Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glasgow Labour Councillors of shame Stephen Curran and Anne McTaggart caught by Police up lovers’ lane in Pollok Park, he is separated, she is married

Dear All

One of the things which constantly surprises me; is people who have a public persona and seem to have it all imploding by their own hands.

Labour Councillor of shame Stephen Curran and convener of Scotland's largest police authority has been was quizzed by cops.

Sex seems to play a big part in the lives of the Glasgow Labour Party Council Group.

Stephen Curran was caught by Police in lovers’ lane in Pollok Park.

Lovers’ lane is a historic place that couples go for quick shag when they can’t afford a hotel room!

So what where Labour Councillors Stephen Curran and Anne McTaggart doing?

Stephen Curran is separated and Anne McTaggart is married.

Does her husband know she has such an interest in romantic spots?

Did he know she was there?

How close is the location to where either she stays?

A source said:

"Cops patrolling the park were alerted to a car parked inside the grounds at 10pm. There were two people inside and they appeared to be acting suspiciously”.

It was only in April that Curran was appointed convener of Strathclyde Police Authority.

Shouldn’t he be setting a better example than hanging around Parks in the pitch black?

And he gets £20,294 a year on top of his councillor's pay of £16,234.

Next year Stephen Curran will be standing in the Glasgow Southside seat for the Labour Party at the Holyrood elections.

Perhaps Labour Councillor of shame Stephen Curran should remember that he has kids.

Labour Councillor of shame Anne McTaggart is a former well-kent and trusted face as chair of the local primary school's parents’ council.

Former Chair of local primary school's parents’ council up a dark lane at 10 pm in Pollok Park doesn’t look good.

Especially when she stays in Ward 14 over at the other side of the city in a 3 bed end of terrace house!

Maybe they were looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and got lost once they hit the southside but thought they better check Pollok Park just in case!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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