Thursday, April 13, 2017

SNP stand ready and willing to sell out the National hertiage; 50 European "duds" sign a letter saying that Scotland would be most welcome in the EU as a full member, we would be a ‘cash cow’ to milk for billions, a dumping ground for their migrant quotas, and EU fishing boats would plunder our waters and make a fortune, Nicola Sturgeon stands ready to sell out Scotland

Dear All

The senior SNP have had about 80 meetings with European politicians trying to sell themselves as friends of Europe. The reason for the fig leave by them is an attempt to creat pressure and ultimate give the impression to the Scottish people that the SNP are the people to lead Scotland to independence.

The SNP will never lead Scotland to independence, there are many reasons but for me a key reason for not buying into their nightmare is trust.

Trust is such a valuable commodity, that when the SNP were initially given it by people to run the government of Scotland, the Nats didn’t know what they were given. So, like any dyed in the wool copper bottomed nutcase, they started to abuse it, because in their minds they would be an endless supply of stuff.

2014 saw the SNP leadership lie, lie and lie again in their attempts to win indy, so the public being rather fickle about being conned decided that the answer to Alex Salmond’s ‘the dream will never die’ was to be no!

After getting well beaten in Scotland, the Nats and other lesser mortals started to plot, after a hefty piece of crying, they bizarrely started to talk in the terms that those who voted no didn’t have enough information to empower themselves.

Personally I felt empowered walking into the polling station knowing that I was going to hand Nicola Sturgeon (the face of independence) her ass! It is true that BT didn’t win Pollok with only 5 helpers, but they managed to get circa 22k votes while being up against the SNP front Yes Scotland will 30/40 volunteers, they managed to get 27k in terms of votes.

On a pound for pound basis, the Pollok BT Group was far superior to the SNP, one day I came across them in Paisley Road West as they attempted to be meaningful, I was quietly laughing my head off as I observed them operate.

No big thinkers in that group!

As Sturgeon seeks to keep her failing independence dream alive and let’s face it, it’s all about the council elections and getting people to work for her. The ball that indyref 2 has been kicked into is the very long grass, if that is a big if the SNP get a second vote, it will not be on their timetable, basically you have to think post 2020.

So, with another 4 years of Nicola Sturgeon trying to keep the hype going, the political pond will be reduced to stagnant water. Everything between now and whenever is all going to be about indy. If Nicola Sturgeon hadn’t picked Brexit as the ‘excuse’, she would have picked sometime else, what the issue is, is irrelevant all that matters to Sturgeon is the grievance is fresh and can be used as a ‘trigger’.

The senior SNP have had about 80 meetings with European politicians all of it came to nothing in any reason sense, the ones that did show interest haven’t the power to do anything, change anything; grant anything, they are all side lines people. The big decisions will be getting made elsewhere. Why do they want Scotland in the EU?

Firstly, it’s another ‘cash cow’ to milk for billions, secondly a dumping ground for their migrant quotas, and finally as the old saying goes, ‘what is that got to do with the price of fish. The Europeans want access to the fishing off Scotland’s coast.

The EU will milk, take our fish and dump their trash, in return Scotland would get crumbs back, the SNP would see a new route for political advancement post active Scottish politics, the classic retirement venue via the Commission or the Parliament or some other offshoot.

This is the pig in a poke that Scots face, maybe if we let the SNP have full reign would see another Sweden type style of destruction grow up under our very noses. In places like Sweden, Germany and France, they have experienced terror, robbery and rape. The diversity in the migrant community now has male rape to add to its collection of horrors facing the public.

I couldn’t care less that a group of MEPs and parliamentarians from across Europe are all lovey dovey about Scotland and giving it their backing under the guise that Scotland's voice will not be not ignored. The Europeans do recognise an easy touch when they find it, and what can suit their purposes better than Nicola Sturgeon with her delusions of grandeur.

The classless oaf is ideal to butter up and then fleece like a sheep.

The SNP group at Holyrood who do nothing meaningful anymore has responded to a letter signed by 50 European politicians from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Greece, Hungary and Malta stating Scotland would be ''most welcome'' as a full member of the European Union if it chooses independence.

If you go to a large boozer, you can find 50 other people who would tell her to get stuffed. The EU is like a supertanker, the rules are the rules, and Scotland might be ''most welcome'' but not with its huge financial problems.

The letter by the Europeans doesn’t impress me, meaningless tripe is easily manufactured, after all hot air costs nothing these days.

SNP group convener Bruce Crawford said:

"Last month the Scottish Parliament voted in favour of holding an independence referendum once the terms of Brexit are clear. It would be fundamentally undemocratic and completely unsustainable for any UK Government to block the will of our national Parliament and stand in the way of Scotland having that choice. It is important to remember that it is the intransigence of the UK Government which has brought us to this juncture. The Scottish Government offered a serious compromise plan, which was completely disregarded by the UK Government. Scotland's voice must not be ignored and, with support from friends across Europe who recognise the important values of democracy and international co-operation, we can ensure that it will not be ignored. We welcome your offer of support in ensuring a swift, smooth and orderly transition of an independent Scotland into the family of independent European nations if Scotland chooses that future in a democratic referendum. The depth of goodwill from across Europe is indeed heartening as we embark on that process and we look forward to continued close co-operation in the months and years ahead."

Basically the main point of his diatribe is that the SNP think if they keep saying that they are Scotland, people will believe them, sadly for them, people don’t think they are Scotland in anyway shape or form.

In their letter to Holyrood's Presiding Officer Ken Macintosh and the MSPs, the European politicians said:

"The question of Scotland's constitutional future, and your relationships with the UK and the EU, are for the people of Scotland to decide. It is not our place to tell Scotland what path you should take. 'We regret that the UK's Government has chosen to follow the path of a 'hard Brexit' and has so far refused to properly take into account the preferences of Scottish citizens in the withdrawal process. 'Therefore, if Scotland were to become an independent country and decided to seek to maintain European Union membership, we offer our full support to ensure the transition is as swift, smooth and orderly as possible."

The question to ask is obvious do any of the 50 exercise the veto for their country?

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Aldo said...

50 politicians out of how many? There are about 700 in the European Parliament alone.

Indyref2 triggers;

Tories getting in.
The 'vow' not honoured, in some way.

The SNP's pool of poor excuses is plentiful. No brexit would have meant some other pretext being used. But they miss the point, as always. When you vote to stay in the UK, you decide to accept the majority UK decision - even if its a decision you don't like.

Anonymous said...

SNP and Lie@bour are scum, Liberals n Greens, they are not worth talking about. I'm voting Toarie for the first time in my life.

G Laird said...

Hi Aldo

Getting an endorsement from 50 people who effectively have no power might seem great to the SNP but the reality is the EU having lost 20% of their budget due to Brexit, this needs new financing and other assets for the members get them onboard, like our fishing grounds. Can you think of any other industry were anyone could just turn up and help themselves to your natural resources and walk away.

I am struggling.


Anonymous said...


Al C said...

Whinge, whinge, whinge. Makes me embarrassed that I voted remain, which I did because I felt at the time it was in our best interests, but now these incompetent EU morons have the cheek to undermine us by trying to coax over Sturgeon and her merry band of blithering idiots. The EU is crumbling and now they use this feeble effort to keep the whole mess together.

Weird isn't it George, how we remember that Sweden was presented by the intelligentsia of the time as a perfect country? Now the EU has ruined it by putting its people in danger. I thought we needed to reign it in, but it seems that this, their disgusting treatment of Greece, and the bungled, incompetent response to the migrant crisis - which needed to be responded to, but with an actual brain, makes me wonder whether it's worth just letting it die instead.

dundonian said...

George, Carry on your good work and show this bunch of incompetents for what they are. When one sees our so called representatives in the real parliament you really have to wonder how on earth any sensible person could vote for such a bunch of chancers/conmen. However living as I do in SNP City I do despair of ever getting the message through to so many political illiterates.

Trafalgar said...