key parts of that letter for me was pointing out the double standards between people who are rich and people like me who are poor working class. Read the whole thing but read this bit to show you what I mean.

“SNP MP Dr. Whiteford claimed she was threatened at Westminster and received the backing of the First Minister Alex Salmond and the SNP within hours of making an unsubstantiated complaint with no witnesses and George Laird after 8 months is still waiting for SNP ‘justice’”.

Whiteford gets help immediately within a few hours and I get none in 8 months, after I contacted the senior SNP leadership.

The second part of the tweet is my post which contains my rather catchy election video, I am standing for Councillor in the 2017 Glasgow City Council Elections, so that lets you know that this tweet is designed to send a message, don’t vote for George Laird because he is homophobic.

If you read the 2012 post in full, then take the time to read the 2015 post, what do you see?

Names that appear in one post appear in another, with an added addition of one of them getting a criminal conviction.

Elected SNP MP Natalie McGarry also played a part in this tale but due to Tommy Ball pleading guilty, McGarry wasn’t named in open court. Since then McGarry’s career has taken a turn for the worst.

The third part of the tweet is a WTF moment; it has nothing to do with me, why that appears is a mystery but perhaps it was added in for general ‘effect’.

If I was homophobic, I would have no problem saying it openly because I wouldn't give a toss who knew.

I am signed up to change.org where I get petitions on all manner of things which are an injustice; some of the campaigns I am asked to support are LGBT campaigns. I found some time ago that change.org keeps a record of which campaigns I have supported in the past, right from the start when I first joined it.

Some of those campaigns concern LGBT people were an injustice occurred, again, is this the actions of a homophobe?

Several LGBT politicians such as Ruth Davidson and Annie Well follow me on Twitter, would they if they thought I was a homophobe?

At the Jo Cox vigil in Glasgow, one of the few people I spoke to on the night was Annie Wells of the LGBT community, is this the actions of a homophobe?

I also follow Milo Yiannopoulos on youtube, the LGBT activist and presenter, LGBT presenter David Rubin of the Rubin Report, again the actions of a homophobe?

It seems the smearing season is starting early this year before the official gun has been fired in the Glasgow City Council election, against me by the Nationalist community.

They say that if there is a second Scottish independence referendum it will be a thoroughly nasty affair, it seems that the Nationalists are using the 2017 Council Elections as a ‘warm up’.

The idea of a poor working class guy like me getting elected so angers the rich middle class Nationalists that they would stop at nothing to smear me.

Finally, to those in the SNP like Nicola Sturgeon who maybe deeply upset about a commentator like me standing for public office, I am reminded of the words by Milo Yiannopoulos:

"quite frankly madam fuck your feelings".

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unfinished business, Conservative MPs have started down a slippery slope as 'Not a single member of Cabinet' will support John Bercow in no confidence vote, their actions now undermine the Chair of the Speaker of the House of Commons and leave any Speaker as ‘fair game’ to a lynch mob of malcontents who can take umbrage for a perceived slight

Dear All

There have been some great Speakers of the House of Commons in the past, the most outstanding person to hold the chair was Betty Boothroyd, now Baroness Boothroyd. Betty Boothroyd served as a Labour MP from 1973 to 1992. From 1992 to 2000, she served with distinction as Speaker of the House of Commons. She was the first, and to date only, the female Speaker of the House of Commons.

A full list of Speakers of the House of Commons can be found on wiki, but for easy, here is the link.

Another great Speaker of the House was The Right Honourable Edward Algernon FitzRoy who served the House during the War years of WW2, he was present when Anthony Edan gave his speech in 1942 on the Holocaust.

Fast forward to present day, we have John Bercow, he was formerly a Conservative MP before becoming the Speaker. As the Labour Party were in their death throes in 2010, they decided to annoy the Conservatives by backing John Bercow as Speaker, this led to the Speaker facing angry Conservatives on the backbenches running little better than a hate campaign against him. David Cameron, the then Prime Minister at the time far from stamping this out allowed it to continue with sanction.

However, it wasn’t always an uphill struggle and here is a clip, I would like you to watch.

David Cameron is now gone, but the anti Bercow brigade in the Conservative ranks still have a ‘score’ to settle, they may feel they have a grievance but their conduct is bring the reputation of the House of Commons and politicising the Chair in a really disastrous way.

The Chair of the House of Commons must be neutral, seen to be neutral and respected by MPs inside and outside the Commons. When Michael Martin was Chair of the House, he allowed his tenure to be tainted by the expenses scandal and eventually was forced out by the Tories. Bercow was the Labour Party’s revenge on the actions of the Tories.

It appears that a Conservative MP James Duddridge, has tabled a "no confidence" motion in the Speaker. Duddridge has a point when he says that it is not for the Speaker to decide who comes to speak to Parliament, this latest incident flared up as Bercow said that President Donald Trump shouldn’t be allowed to speak in Parliament.

Was Bercow in the wrong to make his Trump comments, as an individual, I would say no, but as the Speaker, it was inappropriate to do so. If there is a witch hunt against Bercow, he just gave them a gift. Just before the last election, William Hague tried to force out John Bercow, it was a dirty trick on his way out of Parliament and entirely unworthy of him.

If you never have felt sorry for Bercow before, then view these clips.

Conservative MP Charles Walker’s comment that he would rather be an honourable fool than a clever man was aimed directly at William Hague.

I don’t agree with John Bercow saying that he would bar Donald Trump from addressing Parliament during his planned state visit to the UK.

I also don’t agree with he should have publicly proclaimed himself a ‘remain voter’ in last year’s EU referendum.

The Speaker of the House of Commons must remain neutral, John Bercow has allowed his judgement to be clouded by events, given what has happened and what he has been subjected to this is understandable but not right. When Theresa May assumed the role of Prime Minister, she should have held a private meeting to stamp out the group that feel they are justified in running an open sore in Parliament. This isn’t good for democracy and it isn’t good for the Commons.

Should May and her Cabinet support John Bercow?

This is entirely a matter for their conscience, but I think they should, the wider picture is more important than what is increasingly looking like a petty witch hunt.

Duddridge told BBC Radio 5 Live's Emma Barnett:

"Put it this way, I don't know any Cabinet ministers that aren't supporting me.  I think some people may abstain. I would expect the Prime Minister to abstain. I had expected David Lidington to abstain given that he's a parliamentary neighbour and kind of chief interlocutor with John Bercow as leader of the Commons. But he was quite robust at the weekend about not offering John Bercow his support. I don't think there will be a single member of the Cabinet that will support John Bercow. I've not spoken to every single one but I've spoken to a number of Cabinet ministers, ministers, private secretaries, backbenchers and people from all over the party."

Downing Street position is that they have no position on John Bercow's future, as they kick the ball into the long grass to say that this is a "matter for MPs".

I don’t support Conservative MP James Duddridge who has tabled a "no confidence" motion in the Speaker; I think that Bercow’s Trump comments were unfortunate considering who else has been invited to Parliament.

I suppose the question is do we want to go through the same unedifying spectacle that we all witnessed in 2015 in the House of Commons?  If we do that means a pattern has developed that if a group dislike the Speaker then they are fair game to be picked on and forced out.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Health and Safety, the Scottish Labour Party are getting ready for the hat trick, three heavy defeats in a row, the polling for 2017 in the Scottish council elections looks incredibly bad for a party that had been disenfranchised by the Scottish electorate, 14% of Scots believe in Scottish Labour, 86% of Scots don’t!

Dear All


Denial is what Scottish Labour has been going through more or less non stop since 2007, if you know what taking the huff is, then just scale it up to get the picture what the Scottish Labour Party is going through.

Here are a few videos to get you a feel of what I am trying to put across.

And of course the real family fav:

The 2007 election came and went, and saw the SNP installed as a minority government.

The next thing which was to happen was denial; Scottish Labour sat for four years at Holyrood and did nothing constructive. That wasn’t the start of the rot for the Labour Party; there had been a decade of dissatisfaction which had been growing with the public.

In Glasgow, the Labour Party rammed up council tax year on year, people paid more and services didn’t improve.  When the SNP offered a five year freeze, they pulled the rug right out from Labour who if I remember rightly came up with a two year freeze.

The real problem lying under the surface which festered like an open sore was Labour politicians who were effectively refusing to help people, ignoring people and in some cases enacting policies which were detrimental, usually to those at the bottom of society.

Scottish Labour were effectively killing off their own core support, and actively giving them reasons to find another party. Since Scottish Labour wouldn’t do what was required, the public were slowly draining away towards the party of protest which is the   SNP.

The 2011 election in Scotland was to produce an extraordinary event, a majority SNP Government, something which the electoral system wasn’t supposed to produce, but in this case, it did. After four years of being entirely meaningless in Scottish politics, the Labour Party was crushed again; however, it still managed to hold the position of official opposition.

The rot was spreading, although in 2012, Labour did manage to hold Glasgow, this wasn’t due to skill, it was done to the SNP being an ineffective opposition led by the Sturgeon crony Allison Hunter who was incapable as a leader. It may have seemed like green shoots of recovery but in reality the Labour Party hadn’t reached the tipping point just yet.
The tipping point was to come in 2014, after being letdown again and again and again, the ordinary people of Scotland mostly at the lower end of society had been disenfranchised by the Westminster Government, the system was broken and it was to become much worse.

Working class people stripped of dignity felt they had nothing to lose, the system had failed them and they wanted change. Punished by Westminster regardless whether it was Labour or Conservatives Governments; it made no difference or sense to them to be part of the Union.

It was Labour who introduced the Bedroom tax, it was Labour who introduced the ATOS scandal which was to dominate a social justice agenda, will Labour MPs enjoyed high wages and expenses, the poor were abused.

The Conservatives maybe running with the torch, but the flame and the journey was started by the Labour Party.

2014 was the awakening that the Scottish Labour Party representatives could be voted out, and people right across Scotland did so in their thousands, post 2014, the next election was Westminster, the result was extraordinary, the worst election result for Scottish Labour in 100 years. All Labour MPs bar one were voted out of public office, the good swept away by the actions of the bad.

2016, the Scottish Labour Party defeated the year before faced an angry Scottish public yet again, a public not willing to listen to a party who had stopped listening decades ago. The result, the Scottish Labour Party loses yet again and becomes the third party of Holyrood.

Scottish Labour was dying; but the people running it wouldn’t face the truth, their policies and their people weren’t wanted.

We are now in 2017, far from improving the same mindset of failure continues to dominate the leadership’s thinking, for them it isn’t what the people want, it isn’t what they can do for the people or Scotland; it is about them following their agenda.

Scottish Labour hasn’t accepted the message that the public aren’t coming back because the people running the Scottish Labour Party aren’t wanted, and no new shiny policy or gimmick fixes that problem.  

It seems that Scottish Labour is set for heavy defeat in Scottish council elections according to a new poll, so to cut to the chase, the number is 14%.

14% of Scots are saying that they will vote for the Labour Party, the party’s internal polling some months ago painted a black picture of 15%, since then the decline continues, the wider picture is that support for Scottish Labour has more than halved since the last local government elections in 2012.

A Panelbase poll of 1,028 voters found;

Scottish Labour 14%
SNP 47%,
Scottish Conservatives 26%,
Liberal Democrats 5%,
Scottish Greens 4%
Ukip 3%.

A Labour spokesman said:

“In May, voters across Scotland face a choice between electing Labour candidates who will stand against SNP cuts to local services and will oppose a second independence referendum, or SNP candidates who will seek to divide communities. Labour believes that together we’re stronger.”

Voters face a bigger choice than just choosing between Labour and the SNP; however the Scottish Labour Party spokesman tries to paint a choice which is effectively narrow. This election has given the people of Scotland the opportunity to have a rainbow of political representation.

I don’t like the spin of what is said above for several reasons, it isn’t a choice between Labour and SNP for a start, and secondly to finish off his pitch, he is using the tag, “together we’re stronger”, this signifies that he is only repeating what he is told to say, this isn’t an interaction it is a proclamation, he isn’t talking ‘to the people’, he is talking ‘at the people’.

If there is a mass slaughter of Scottish Labour Councillors at the ballot box in May, then the Labour spokesman may find himself out of a job as money from Councillors helps to fund Labour Party staff.

I said last year at the time of the 15% internal Labour Party polling that Scottish Labour had further to fall, George Laird right again!

Finally, I found this picture above, 'I'm voting No'!, ironically I thought it would give the readership a laugh because given the dysfunctional way the Scottish Labour Party operate, I expect a huge number of Scots have already decided to vote no anyway to Scottish Labour. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Has the first shot been fired in a new North Atlantic Trade Block, Greece is set to ditch the Euro in favour of US dollar, is the EU about to see the rise of a new economic force which could see UK, France, Netherlands and Greece join as members?

Dear All

Greece has been badly letdown by the EU, treated like dirt, had to sell off assets and had to beg for loans to keep the country afloat.

When I first read of Greek pensioners who had to look in bins for food, it shocked me, is this ‘the dream’ of a united Europe which we were all supposed to be signed up to? Can you imagine it, people having to look for food in bins in this day and age. The Greeks as I mentioned in previous posts, need to leave the Euro and a case for leaving the EU can also be strongly made. Greek politicians have made all kinds of threats to the EU but at the last minute they did a deal.

Sometimes, it is better to walk away from a bad situation than let it fester, and Greece has festered for years when the road to recovery was blocked by intransigent politicians,

In an ideal world, Greece would drop the Euro, re-instate the Drachma, and hold a referendum to leave the EU, reset their democracy and institutions and start again. Greece's spiralling financial crisis has led to EU bosses threatening expulsion but Greece must show initiative and make the choice to go as a people.

Greece if it so chooses could setup their own currency, the Drachma but in a strange twist, the Greeks are floating an idea to ditch the Euro in favour of US dollar, whether this is another Greek ploy is open to speculation. If they did adopt the dollar, it would be highly unusual to say the least, but the move would send shock waves through the EU right to the heart of Germany and Angela Merkel.

It seems that the current EU project isn’t sustainable or indeed wanted by some Member States anymore. France, Italy and the Netherlands all seem candidates who could along with Greece decide to call it a day.

Greece's desperately needs an alternative to the Eurozone!

Now, is that alternative a new zone, a North Atlantic Trade Zone with America, Canada, UK, Netherlands and perhaps Greece combining to rival the EU?  

If you are the type of person who thinks ‘things just happen’ then let me tell you they don’t, David Cameron was involved this idea long before Brexit and before the Scottish independence referendum.

A battle fought over Brexit might in the future be a battle fought over the a new trade zone covering the North Atlantic if the mistakes of the EU were repeated such as trying to force TTIP down people’s throats to attempt to destroy our NHS.

The Greek tragedy looks set to continue, and a decision has to be made, to default on the EU, the short term pain maybe in the Greek national interest, Athens faces debt repayments of 7.0 billion euros ($7.44 billion) this summer that it cannot afford. If you get a loan and then you have to pay off charges, you have to wonder what the point is in the first place as money is siphoned off to pay back bankers.

At present the talk of dollarisation is limited to think tanks, whether it gets beyond that is another matter. We had the uncaring EU political elite who ignored the best interests of the people which are leading to political change right across Europe, the question of how a possible North Atlantic Trade Block would operate is of some concern, never again can UK sovereignty be lost in trade agreements which work against the UK national interest.

The Conservatives took us into what was to become the EU as we know it in 1973; we have to wonder will it be the Conservatives who would be taking us into a possible North Atlantic Trade Block, and if that doesn’t pan out, then who takes on the challenge to get us out of that?

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 13, 2017

SARAH SILVERMAN'S SWASTIKA MELTDOWN!, Anyone feeling triggered by this video should go to the nearest 'safe space' and complain profusely to get their virtue signalling trigger points

The changing face of Europe: Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders promises to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands and ban the Quran which he compares to Mein Kampf, if he gets 30 seats in next month’s election, he could be the next Dutch leader

Dear All

The rise of the far right has shocked some people who asked themselves how this could have happened in today’s society; it happened because the political elite of Europe became detached from the rest of society. The political elite live in a political bubble surrounded by wealth, they have been practising social engineering without the consent of the population.

The experiment was tried in Great Britain and the people were lied to, they were told that the influx of people was for economic reasons, years later the Labour Party was forced to admit it had lied to the people and that they were conducting a social engineering experiment under Tony Blair.

The Rotherham grooming scandal is another by-product of the social engineering experiment.

When faced with stories like those above, and similar events on the continent of Europe, it was only a matter of time before there was a backlash.

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders is an extremely high profile Dutch politician who has attracted a lot of attention over the years but his profile maybe about to get higher if he ends up leading his country. Wilders is the founder of Holland's Party of Freedom, he like Marine Le Pen in France is seeing a sea change in public opinion towards their views. They are closer to real power than at anytime of their careers.

The election of Donald Trump, the British making a choice for Brexit has empowered these people to want to chart a Europe going in a different direction, the EU used as a tool of oppression of countries sovereignty is on a downward slope, many countries could end up leaving just as Britain has chosen to do. I think that the EU had merit, but it has changed for the worse and is now a threat to national security, why does a political organisation need control of an army?

There can be only one use, the suppression of people in member states under the guise of national emergency caused by civil unrest, the get out to allow the political elite to bring in an army to enact military law.

The migrant crisis is an ongoing crisis, things are not getting better; they are only getting worse; it is a matter for all EU States that the removal of Angela Merkel as leader of Germany must be a top priority along with disbandment of the EU as it presently operates.

I have written a number of articles on the blog about how Europe is heading towards possible ‘civil war’, the seeds have been planted and the chaos we have seen in other countries is growing.
If Geert Wilders gets to be leader of his country, he promises to 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands and ban the Quran. Immigration is touchy subject, Wilders maybe of the opinion that he needs total control of immigration which also means that the Dutch have a referendum and vote to leave the EU. As to his ban the Quran, religious freedom is something which is generally universally accepted as a good thing, if he goes ahead with 'de-Islamise' the Netherlands, you have to conclude that means deportation for Muslims not born in the Netherlands. If that was to happen it would see a mini event similar to what happened after WW2, people on the move either to other European countries or sent back to their home country in the Middle East of elsewhere.

Such a scheme would spark a huge international outcry.

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has been quite spoken recent, in a rare television interview, he has mosques to Nazi temples and the Quran to Mein Kampf. Another of his views is that Europe is going to enter what he describes as a 'patriotic spring' which I take to mean is similar to an ‘Arab Spring’, a people’s uprising against tyranny and rulers who ignored the welfare of the people.

The change which could ignite a people’s uprising in Europe, needs some ducks to line up in a row, Geert Wilders needs his far-right party get more than 30 parliamentary seats in next month's election. Opposition parties say they will not work for him but his opinion is that their views will change.

One wonders what type of Europe we will see in 10 years time, considering that the goal of Islamic terrorists is to bring their war to the streets of Europe.

As the number of terrorist attacks increase the pressure for a call to arms will grow, and at that point, we will see an authoritarian Europe emerge.

Finally, although the UK is leaving the EU to gain our sovereignty, we still have our own problems.


The case for sealing our borders and extreme vetting is already made, these incidents just show that the problem isn’t just confined to Europe, it is already walking among us right here in Britain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Migrant Crisis, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán remains sadly one of the most underrated politicians in Europe, Hungary submits plans to EU to detain all asylum seekers, 5 out of 6 of George Laird ideas have been adopted by the EU to various degrees, someone should pay me a load of cash and put me on the payroll!

Dear All

If you think back right to the start of the migrant crisis, I was pretty clear on what needed to be done to properly secure the EU borders.

In the article, I laid out 5 main points for action.

1/ EU Border Force

2/ EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens

3/ intervention and mobilisation of the military in member states

4/ New EU wide ID card scheme

5/ No non EU economic migrant processed from this crisis and allowed to remain within an EU country which has accept them can travel to any other EU member state. Everyone should be completely documented, if a breach occurred; the person or group will be returned to the EU country they were settled and registered in.

A 6 point was the needed, was for those countries affected by the migrant crisis to build detention camps. After I kept bang on about the need for the camps, it was supported by Donald Tusk of the European Council.

Tusk envisaged an 18 month period of detention to weed out those whose claims were bogus and to identify those who posed a risk to national security of member states. Although Tusk gave an 18 month ballpark figure, I really only saw this as a starting point. Another function to the detention camps was that they were to act as a gateway centre for deportation of failed asylum seekers back to their home countries. The measure talked about wasn’t really taken seriously by politicians; which is why Europe is in a state of chaos and why the far right is sweeping corrupt politicians out of office.

One country has led the way in making real strides to protect Southern Europe, that country is Hungary. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has done what needed to be done; he has taken positive action to safeguard his country. Now Hungary plans to submit a scheme to EU that says they will detain all asylum seekers. This means no more freedom of movement for illegals to pass through other EU countries, asylum applicants would be held in ‘shelters’. Now whether you call them shelters or detention camps, the end result is the same, it is detention, and we should not be afraid to detain people when we already do so when they break the law.

The Hungarian Government will automatically detaining any asylum seeker for the whole period of their asylum application, if their claim is accepted they will get asylum.

Those who don’t get deported!
It is absolutely crucial that the trade in human trafficking is curtailed as soon as possible, and that means governments must act and act swiftly. The election of Donald Trump and Britain voting for Brexit has empowered European politicians of the right and far right, contributing to “a change of mood in Europe” that vindicated the Viktor Orbán’s tough position on migration. If you missed it, there was an EU summit in Malta which marked a turning point in the EU’s attitude to migration in the Mediterranean. My point 3 above was for the military to be mobilised so that NATO could protect and patrol the Med acting in concert with my other idea which is the new EU Border Force.

Both of the ideas which I came up with have also been thought of and approved, not bad a guy from Glasgow able to come up with the same ideas which Europe has adopted, but I came up with them first as far as I am aware.

The Hungarian government’s chief spokesman, Zoltán Kovács said at a briefing in London:

“No migrants – not even those who have already issued their request for asylum – will be able move freely until there is a primary legal decision whether they are entitled for political asylum, refugee status or anything else, so they are not entitled to move freely in the country.”

A variation of my point 2 and point, an internal immigration policy and a restriction on travel!

The only thing which hasn’t been adopted is the new EU wide id card scheme which would be a lot more than a just ‘show me your papers’ piece of plastic.

If the EU refuses to sanction the Hungarian plan, they should proclaim this as a matter of internal Hungarian domestic politics and proceed with the plan immediately.  

Hungary has repeatedly clashed with the EU over its migration policy, they weren’t happy about the erection of a fence on its Serbian border and its refusal to accept EU-wide asylum quotas.

It is clear that Hungary has acted not just in their national interest but in the interests of the rest of Europe and its people.

The Hungarians it is said expect a further clash with Brussels over the new asylum plan but a plan is needed if they are to control what is happening at the borders, a line has to be drawn in the sand.

Any migrant who enters Europe without proper authorisation is basically coming here illegally.

Prime Minister Orbán had in the past proposed hotspots and camps be set up in north Africa, at that time he was getting constant abuse for his ideas, and denounced as a provocateur, now his proposals were on the agenda of the EU.

My ideas on how to ‘fix’ the EU so far have seen 5 out 6 ideas go forward to various degrees, politics isn’t hard as you think.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Whatever happened to Baby Alex, Scotland's 'jolly fat man' Alex Salmond drops the mr. nice act to start a rant in the House of Commons, Salmond may have thought working on his 'snowflake' credentials was a good idea but he bombed rather badly, told like a little child to sit down!

Dear All

When Alex Salmond stood up in the House of Commons to scream like an elderly drama queen who life has passed by, it reminded me of the movie; ‘whatever happened to Baby Jane’? Baby Jane was a child star whose efforts in life like her films flopped, in some ways it reminds me very much of Alex Salmond.  In the movie when the other sister plans to sell the house and wants to leave, Baby Jane goes bonkers, much like unpopular Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have done over Brexit.

Brexit is inevitable unlike indyref 2, the Westminster government have something that the SNP don’t have a people’s mandate. To veer off for a second, a recent poll put Scottish indy sitting at 49% over hard Brexit, although this may alarm some pundits, it doesn’t alarm me. People have been stirred up and are bouncing along being led by the nose, being led by emotion.

And if you think about it, they don’t know what hard or soft Brexit means in the first place, the ignorance of the people allowing themselves to be used by the Nationalists is just sad. Nothing worse to wake up and learn that the so called ‘Stronger for Scotland’ SNP plan to sell out their fellow countrymen and women, and yes, that does also mean indy supporters.

There is a lot of bad blood over Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon for all her hollow threats is essentially irrelevant to the UK plans to move it forward, while the UK is going ahead with Brexit, going ahead with getting the wheels in motion for trade deals, the SNP aren’t even on the pitch. Think about that for a second, the rest of the UK is leaving the SNP behind because SNP isn’t able to be good neighbours or partners, it is an endless cycle of grievance and moaning and distrust.

The extraordinary shouting match which broke out during a Commons debate between Alex Salmond and deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle shows the complete breakdown that many suspected and mostly everyone in politics knows.

Alex Salmond’s heated shouting match with the deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle was an issue when Salmond accused the deputy speaker of cutting off SNP MP Joanna Cherry.

He said:

'I think the honourable member has come to an end.'

The background is that the deputy speaker had allowed the SNP an extra speaker and it was conditional apparently on the speaker being timeous. When Joanna Cherry started to go beyond what was agreed the Speaker rightly brought her part in a very long debate to a close. If the SNP had felt that an issue had arose the Speaker’s office was the place to raise an issue but no, Salmond went in feet first to shout the odds.

And was promptly slapped down by the deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle, if the good will of the Speaker’s Office is important then Salmond burnt the bridges for the SNP by his petty and childish actions. The debate at that point had been running for circa seven hours on the Government's Brexit plans.

Whether the SNP like it or not, Mr Hoyle has the right to move the debate to an end when he is acting in the role as Speaker in the House. What the hell Cherry thought she was up to is anyone’s guess, demanding full consultation on Brexit negotiations.

Aye right dear, very good, have another pudding, it’s on the taxpayer.

Just as Scotland says naw to the SNP indy plans, Westminster is saying naw to the SNP Brexit plans, when you act like a git, don’t get upset when people dismiss you. Alex Salmond might think he is running the Court of King Alex in Westminster, but he is very much a fading star who has like Baby Jane waking up to the fact that the show will go on but his part has been drastically reduced to being a bit player.

To be so high and to fall so far, this is Salmond’s reality.

As to SNP MP Joanna Cherry storming out of the chamber in protest, before Mr Hoyle responded:

'As the chair I have the right to make decisions on this House. What I would say is quite rightly when I wanted to bring her in, which I did ... I certainly don't expect advantages to be taken of the chair on the agreements that I make.'

No one cares about Joanna Cherry.

The SNP entered Westminster and made fools of themselves by their disgraceful behaviour; that died down, now that it has flared up again, what will Scots think? I think they will think that a pack of feral fools have been sent down to Westminster who have no interest in representing Scotland other than their own self-interest.

No matter what is said about Brexit, how long it is said, who does what, who gets their knickers in a twist, Brexit is going forward, the SNP picked a losing side yet again; they have acted yet again unstatesmanlike because they really don’t know any better.

To add a bit of petrol to keep the Salmond kettle boiling, Tory MP Michael Gove said on a point of order:

'Immediately preceding the right honourable gentleman for Gordon intervening, his neighbour sought to intervene and then he moved to tell her to sit down so that he might intervene’.

He added:

'Is such sexist behaviour in order in this House?'

Finally do you know what happened to Baby Jane at the end of the movie?

Jane goes bonkers trapped in a delusion that she once again has the same attention and admiration she received as a child.

Oh Alex.......... it's all gone isn't it, reduced to playing the snowflake!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Operation Angry Nat: failed SNP Leader Alex Salmond goes on a major rant in the House of Commons, the lack of class exhibited shows how Scotland is being made a complete laughing stock in the World, Salmond’s is an echo of the past

Fanning the flames of disaster: Scottish Labour conference want to focus on second independence referendum at their Scottish Conference in Perth, this is the equivalent of turning up at a house fire with petrol, if you want to kill Scottish independence stone dead, you don’t talk about it, only Nicola Sturgeon needs the oxygen of publicity

Dear All

You couldn’t make this up but the Scottish Labour conference is to focus on a second independence referendum as a main theme which they see is a key battleground in May’s local elections.

And to show that the word ‘stronger’ isn’t confined to the SNP, they have come up with a catchy slogan:

“Together We’re Stronger”.

This may seem ironic as many Labour activists including myself have ditched the party for various reasons, Mike Dailly left because he didn’t believe that Scottish Labour could deliver for the people of Scotland. A guy called Joe McCauley ditched Scottish Labour to take up a post as Volunteer Co-ordinator at Scotland in Union, and myself, well I just walked off after being discriminated against.

I have no time for small minded people not even the time to humour them anymore.  

Think back to Westminster 2015 election, Jim Murphy is the Labour leader, so what does Jim do, he starts a campaign against repeal of the Fitba Act, when this is nothing to do with Westminster; it is a devolved issue.

2017, local elections, what possible benefit is there in raking over a dead issue, a non issue, a referendum which might not even take place this side of 2020. I say there is no possible benefit but certainly scope for loss, loss of more Labour voters who support the Union to jump off to other parties and independents.

Clearly Kezia Dugdale hasn’t learned from her disastrous election failure of 2016 at the Holyrood election. Things are bad enough for the party sitting on 15% of the vote to waste time on a meaningless issue which just burns up time.

Local elections should focus on local matters and touch on the key ingredient which they need to function from Holyrood which is their budget or lack of it due to cuts by the SNP.

Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale said the phrase “Together We’re Stronger” would convey her party’s opposition to a second referendum. Given this is plastered all over the media, does it really need to be hashed over in a Conference, who the hell thought that this tripe was worth speaking about?

Who exactly is Kezia Dugdale speaking to?

The SNP want people to keep talking about a second independence referendum because without that oxygen their support will die, it is already dropping and going backwards, why fan the flames yapping about indyref 2? And if she feels the need to speak instead of grandstanding then there are a host of issues in local government which need addressed.

It is a simple dynamic, what is your plan to reform local government?

How do you plan to deliver services?

What services do you feel need investment or curtailment?

How can public services make money and what is needed to make this happen?

Attending the three day gig in Perth will be UK leader Jeremy Corbyn, his deputy Tom Watson and London mayor Sadiq Khan. It must be becoming clear to UK Labour that the Scottish end has collapsed and with it any chance of a future Labour Government. Things maybe bad for Labour south of the border but in Scotland, the party has seen voters leave, activists leave and donors not supporting the party, a pretty toxic cocktail. People by enlarge don’t support a sinking ship, this ship however was mostly scuttled from the inside rather than being torpedoed by the enemy.

Kezia Dugdale said:

“People need a strong Scottish Labour Party focused on growing our economy, investing in public services and giving everybody a fair chance in life. Our country is divided enough, which is why Scottish Labour will firmly oppose the SNP’s reckless plans for a second independence referendum. Together, our country can be stronger.”

She is right people need a strong Scottish Labour Party, so this begs the question, why isn’t she able to produce it? And let’s also ask the question, since she brought it up; why didn’t the Scottish Labour not give everybody a fair chance in life? Maybe she still thinks that soundbytes still fire up people’s imagination, and can hold sway over people forgetting the party’s failure to deliver.

Why did so many Labour MPs and MSPs get kicked out at the Westminster and Holyrood elections?

Because a tipping point was reached where the good where brought down by the crap, those who thought that as Labour held a majority that they didn’t have to serve the public properly, many of the Labour MPs and MSPs thoroughly deserved to lose their seats in 2015 and 2016.

If someone wants to keep their elected position in a FPTP post now, they are needing to face up to the reality that they must work and fight to keep it, Scottish Labour has lost a lot of good will, it didn’t happen over a short period of time, this built up over decades.     

Scottish Labour has haemorrhaged a huge amount of its traditional supporters in Scotland and is ste to continue to do so because of the Blair faction which runs the party. These people held most of the MP and MSP seats until they were forcibly removed by the electorate, a job that Scottish Labour would not do, so it was left to the public.

Jeremy Corbyn is going to going on a theme that only a Labour government would hand back wealth and control to people and communities, fix the "rigged economy", and tax the rich appropriately.
That is all good stuff but it is increasingly unlikely that we shall see a Corbyn government in Westminster, not only has Corbyn an uphill fight with the Tories who are cruising on a 12 to 14 point lead, he has a bitter civil war in his own party to content with that cannot be glossed over.

Corbyn added:

“And only a Labour Government would end the race to the bottom in the jobs market and guarantee education and employment rights for all.”

The question is to what level?

Yes, as always the devil is in the detail, when I was younger, I thought that political parties were really big, they aren’t, I thought the ‘best of the best’ was selected to stand to serve the people, this isn’t true either.

Kezia Dugdale can go ahead with her theme of talking about a second independence referendum if she so chose but while she is doing that she is wasting time, showing that she is out of touch, and not address the issues of local elections.

If she does a sop and throws in a bit about localism, it will come across a weak and ineffective, it won’t play well. Scottish independence is the past, it may come round again, but not in the near future, talking about indyref 2 only helps the SNP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 6, 2017

Drawing a line in the sand: Jeremy Corbyn is losing control of the Labour Party if he fails to tackle Labour rebels on Brexit vote, the Labour Party crisis is so great that Corbyn needs to take the party back to bare metal, a massive cull is needed if the party is to go forward, things can only get worse unless he shows leadership

Dear All

The biggest failure in leadership is failing to lead and take control of your party, this is the position that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn finds himself in as he is constantly allowing himself to be undermined.

Looking from the sidelines, there is no chance that people will return a Labour Government and the promises of a better Britain have simply been swept away by a malignant group of Middle Class Labour MPs who have more in common with the hard right of the Conservative Party than working class Labour members.

Brexit upset the applecart, the cosy relationship of the political elite who are intent on ignoring the wishes of the people. We all know their agenda and it isn’t in keeping with the wishes of the British people.

Jeremy Corbyn was forced to go through a leadership contest, he won that by the popular vote and a huge majority; despite this the malignant group of MPs in the party refused to accept it.

The Labour leadership contest as I remarked solved nothing, it only kicked into the long grass, the fight that must surely happen, the removal of the Blair crowd as elected members, Labour needs a cull not just to go forward but to survive as a party.

I don’t like all of Jeremy Corbyn’s policies; he is good on domestic issues but exceptionally poor on matters relating to foreign affairs. The feeling I get that is he is out of his depth and never really adopted the right attitude. You would think it would dawn on him as this is a weak area that he should have the sense to ‘farm it out’ to someone with a more traditional world view.

After all winning elections is the name of the game in politics still!

If Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t control his party soon, he will be seen in the same light as Michael Foot, weak, old and pointless. Michael Foot was an exceptional politician, he was smart and dedicated, he wasn’t however a leader, and when he assumed power, he was too old and too set in his ways to be seen as a Prime Minister.

A man of his time!

Jeremy Corbyn is making a huge mistake by now clamping down on the rebels in his party, if he thinks the Olive branch works he is mistaken, Corbyn needs to clear the decks of the Labour Party in Westminster. It is said that Corbyn could let frontbench rebels keep jobs if they defy him on Brexit vote.

If this was me, I would get my team in a room and ask for loyalty and anyone who couldn’t do so tell them they should leave, I wouldn’t waste my time attempting appeasement, because appeasement doesn’t work.

In attempting to gloss over the cracks, John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, predicted that once Brexit was no longer the all-dominant subject on the political agenda and other issues came to the fore, then Labour during the next 12 months would move ahead of the Conservatives in the opinion polls.

How do you go forward into battle with a weak leader and a divided party? Patently John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor should start to wake up to the fact that he will never be anything other than Shadow Chancellor. I think also the idea that down the line that mutual interest could unite the party is farcical in the extreme, the idea of ‘let’s all get together to play politics for votes’ is easily seen through.

You only have to look at the ‘git’ standing for Labour in the Stoke by-election who is openly anti Corbyn to see how bad things are in the Labour Party at present. I think however there is no solution to the Labour's candidate for the Stoke Central by-election who claimed that party leader Jeremy Corbyn was an "IRA supporting friend of Hamas" and said Brexit is a "massive pile of s**t."

That clown deserves to lose the by-election by his disgraceful actions, and I hope the people of Stoke decide on someone better because with his attitude, there is someone better. The lack of integrity being displayed by the Labour Party in this election is breathtaking; Labour is promoting their candidate as a “local man” in Stoke-on-Trent by-election when he actually grew up nearly 200 miles away in Suffolk. We have seen Labour MPs joining in such as Labour MP Anna Turley has called Snell their “brilliant local candidate”, Keir Starmer calls him their “fab local candidate”.

Lying to the electorate never works and it is said that Gareth Snell’s plummy accent has not gone unnoticed on the doorstep in Stoke.

Does Jeremy Corbyn need another anti Corbyn pro-Remain MP who has made it clear that he is opposed to support Theresa May’s EU Notification of Withdrawal Bill? Corbyn needs that like he needs another hole in the head, better for the Labour Party to lose the seat, and the way things are going, they might to Ukip.

Last week, Jo Stevens and Rachell Maskell, the respective Shadow Welsh and Environment Secretaries, resigned from the Shadow Cabinet, as did Dawn Butler, the Shadow Minister for Equalities, over the leader’s three-line whip to support the bill.

If I was Labour leader and I would take the party back to bare metal because it is increasingly looking likely that a massive clear out of Labour MPs; and the ringleaders of the anti Corbyn no matter who they are need to cast out straight onto the scrapheap. Corbyn is now facing the prospect of an even larger rebellion when the bill receives its final vote at Third Reading on Wednesday, if he has advisors, someone should advise him better and he needs to start making examples of people and that includes Labour MP Diane Abbott, the Shadow Home Secretary who had allegedly a migraine and didn’t vote in the three line whip.

When Corbyn was asked whether frontbenchers who defied party orders could keep their jobs, Mr Corbyn told BBC Radio 4's The World This Weekend:

"You are asking me a very hypothetical question here. I will be making an announcement during the week."

He added:

"I am a very lenient person."

Politics is about making the hard decisions when you reach the top, people follow strength and Corbyn isn’t showing this, he isn’t showing he is a future Prime Minister come 2020.

Finally, it is laughable that the Labour Party will unite post Brexit, McDonnell said:

“People won’t vote for a divided party, we know that, and that’s why we’re behind in the polls.”

And high likely to remain there creating a vacuum that other parties will take an advantage of in the future. There just might be a win for Ukip in Stoke, which should send a shockwave through Labour because it is a rejection of the Blair crowd who are desperate to cling to their power base.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nicola Sturgeon’s political train wreck: House of Commons endorsed the Article 50 legislation by 498 votes to 114, the feeble 56 SNP MPs find themselves on the wrong side of history as Brexit moves forward, the pressure is on Sturgeon as Tories say they will block second Scottish independence referendum, the Nationalist train is out of steam, its all gone now!

Dear All

Think back to 2014, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon have just lost the Scottish independence referendum, the day after there is a new Scotland. The Scotland before the 19th September had a different landscape to the one evolving.

Not long after the vote, a Trident submarine came sailing up the Clyde and it was trailed in the media, the significance of the vessel wasn’t it was sailing happily along, it was the Scotland was safe within the United Kingdom.

As we know, Scotland was to further change over Brexit, a million Scots voted to leave the EU, and as it was pointed out to me, this was more than voted for the SNP to be elected. As we all know that the failure of the SNP was being heavily involved in two referendums and losing each of them.

Scotland’s political landscape was to yet again change after the June 2016 vote, but the crucial thing was the SNP didn’t adapt to the change, under inept Nicola Sturgeon, the dogma continued on Scottish independence and on Brexit.

Where are we at now, well MPs voted by 494 to 114 to back the Brexit bill in the House of Commons last night, the number isn’t important, it was always going to go through, the fact that all the SNP MPs were on the wrong side of the debate is. The SNP have made themselves completely irrelevant which shows how disastrous they are at getting on with people down the road.

And getting on with people down the road is important, the bottom line is this, things are moving on and as such talks are taking place on trade deals with Westminster and other global players. When Westminster gets all its ducks lined up in a row, they will cut loose from the EU, so the question is this, why aren’t the Scots getting a place at the table as the new trade deal talks are in progress?

Why isn’t their a place for Scottish representation?

It is because the people at Westminster know as people know in Scotland that you cannot work with the belligerent SNP leadership. A by-product of Brexit is the threat of a second Scottish independence referendum. It may surprise you but Westminster is remarkably non-phased by the prospect, so much so that a blog post appeared on Conservative Home.

I read into this that the Conservatives are preparing for a second independence referendum in Scotland, of course it is doubtful that second time round there will be a Better Together setup, the last one didn’t function well at all on the ground. The reason for this was the organisation was staffed by certain Labour people who were incompetent and also Scottish Labour didn’t back the organisation properly instead they ran a parallel campaign which meant that neither of those two campaigns were well staffed with volunteers. If a second referendum is fought in Scotland, then they is only one organisation which at present ticks the boxes as having the nucleus of a functioning campaign.

Scotland in Union!

Scotland in Union maybe the official organisation recognised the Electoral Commission for the purposes of running the Pro UK campaign. They still have to get their ground operation further developed but that will come in time as they get the feel of campaigning and start getting volunteers out.

At present we back in 2012 mentally, the start of the ‘phoney’ war, something which we are all aware of and how it unfolded over time, we aren’t even at the declaration of a second date. I would say we are at the time prior to that where a lot of shouting is coming from the SNP.

But it isn’t all plain sailing, the Tories aren’t in any rush, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have made themselves irrelevant which is why in this ‘phoney’ war, the Tories will block Nicola Sturgeon's bid for second independence referendum. This means that Sturgeon will be forced to go to the polls as she brings down the Scottish Government. The Tories would like Brexit out of the way, some people talk about a vote in 2018/19 but Westminster may decide that 2020 suits their purposes better. Sir Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary said that Nicola Sturgeon did not have a mandate to stage another vote on Scotland’s future and Westminster had no intention of helping her hold one.

This brings us back to what I mentioned earlier about the SNP not being able to get on with people. Although Fallon is the defence Sec, the final word rests with the Prime Minister but when asked on indyref 2 he said:

“No, forget it. The respect agenda is two-way. She (Sturgeon) is constantly asking us to respect the SNP Government but she has to respect the decision of Scotland to stay inside the UK in 2014 and the decision of the UK to leave the EU. Respect works two ways.”

Notice the use of the word, ‘She’, no warmth there at all, and no goodwill.

I have to say if the shop-soiled white hope of Dreghorn does call for a second vote and gets rebuffed, the humiliation would be delicious, where would she go from there, well, the collapse of the Scottish Government and a ballot to attempt to get an outright majority.

To get the mandate, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP need an outright majority in their own right, no majority at the Holyrood parliament would do, and I doubt that Sturgeon is up for a coalition with the Scottish Greens.

The SNP don’t play well with others!  

Nicola Sturgeon says it would be “inconceivable” the UK Government would refuse her a second vote…… watch this space as Westminster undermines her.

The future is in flux but one thing that needs to happen is that the Unionist parties need to get their act together. The Scottish Labour Party under Kezia Dugdale is in a state of collapse, voters, activists and donors have abandoned them. Conservatives haven’t made the breakthrough, their success is based on Labour’s failure, the Lib Dems are just a rump of a party almost as meaningless as the SSP or under its new guise Rise, Tommy Sheridan’s Solidarity is a one trick pony, and the Scottish Greens are reduced to being proxies of the SNP.

The main thing in Scotland is the political vacuum which flags up a pressing need for a new centre right Nationalist party to attempt to kick start democracy in Scotland.

Back in the day, I mentioned to Professor Adam Tomkins who was in Better Together, now an MSP, that he should archive all the Better Together information for future reference, it is increasingly looking likely he might have need of it in the future.

If it comes to pass as I suspect, then of course I will be doing a post on George Laird right again, just a matter of sitting back, getting comfortable and watching the car crash happen.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University